• Show Date: 15/10/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

South Western Gundog Club



S.W. Gundog Club held a very well run show at the Hutton Moor Road Leisure Centre, Weston Super Mare, where there were classes for all gundog breeds and numerous variety classes. My thanks go to the very friendly officers and committee for the invitation and to Jenny my incredibly hard working steward. I must also thank my fellow judges for sending through such quality exhibits for BIS where I shortlisted the Cocker Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel, GSP, WSS, English Setter, Weimaraner, Curly Coat and the Pointer. Eventual Best in Show was the Pointer Wilchrimane Allure and RBIS the very beautiful and elegant English Setter Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood JW. BPIS went to the Italian Spinone , Lamerletto Buddy Marvelous with the confident and very well balanced GSP Barleyarch Fair Play taking RBPIS.

Special Veteran Dog 7-9 yrs (6, 3). It is always a pleasure judging the oldies and seeing them thoroughly enjoying themselves. These three boys were all fabulous. 1. Brewer’s Bareve Y’N Ban at Edhenky (GWP). Very good for type with plenty of depth and ample spring of rib. Strong neck, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. He was enjoying himself immensely and clearly loves his handler. 2. Brown’s Trebettyn GI Blues at Westcombe Sh CM (Golden Ret). Great topline on this boy who moved very well. 3. Osman’s Wilchrimane Ace Ventura at Marissolo (Pointer)

Special Veteran Bitch 7-9 yrs (9, 1). Close call between 1 & 2 with the winner just having the edge on movement. 1. Bishop’s Dyrham Midnight Dream (E.S.). Beautifully balanced, gorgeous head, level topline and correct tail set. Moves with that typical E. S. lashing tail. 2. Green & Brain’s Rothmia Queen Sophia at Meloneras Sh CM (Cocker). Square and cobby in appearance with a level topline and good bone and feet. 3. Cooves’ Blacktoft Lady Amherst for Draketor.

Special Veteran 10 yrs and over (8, 2). These were all very special. 1. Pearn’s Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert Sh CM (Cocker). I have judged this stunning black boy as a youngster, an adult and now as a 10 yr old.. He never fails to impress with his square and compact appearance, well chiselled masculine head with square finish to muzzle and beautiful flare over his hips. Beautifully presented as always and wow! What a mover. So Cockery showing a clean pair of heels. BVIS. 2. Baguley & Atwood’s Kylowen Gerrans Sh CM.(WSS). Another 10 yr old raring to go and so well balanced. 3. Osman’s Bournehouse Dream Maker Sh CM.(E.S)

American Cockers

Grad. (2) Two very nice litter sisters with the winner having the better rounded skull. 1. Richards’ Baladeva Indecent Proposal. Short, compact body, slightly sloping topline, broad, deep muzzle. Handled well. BPIB 2. Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlett Letters for Kanara. Open (2) 1. Richards’ Cold Case What a Thrill for Baladeva. Great head and eye, lovely length and return of upper arm. Terrific rear drive. Preferred the topline to that of 2. Rivett’s Greenawell Black Knight. Moved well but carried his tail too high

Clumber Spaniel

Grad (2) 1. Sheppard’s Whissgig Daddy Cool. Love his square head, powerful neck and big ribs. Well boned, good pro-sternum, good width behind, moved well. 2. Sheppard’s Whissgig The Bristolian. Not the coat of the winner and proud of his tail. Open (3, 1) 1. Sheppard’s Whissgig All That Jazz. Just what I was looking for. Feminine head, square muzzle, thoughtful expression, flowing outline, short strong legs, long in body with deep chest. Fabulously muscled and well developed second thighs. Ideal size and moved very well. BOB. 2.Sheppard’s Sugarloaf Washington Whissgig. Decent type but proud of his tail.


