• Show Date: 31/01/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Chichester & District Canine Society

Chichester & DCS

31st January 2016

Cocker Spaniels

Junior (9) 1. Morris’ Syrmor Bronwen’s Legacy. b/r. Typical head with lovely square finish to foreface. Straight front, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Level topline with nice flare over hips, moved well. 2.Crouch’s Kassan Kausing Kaos. o/r. Has a good solid topline, clean in backskull, good forechest and correct tailset. Preferred the head of 1. 3. Watson’s Durandabell Bands of Colour

Post Grad (3) 1. Watson’s Durandabell Tittle Tattle. b/r. Mature 10 mths bitch and very promising indeed. Presents a classic square outline with plenty of depth of brisket and short strong loin. Well developed quarters with strong driving action. BPIB and Puppy Group 3. 2. Norie-Miller’s Popocatepetl Be Enchanting b/w. Very clean over neck and shoulders but not the quarters of 1. 3. Abraham’s Withiflor Puzzle at Steorra. Open ( 4) 1. Barnes’ Haradwater Get Lucky at Challowdown JW (Imp Prt). B/r. Just what I was looking for. So square, so cockery and so beautifully presented. He came into the ring and made it his own. He has a beautifully sculpted head, clean neck and shoulders, big ribs, big bum and sound, merry movement. I just loved him and am sure he will go on to bigger and better things. BOB & Grp 2. 2. Morris’ Syrmor Black and White Magic b/w. A dog that you need to get your hands on to appreciate fully. Lovely head and eye, decent forechest and topline. Has good forward reach. Res. BOB


Junior (1) 1. Coghlan’s Soellis Manly Stanley. l/w ticked 10 mths dog. I liked his head with its kind eye, strong muzzle and big nose. He has a good reach of neck, excellent pro-sternum and good lay of upper arm. His quarters are well muscled and he moves OK even though loose in front. BOB & BPIB. Post Grad (4) 1. S. M. Stanley 2. Brown’s Pitwit Biddable Sapphire. Good type, I just wish he’d been happier to be here. Res.BOB.

Golden Retriever

Puppy (9) 1. Ellis’ Tenfield Ocean Blaze. Very pretty 6 mths bitch at her first show and taking it all in her stride displaying the kind, friendly and confident nature of this breed. Her dark brown eyes are well set apart and her head is well balanced. She has a level topline but needs to develop in rib. Stands on well boned legs and round feet. 2. Ellis’ Tenfield Take Cover. Doesn’t have the head of her stable mate but has good width of chest, decent ribs and good tail carriage. 3. Vicars’ Catcombe Calico. Junior (2) 1. Harvey & Anderson’s Alibren Hot Spice for Asiqua. Presents a striking outline with plenty of dog in front, deep brisket, short coupled, short strong loin and well muscled quarters. Moves on a long easy stride carrying her tail level with her back. Res. BOB.2. Withey’s Tenfield Rambling Red River. Just 12 mths and at the leggy, rangy stage. Carries a handsome enough head but his coat is rather unruly. Post Grad (9) A. Hot Spice for A. 2. Ellis’ Tenfield Dash of Pepper JW. Good type with legs well under body. Moves OK but doesn’t have the tail carriage of 1. 3. Linfield’s Tonara Lexington. Open (5) 1. Male’s Mallenbrook Mi Losa JW. Class act, oozes breed type and is unmistakably feminine. She presents a very balanced picture with excellent return of upper arm placing her legs well under her body. Her head is well chiselled and she has a strong, wide, deep muzzle. She holds her level topline on the move, has excellent tail carriage and powerful driving action which secured her the class, BOB and Group 4. 2. A. Hot Spice for A. 3. Linfield’s Tonara Rio Grande JW ShCM

Labrador Retriever

Puppy(2) 1. Davey’s Clanfield Chocoholic. Dark chocolate 9 mths dog of good breed type. Strongly built and broad and deep in chest. Well boned he carries a typical tail and carries it well on the move although he was very untidy in front. BOB and BPIB. Junior (3) 1. Lawrence’s Bramblesend Secret Love. Very hard to assess as she simply would not be still, a bit less baiting would help. From what I could see she has a typical head, strong neck and good width and depth of chest.

