• Show Date: 25/09/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Stoke On Trent & District Gundog Club


Junior (1)

1st Beverleys Bryburn Artemis of Vinita. 6 month baby with a pretty head, correct length to foreface, open nostrils and clean cheek. Strong neck flowing smoothly into well set shoulders. Enough depth and length of rib for her age, firm coupling and well-shaped rump. Moved sensibly for one so young off strong legs and tight feet. BP

Open (3)

1st Whitings Ranger Two Rodale JW. Upstanding mature male of lovely construction, masculine head with a kind eye and regal expression, correctly balanced with well-set ear. Firm neck, laid back shoulders, deep rib with plenty of back rib under a strong topline, showed driving movement from a powerful rear, tight well shaped feet completed the picture. BOB RBIS

2nd Tierneys Keigame Hustle. Giving a lot away in age and maturity, Clean outline with good depth and strength. Feminine head with plenty of brainroom, good length to foreface touch more flew than I prefer. Balanced angulation, good depth of rib and well-shaped rump. Showed excellent ground covering movement. RBOB

3rd Reads Wilholme Edwardian Dream


Junior (4)

A very pleasing class of happy youngsters, a good portent for the future of a breed.

1st Harrison & Balls Corranroo Commitment. Mature 10 month dog with a pleasing outline. Classic head with a melting expression, of just the right proportions with plenty of brainroom. Clean neck, well set shoulder with a good return of upperarm, plenty of rib for a youngster, lovely red islands in a clear white background, firm topline which he held on the move. Just needs to curb his enthusiasm a bit but saw enough true footfall. RBOB BP PGrp 4

2nd Walkers Zendarric It’s a Kind of Magic within Wroxham. My notes say precocious baby and she is in the nicest possible way, full of character she will be interesting to watch as she grows on. Very pretty head with a kind eye and pleasing proportions. Well laid shoulders and broad rear show lots of promise. In excellent coat and condition she certainly enjoyed her time in the ring.

3rd Henson & Plowmans Zendarric Born to be Wild

Open (1)

1st Barcrofts Ballakinish Muse. Mature bitch of good size and balance. Feminine head with well shaped eye, good length of muzzle and width of skull. Balanced angulation front and rear, deep well sprung rib with plenty of back rib. Well muscled rear giving good propulsion. Her settled movement gave her the edge over the youngster. BOB


Junior (6, 2abs)

1st Burkes Alcazar Amorous Liason. 16 month bitch of pleasing construction, kind expression in a feminine head, nice amount of stop and plenty of backskull. Clean neck, lovely front assembly, well off for bone. Ample depth and spring of rib for her age, firm topline, strong coupling and wide stifles. Showed plenty of drive on the move BOB

2nd Hinton & Knowles Fleurfield Finlandia. Lighter framed bitch with a clean outline. Head of balanced proportions, not quite the width of backskull as my winner. Good length of neck leading to laid back shoulders. Firm topline standing, well muscled rear. Shown in firm condition, not quite as balanced on the move as 1st.

3rd Whitings Theadom Canopus

PGrad (2)

1st Hinton & Knowles Fleurfield Finlandia see previous class

2nd Roberts Dobelands Samara is the Word

Open (1)

1st Roberts Kanix Dantes Inferno. Mature dog well up to size, strong masculine head with a lot of stop, kind eye and plenty of backskull. Balanced construction throughout with deep well sprung rib. Wide well muscled quarters gave stylish movement. RBOB

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)