Grad (3, 1) 1. Cox’s Petranella Jersey Boy at Tiroen. Racy in outline with a handsome head and soft, almond shaped eyes. Good length and width of ears, slightly arched neck. Moved with the typical ESS action, swinging from the shoulder. Not in his best coat. BOB. 2.Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour. A very nice type, well boned and presents a strong outline. BPIB.

Field Spaniels

Grad (2) 1. Porter’s Grebe Family Favourite of Winsbrook. BOB. Carries a good topline and moves well. Better off for coat than 2.Harding’s Coverwell Clarissa. Open (2, 1) Porter’s Prussia Best Kept Secret of Winsbrook. Of a nice size, good turn of stifle and well muscled. RBOB.


Grad.(1) 1. Bradley’s Nyllaup Chilli Pepper. Well this boy certainly showed off his terrific and typical temperament. Initially aloof it wasn’t long before he made me laugh by showing his clownish nature. Liked him for size with good curls on body. Open (1) 1.Walker’s Malanis Pirate at Ameysford. Very nice type. Fabulous head and top knot, big ribs, short level back. Dense, tight coat, good rolling action on the move. BOB.

Laggotto Romagnolo

Grad (2, 1) 1. McAllister’s Hopkiln Great Beatrice. Happy little soul with moderately broad head showing slight stop, short neck, strong body covered with woolly coat. Open (1) 1. Lightfoot’s Gaesten Just Jago at Joydon. A fine example of the breed being squarely built and of rustic appearance. He has the confidence and presence of a dog that knows he is good. BOB.


Open (1) 1. Smith’s Sh Ch Pindani Myrtle JW. This super bitch is a lovely size with a superb head and deep, well developed body. Her gorgeous frown is so endearing and she moves with the characteristic Sussex roll. Abundant coat with gold tips. BOB.


Grad (1) 1. Critchley’ Sazmallin Dollywagon Pike. Powerfully built with good forehand and depth. Big squishy nose and clear median line. Body length slightly longer than height but lacks the slope and rise of the topline. Moves well. BOB.


Open (1) 1. Gidgin’s Jassendue High Society. Workmanlike, square and cobby. She has beautifully expressive eyes and is a good size. Moves in typical Brittany fashion. BOB.

Italian Spinone

Grad (2, 1) 1. Lamerletto Buddy Marvelous. At just 6 mths old this was the first show for both dog and handler. He is what he is; a raw baby but he has tremendous breed type, robust, square, strong bone and rough coat. His handsome head has the almost human expression. I loved his big nose, divergent planes and lean skull. He is well angulated front and rear and moves on a free and relaxed stride. His handler/breeder will and must grow in confidence as she has a very good dog here. BPIB & BPIS. Open (3) 1. Kruglow’s Amberellie Adrianna.BOB. Presents a square profile with lovely balance, pronounced prosternum and good length and return of upper arm. Big ribs, slope and rise to topline, broad, muscular and slightly sloping croup. Moved in true Spin fashion carrying her head just above the level of her topline. I preferred her head to that of 2.Smith & McVittie’s Sh Ch Jaylynne Fabrizio Sh CM 3. Longstaff’s Kevardhu Ebryl Fyllys Sh CM


Jun. (5,2) 1. Siddle’s Wilchrimane Allure. An utterly stunning 15 mths o/w bitch. On the stack she is truly a series of graceful curves and has that wonderful combination of style and substance. Her balanced and very well proportioned head is beautiful with its slightly dish-faced appearance. Her long muscular neck really does spring very cleanly from her well laid shoulders and she carries a strong topline with muscular loins and quarters and well turned stifles. Her movement is totally reflective of her construction being smooth with an easy stride and precise footfall. I loved her very tidy front movement and driving rear action; it was so Pointery. As if her imposing stance and ground covering movement were not enough she totally captivated me with her expression. I looked into her eyes and she looked into my soul. BOB & BIS. 2. Rankine’s Gempoint Catch a Dream for Fyldefair 3. Gordon & Petherick’s Hawkfield Strider. Grad (1) 1. Siddle’s White Squall Seasyde Iced Tea JW. Another with excellent type. Balanced, dish-faced head, strength in neck and body with enough width of chest and brisket well let down. She stands on good bone and feet and has strong and resilient pasterns. Moved well. Open (4) 1. Rankine’s Tenshilling Rags to Riches at Fyldefair. 6 yr old bitch displaying plenty of breed type and moving well with an excellent tail set. I loved her bee sting tail action but would like to see more slope in her pasterns. RBOB. 2. Siddle’s Wilchrimane C’mon Norbert. 3. Osman’s Wilchrimane Diamond Geezer at Marissolo Sh CM.

