• Show Date: 17/07/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Tonge & District Canine Society


17TH JULY 2016

Bracco Italiano

Open 1. RO/SRB Ch Polcevera’s Ercole. A fine example of the breed being almost square in outline, powerful in body, deep chested and well muscled throughout. He has the required dewlap and divergent head planes although I would prefer a larger eye. The ring was not big enough for a dog of this ilk to get into his stride but nevertheless he showed himself off superbly. Quietly handled. BOB.


Junior. What a lovely class of youngsters. 1. Smith’s Sniperay Valencia at Tzaziki. I love a dog with a sense of humour! He had a real battle with his handler and he made me laugh out loud but she got the upper hand in the end and managed to show off his many attributes. At 6 mths this dog is so very well balanced with a gorgeous head, excellent front, level topline, curvy appearance and quality tail. BPIB and Puppy Grp. 2. 2. Perkins’ Brent All About Me. 3. Wilchrimane Clickety Click to Kielderpoint. Open. 1. Tobin & Moss’ Davigdor Rough and Tumble. Quality o/w dog with super bone and substance. He has well sprung ribs carried well back and very muscular quarters. BOB and Grp 2. I preferred him in breadth of skull and second thigh development to 2. Perkins’ Kanix Joker at Brent

Italian Spinone

Junior. 1. Dixon’s Larlila Giglio. I liked this 7 mths boy who presented a square outline with typical Spinoni topline. Divergent planes to head and lovely almost human expression; good length and return of upper arm. Needs to spring some rib but has powerful quarters. BOB & BPIB.

English Springer Spaniel

A good class with quality exhibits. 1. Cokell’s Carlyquinn Mama Mia. What a beautiful bitch this is. I loved everything about her from her squarely finished foreface through to her broad, muscular quarters. Presented to perfection and moves with the typical ESS swing from the shoulder. BOB.

2. Bullock’s Trixhund Talking Obsession JW Sh CM. 3. Elliott’s Peasblossom Nemesis with Jonbar

Field Spaniels

Junior. 1. Smith’s Ewtor Affinity for Flyenpig. BOB. 2. Moss’ Ewtor Inspiration. On the stack there was very little to separate these two girls. Both are a lovely size, so clean over the neck and shoulders, terrific forechests and depth of brisket. Well ribbed up and tight feet. It was on the move that the winner came alive and pushed, what I now see is her litter sister, into second place. Open. 1. E. Inspiration.

Christine Morgan