Post Grad (3) 1. Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Erin Boag. This girl had the best head in the class, big ribs, strong topline and well muscled quarters. 2. Rees’ Eremos Perfect Pascali. Has plenty of depth short coupled loin but far too proud of her tail. 3. Wallace’s Tiaja American Dream

Open (7) 1. Davey’s Clanfield Tender Touch. Has good balance in body and a kind expression. Very active tail. Res. BOB. 2. Wallace’s Richbourne Signature Tune of Tiaja. Has a good otter tail, well set on but looking rather matronly. 3. Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Calamity Jane

Clumber Spaniels

Junior (1) 1. Boden & Monaghan’s Marshalver Miss Attitude. 8 mths bitch aptly named and showing herself off well. She has a beautifully balanced square head with deep muzzle and stop and that oh so appealing thoughtful expression. Well sprung ribs and long in body she stands on strong bone and large, round feet. Moves well BPIB. Post Grad (1) 1. Boden’s Suelynda Chantilly. Fabulous outline displaying strength and with that rather aloof look about her. She has the best of fronts with long sloping shoulders, ribs well sprung and carried well back. Lovely big bum and well bent stifles. Moved well but would have liked a lower tail carriage. Well handled to Res.BOB. Open (2) 1. Boden’s Suelynda Heaven Sent ShCM. Stunning and powerful in outline she is so feminine and clearly capable of a day’s work. Her head is large and square without any exaggeration and well set on to her thick, powerful neck which in turn flows into her clean shoulders. She is so steady on the move and shows a clean pair of heels. BOB and Group 3. 2. Crofts’s Micklemess Bella Rosa. This 9 year old has plenty of breed type and is strongly and powerfully built. A lot to like.

AVNSC. There was plenty to choose from in this quality entry.

Puppy (5) 1. Grief’s Goldfly Flowers Gay Gossip, It. Spin. What a little darling. Robustly built and square in outline with the unique Spinone topline. Her head planes are divergent and she has the typical roof like skull and that wonderful human expression. Short, well muscled neck with lovely crest, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, cracking straight front. She has a good bend of stifle and moves well for whoever is handling her. Best AVNSC Puppy and Puppy Group 1.

2. Woods’ Nunneyswood Evening Snow, Chessie. Good type with a gorgeous head but couldn’t match the movement of 1. Junior (8) 1. Hazeltine & Welch’s Just Wilbert by Hookwood JW, Pointer. A lovely b/w with a free and open side gait and looking every inch the alert aristocrat. Curvy with a good spring of rib, slightly arched loins and wide thighs. 2. Marsh’s Gunalt Escapade at Comorin, Weimaraner. Well constructed with a level topline and slightly sloping croup. Would like more strength in neck. 3. Goodwin & Smallwood’s Medogold Corazon for Tyremy, Pointer.Post Grad (11) 1. Deering’s Skylark of Rosetimber, Eng. Set. I fell for this one, so clean in outline and elegant throughout. She has a beautiful head, balanced with clear stop and those oh so expressive eyes that make no question of her friendly, good nature. Her strong, elegant neck carries her head high and flows into her well angulated shoulders. She has round and well sprung ribs, short back and strong loin. Her coat is long and silky and she flowed round the ring covering plenty of ground. Best AVNSC and Group 1.2. Greenway’s Ferndel Story Time. WSS. Beautiful girl with a gorgeous head and strong muscular body. Doesn’t have the tail carriage of 1. 3. Adams’ Fecimus The World is Mine, Field Span. Open (13) 1. Rackett’s Bitcon Golden Ice of Solencia ShCM, Hung. Vizsla. Handsome boy of distinguished appearance and robustly made. His head is well sculpted with strong muzzle and moderate stop. His front angulation is well matched by his powerful rear and his colour and short dense coat excellent. Stacked he tends to push himself forward and out of balance but on the move his excellent outline and balance are clear. Unlucky to meet the Eng. Set. Res BAVNSC. 2. Hazeltine & Upton’s Hookwood By George JW ShCM, Pointer. Handsome head and great back end but would like to see more spring of rib. Nice type though. 3. Greenway’s Ferndel Scarlet, WSS.

Gundog Group 1. English Setter. 2. Cocker. 3. Clumber. 4. Golden Retriever

Gundog Puppy Group 1. Spinone. 2. Irish Setter. 3. Cocker. 4. Flat Coat.

Christine Morgan