• Show Date: 06/11/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Kent Canine Society

East Kent Canine Society - 06/11/2016

Firstly I would like to the committee for this appointment. It is not the area of the UK I have judged in before and it provided me with great quality and depth across all breeds. I also would like to thank my fabulous steward Alan, who was very efficient and kept us ticking over. Finally I would like to thank all the exhibitors who entered and also braved the cold. We were outside and temperatures were very low, which meant many dogs and owners (and maybe the officials too) were feeling it.


My first time doing Greyhounds and I was so pleased to have an entry of great quality and a variety in type.


1ST- Boggia’s WHIRLAWAY BOUGHTON BIGBANG – Really enjoyed judging this Bitch as she excels in type. Good substance and made with the make-up of a lady. A white and brindle bitch with good outline and drove round the ring with purpose. A gentle expression and strong bite. Well set and nicely shaped ears. Lovely strong and in proportion neck leading to a well laid shoulders. Strong, straight front and a chest of good size and length. Well ribbed and a strong loin, aiding to a pleasing topline. Well angulated rear and straight low set hocks helped her round the ring with ease.

2nd – Balls’ GALTYMOORE FRAN – A gentleman who clearly enjoyed his time in the ring and was a pleasure to judge! This 4 year old full of enthusiasm and with a dark brindle colour. Good head and expression with a good dark eye. Neat ears and a powerful leading to a very well-muscled front. Good deep chest with good tuck up. A pleasant topline and strong loin leading to a well-muscled rear. Would have preferred more reach and drive from this boy.


1st – Howlett’s CH BOUGHTON BALANCHINE – This bitch just oozes type and balance. Dark in complexion and of the finer type, she just could not be ignored and pleased to give her BOB. 4 years old and a lovely feminine head with attractive alert eyes, typical head shape with rose like ears. Neck of excellent proportion and strength, leading to a well - muscled, well laid set of shoulders. Forelegs straight and strong. Her chest was full of depth and cutting up well. Good, slightly arched, length of loin and aiding to her lovely topline. Her rear was certainly a draw for me as she is well put together giving her a strong drive and moved with enthusiasm and drive. Good compact feet.

2nd – Howlett’s BOUGHTON BLENHEIM ShCM – 4 year old dog and litter brother to winner. Just exudes power and presence. A striking blue brindle male who is just coming into his prime. Pleasant outline, with typical head. Good strong front with well laid shoulders. Nice depth of chest and good tuck up. Good length of rib and a strong loin. Well angulated, muscled rear quarters, with appropriate with. Well knuckled feet.



1st – Cramphorns YELXBA VICTORIA – A playful 2 year bitch of some substance. A lighter brindle and in great condition. Balanced and pleasing outline. Good head, with classic long muzzle and nicely furnished. Expressive correct eyes, completed her promising head. Ears were well textured. Strong neck, leading to a well laid set of shoulders providing a good reach on the move. Front legs were straight and separated by a deep, and of good width, chest with plenty of length. Strong loin leading to a well-muscled rear.

2nd – Campbell-Woodfords RIVENHOUNDS BONFIRE AT KILMACDUAGH. A 4year year old Bitch who was a pleasure to judge, testing the handler a lot today. Good substance throughout with a pleasing shape. Good head of equal proportions throughout and not too broad in skull, good ear size and shape. Strong, nicely arched neck leading to a solidly muscled shoulder. Good chest depth and appropriate width. Nice overall body length and in proportion. Excellent Feet.


An entry of good quality, that I enjoyed judging.


1st – Ulyatt’s FERNLARK L’AUNISIEN IN CORNHAZE & BOB – A dog who didn’t put a foot wrong today and deserved Best of Breed, luckily for me he was not overly affected by the cold. Good overall shape and in excellent condition. Lovely head of all the right proportions. Eyes were the right shape and colour. Nice ear set and shape of good length and correct silky hair. Neck of good length and strength leading to a good set of shoulders. Chest was of great depth and well-shaped. Front legs were straight and pasterns were showing strength too. A well ribbed boy with a good arch over the loin and showing sufficient cut up. Broad at the hips assisting a good drive from a nicely angulated rear and low set hocks. A strong supple set of feet.

