• Show Date: 30/04/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alison Broome Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

South Wales Scottish Terrier Club

Special Awards Classes 

Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (7, 2)

1 Norton’s Divadell Fly Me To The Moon. This 7 month old bitch demonstrated plenty of attitude and good breed type both in profile and on the move. She moved well coming and going and in profile, tail carried upright and level topline maintained throughout. Head of good proportions with ears well set. Presented in excellent condition, in good coat with correct depth and texture.

2 Worthington’s Kingsview Just Fraser. At nearly 2 years old this dog was one of the more mature in the class. Presented in good coat and condition. Excellent head in terms of proportions, ear set and shape, dark almond eye and expression. Neck of moderate length, set into a well angled front and level topline with correct tail set. Good depth of chest and well-muscled throughout with powerful hindquarters.

Special Limit Dog or Bitch (6, 1)

1 Sykes’ Benartybrae Apache Tear. This mature bitch was presented in beautiful coat and condition. True to breed type, she is low to the ground with excellent depth and width of chest , ribs well rounded and body well proportioned throughout. Moved well with good tail carriage.

2 Walker’s Beaureveur Perseus. This 3 year old dog has pleasing length and proportions of head , ears well set and a dark eye of good shape and size. He was also presented in good coat and condition. Adequate angulation throughout and topline and tail set held well on the move.

Special Open Dog or Bitch (7, 2)

1 Skyes’ Sandbourne Ready Freddie Go. This dog caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring with a lovely head, body of excellent depth, well proportioned with good angulation and in good coat and condition. Well presented in good coat of correct length, depth and texture. Well muscled throughout with powerful hindquarters and chest lung between the forelegs, enabling good movement both coming and going and in profile.

2 Walker’s Benartybrae Salsa Avec Beaureveur. Lovely, compact bitch with good depth throughout, low to the ground, moderate angulation throughout and moved well in profile. Head of adequate length and well proportioned, ears set well.