Curly Coated Retrievers

Grad (1) 1. Rydons Wishful Thinking. Well proportioned wedge shaped head, rather small well set ears, plenty of depth and a big strong bum. His feet let him down and he needs his nails cutting.

Open (1) 1. Courtier’s Maycourt Hunky Dory JW Sh CM. This girl has a stunning coat; a thick mass of small tight curls covers her entire body. Super construction and effortless on the move. BOB.

Gordon Setters

Grad (3, 1) 1. Osborn’s Amscot Siena Spice. I was very taken with this 10 mth old bitch. Very stylish in profile, deep head, long neck and good angulation. However, it was her beautiful coat and colour that I found outstanding. It was a pleasure to find such clear lustrous tan markings on a coal black coat. BOB & BPIB. I looked forward to seeing her again in the group but it was a long day and I understand that not everyone can commit to this. 2. Lines Flaxheath Just For Me. Nicely constructed girl who moved well. Open (1) 1. Passmore’s Gladys Rose Candy Crush. Deep headed bitch with square finish to muzzle and built on galloping lines. Moved well.

Irish R&W Setters

Grad (1) Henderson’s Temynloah Zoe. Good for size and overall shape, well developed quarters and turn of stifle. Moved steadily. Open (4, 2) 1. Lipscombe’s Sh Ch Courtdown Finnians Rainbow. Athletic in appearance with a proper Red & White head, no mistaking his type. A bit short of feathering. Moved well. BOB. 2. Lipscombe’s Sh Ch Kellizlot River Legend


Grad (1) 1. Luis’ Brookview Brisa. Well muscled b/w with good woolly textured coat. Rather unsure of himself and carries his tail far too high. Moved with precision. BOB.

A.V Gundogs

Minor Puppy 1. L. Buddy Marvelous. (Spin) 2. G. Catch a Dream for F. (Pointer)

Puppy 1. K. Revolution (LM)

Junior 1. P.P. Eye Candy. (GSP) 2. M. China in Your H. (I.S)

Open Dog. 1. G. Just J. (L.R.)2. B. North by NW.(HWV) 3. K. Night H (I.S.)

Open Bitch. 1. L. Kola F. (Cocker). 2. M. Loy (GWP). 3. K. Aurora B (GSP)

Special Champion. This class was a pleasure to judge, all very worthy of their title. 1. Roe’s Sh Ch Duncarreg Alesandro Del Pirospont JW (HV) His outstanding front movement put him at the top of this quality class. 2. Sh Ch Bellatarr Mahalia Jackson Sh CM. 3. Sh. Ch. Khamsynn Carry On Camping (Weim)

Good Citizen. 1. S. Ferrari (Weim) 2. Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Cruising to Moorpoint JW Sh CM (Weim)

Sp. Working.1. L. Moonlight ‘N R (Lab)

Brace. 1. D. Let’s Dance & L. China Girl (Labs) 2. L. Kola F. & T. Lady C at C. (Cockers)

Brenda Phillips Memorial Puppy Stakes. 1. V. Dunaviz (HV). 2.V. Gubo for P. (HV) 3. B. Indecent P (Am. Cocker)

Alfred Fowle Memorial Open Stakes. 1.Sh Ch P. Myrtle (Sussex) 2. Sh Ch B. Mahalia J. (HWV) 3. M. Hunky D (Curly)

Christine Morgan