2nd – Sawer’s FERNLARK GUINESS ON TAP BUMPKISS – Litter brother to first and a fantastic dark coat, covering the sand colour like a blanket, I found it rather striking. Lovely outline, fantastic in all proportions. Good head and ear length, neck of real length and purpose. Well-shaped ribs, of good depth. Excellent rib length leading too a very strong and nicely set loin. Hips were broad and sat on top of a well-constructed rear. Like his brother, well-muscled and moved with real purpose. On another day could have taken the class.


1st – Buckley’s HISILOME’S KAREEF ShCM (IMP SWE) – A 4 year old lightly coloured dog who was just coming into his prime. Good overall shape. A head of equal proportions and ears of good length, nice overall expression and strong jaw. Good neck length and substance leading to well laid shoulders. Plenty of muscle throughout this boy. Nicely chested with straight front legs and slightly sloped pasterns. Good length of chest and also loin was in proportion and well-muscled. Good width in the rear quarters and helping his movement was good angulated rear.

2nd – Sawer’s FERNLARK PAW ME ANOTHER AT BUMPKISS – 2 year old male, fair good shape. Lovely head, real pleasant expression, with lovely shaped eyes. Head was of correct proportions. Very strong neck leading to a good front assembly. Chest was nice and deep and good shape with appropriate tuck up. nicely arched loin leading to a strong rear of good width.


The whippets today were very brave and clearly not happy with being outside in very cold conditions. I’m sure in different surroundings some would have performed differently.


1st – Thompsons LIKIRA POCKET FULL OF STARS & BOB – A lovely young bitch just out of puppy, with the foundations of a bright future. Nice head shape, with a nice dark muzzle and very neat ears. Good expressive oval eyes. Lovely strong neck leading to a well-constructed front. Strong shoulders giving good reach on the move, helped by a straight front, pasterns nicely sprung. Good depth of chest, considering age. Good rib length and tuck up. Strong and well arched loin. Nicely muscled throughout, well-constructed rear giving good drive.

2nd – Wilsons TAHIR SUMMERTIME – Very sweet and expressive 15 month old bitch, in a rich fawn colour. Nice feminine head, lovely ear shape and nicely set too. Strong neck, in proportion to body. Strong set of shoulders, straight front, and excellent chest depth aided by well sprung ribs. Good tuck up and muscled loin. Broad well-constructed rear give plenty of drive.


Post Graduate

1st - Glasspool & Manners IPANEMA MOCKINGJAY OVER MANNERPOOL – Another young bitch who enjoyed her time in the ring. Good overall shape¸ in excellent condition and well-muscled. Feminine head of good length and proportions. Good strong jaw. Ears of good shape and set well. Appropriately arched neck leading to a pleasant front, chest of good depth, with a good tuck up. Strong loin, good width across her rear and well developed thighs meant this girl propelled round the ring with ease.




1st – Bass’s BLANDINGS TREACLE TART – A really well made bitch who was a pleasure to judge. lovely white and brindle coat, which I found very attractive. Elegant overall shape. Fine, clean head, pretty dark almond shaped eyes. Strong jaw, neat, well shaped ears. Good neck length leading to a straight front, providing good reach on the move. Good chest depth and well tucked up. Pleasant topline with a well-muscled and arched loin. Very well put together in her hind quarters providing great drive with ease, neat feet also.

2nd – Thompson’s SURRIO SWEET SEPTEMBER FOR LIKIRIA – Pleasant overall shape and oozing with muscle. Lovely long head but in proportion. Good eye and ear shape. Well arched, strong neck leading to a well made front assembly. Chest was lovely and deep and of good length. Good straight front also. good width throughout, with the loin providing great strength and power. Hind quarters were well made and of good width. Strong thighs providing good a pleasant drive in profile.