• Show Date: 18/09/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Okehampton & District Canine Society

Okehampton and District Canine Society – Sunday 18th September 2016

Judge: Alex Paisey

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Secretary and committee for this wonderful opportunity to judge some lovely Hound breeds. Although there were some absentees, there was also a great presence in other breeds, giving me good quality and depth to judge. Thank you to those exhibitors who entered under me, it was a real pleasure to judge all dogs. Finally thank you to my wonderful steward Trevor!

Ibizan Hound

My first time doing this breed and it was an absolute pleasure. Handlers and dogs were very sporting in their placings.

Open Dog (4, 1 absent)

1st & RBOB – Carter & Hozempa’s CH AMAHTE RUNNING ON JAMAICAN TIME JW ShCM – A strong Male of excellent type. In his absolute prime at 5 years and it showed with stunning movement. Right at the top end in terms of height but completely in proportion and well-muscled throughout. Masculine head with expressive almond shaped eyes. Large ears correctly set on his head of equal lengths. Line of the ears lead to a strong neck and correct shoulders. Dominant breast bone, with the chest suitably distanced from the elbow and suitably tucked up. Level topline leading to a well-constructed rear. Rear Legs very strong in bone and length showing plenty of drive on the move.

2nd – Carter’s AFILADOR THUNDERBOLT – A pleasantly shaped 3 year old male of less size than winner and rich in colour. A well-proportioned male with a typical head and expression. Was very naughty today and did not seem to settle very well, on first laps and upon assessment, but could feel quality. Handsome masculine expression with a stunning eye. Correct fine head and in proportion with body. Typical ears, nicely arched neck leading to a good front. Level topline with good tuck up. Pleasant rear construction with plenty of muscle for working. A fine specimen.


Open Bitch (4, 1 absent)

1st BOB & BPIB – Carter’s AFILADOR ROOM ON THE BROOM – This Bitch really took my eye, completely full of herself and loving every moment in the ring. Despite only being 10months old I felt this bitch was exactly what I was looking for in an Ibizan. Lovely outline in profile, really drove round the ring, showing her to be in proportion and very well balanced. Fine feminine head, of equal lengths. Her eyes were full of expression. Ears were very active, with a nicely arched, lean neck following. Typical front shoulders of good angulations. Good length of leg and straight fronted. Chest not too deep, with straights ribs and plenty tuck up towards rear. Not overly angulated at the rear with a good muscle and was straight when leading away.

2nd - Carter’s DIECISIETE MANDARINA AT AFILADOR ShCM – 11year Bitch who is a testament to the breed, solid throughout. I am of no doubt this lady could still work today at 11, due to her excellent condition. Fine head with a nicely coloured eye, good strong Jaw. A good set of ears and a neck of good proportions. Well legged and straight with good flat ribbing of nice length, good tuck up. a good topline leading to a well-constructed rear. Nicely arched feet.

3rd - Carter & Channon’s AFILADOR A HINT OF JASMINE

Dachshund Miniature Smooth Haired

A lovely class to judge and difficult decisions were made. Really loved my Best Puppy who I was pleased went on to win Puppy Group 1. 

Open (6, 1 Absent)

1st & BOB – Thomas’s ROYALDACH’S AUTHORISED QUEEN JW ShCM - A very pretty black and tan bitch with pleasant outline and pleasure to go over. Thought she covered the ground well despite the difficult surface. Natural feminine expression and a head of good lengths and in proportion with her body. Strong jaw and eyes that were not too prominent and of good size. Ears were board and well set. Excellent neck leading to well laid muscular shoulders. Good prominent chest bone and dimples. Lovely broad front feet, with strong nails. Rib cage, nicely rounded and not too deep, giving plenty of room for the internal organs. Good topline and nice undercarriage leading to a well constructed rear. Well-muscled hind legs with appropriate width and moved with drive.

2nd & BP - Rudkin’s DYNASTYDAX PETER PAN – 6 month old Dog, for me one for the future and really challenged first place here, despite his age. A beautiful deep red colour. Moved very convincingly and settled nicely. Lovely outline. Strong head all in proportion and of good length. Good eye and expression too. Ears were in proportion but broad and set well on the skull. Jaw was correct and strong. Muscled neck leading to good shoulders. Well laid and of good substance. A strong chest also. Very well ribbed, great shape, full of room and of good length. Lovely topline and strong loin. Rear legs were well constructed, and nicely broad and well muscled.

3rd - Rudkin’s DYNASTYDAX Tiger Lilly

Afghan Hound


1st & BOB – Small’s GARAMOND SPICE BERRY JW ShCM – Great to hear she went on to take Hound Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show and very well deserved too. A Black 3 year old bitch with cream furnishings, who is coming into her prime. Lovely overall outline and moved well in profile. On approaching her head was very typical with a nice stop, long features and excellent bite. Deep dark eye, well placed. Ears were of good length and correct. She carried her head proudly on a neck of good length. A well laid shoulders and nicely muscled. Good straight front, carried close to the body, and a lovely depth of chest. Straight front leading to correct pasterns and large feet. Her ribs were nicely sprung and a good level topline, with lovely example of a saddle, leading to a short but muscled loin. Her hind quarters were nicely put together giving her powerful drive, with a good bend of stifle and low set hocks.