• Show Date: 25/03/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Chertsey & District Canine Society


25th March 2016

Pointers. J. (2,1) 1. Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me. 12 mths l&w carries a pretty, well-proportioned head with thin ears set fairly high and square finish to muzzle. Straight in front with plenty of width to chest but needs to drop in brisket and could use more spring of rib. Strong topline, wide quarters and moves on a long stride with lashing tail but was rather untidy in front movement.

G. (2) 1. Baker & Baker-Roullier’s Desfrisa Diva La Viva. b&w stands over good ground, well chiselled head, with clear depression under eyes, fits cleanly into strong neck, excellent prosternum, plenty of depth, and very well-muscled second thigh. Has better front action than 2 but is rather proud of her tail. 2. Forsyth’s Hawkfield Sneak A Peak. Very well-muscled throughout with great length of upper arm, wide quarters, correct tail carriage and action and holds a level topline on the move. PG. (1) 1. Brooksmith & Adams Nightgold Blackavar. Very classy & stylish b&w with a strong, level topline. Lovely head with slight dish faced appearance and high ear set. Plenty of heart and lung room, strong loin and well developed quarters. Moved very well on a long, easy stride. RBOB. O. (4,2) 1. Hazeltine & Welch’s Just Wilburt by Hookwood JW. Cracking lad displaying grace and power with a wonderfully aristocratic outlook. His head is so balanced with a well-defined stop, gentle expression and fine leathers, his neck has a beautiful crest, is long and muscular and fits smoothly into his well laid shoulders. He has great substance and is so very well-muscled with a big strong bum, well turned stifles and strong hocks. He has a super tail set and carries it level with his back. His movement is effortless as he lashes his tail. So easy on the eye. BOB. 2. Forsyth’s Hawkfield Lucy Lastic. Built on finer lines and needs depth but moves on a good stride carrying a level topline.

GSP. P. (1) 1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Eye Candy. She most certainly is. She is so very well balanced, has substance, grace of outline and terrific feet. I loved her clean cut head with its raised brows and strong muzzle, elegant neck and well laid shoulders. She is well ribbed up with plenty of depth, has a solid topline, short back and wide croup. Her hips are broad and stifles well bent and her coat is flat with that somewhat coarse feel to it. She moves very smoothly and covers plenty of ground. BOB and BPIB. G. (4,1) 1. Coghlan’s Soelis Manly Stanley. Stands over plenty of ground with good forechest and depth of brisket. Handsome head with correct ear set, strong neck and well laid shoulders. He moved well today and has tightened in front. 2. Angus’ Soelis Silly Tilly. Litter sister to the winner, has a pretty head, good width of chest and is well muscled behind. 3. Burford’s Kavacanne Morgan You Know. O. (5, 2) 1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic. This girl has such grace and style and I like her very much with her lovely head, noble bearing, typical underline and wide quarters. She moves well covering plenty of ground but today I was so very taken with her sibling that she had to be content with RBOB. 2. Braine’s Kenine March to Victory ShCM. A well made type with good muscle tone but I found him rather flewy in head. 3. S. Silly Tilly.

Christine Morgan