• Show Date: 27/08/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society – 27.08.16

Thank you to the show society for their invitation and hospitality. I was delighted by the quality of my exhibits, with good temperaments throughout.

Alaskan Malamutes

J (2, 0 Abs)

1. Windley’s Royaltaylor Catwalk Queen

A delightful 9 month old seal & white bitch; substantial all through and wearing a thick, harsh jacket. Skull still to develop, so still very much a puppy in expression, but lovely dark pigment and well furred, neatly set ears giving her evident type. Good length of neck and topline coming on well. Nice length of leg and chest well developed for her age giving a nice straight front viewed face on. Good layback of shoulder and stood on strong pasterns. Balanced angulation in rear and finished off with a great waving plume. Won this class on her movement which showed good reach in side gait and neat footfall coming and going.

2. Windley & Taylor’s Royaltaylor Crown Jewel

Grey & white sister to my class winner and very close up in type, also possessing good substance, nice dark pigment and correct harsh coat. Head is a little bit more developed at this stage, with good depth of muzzle, a lovely almond eye and small, thick ears, giving a very feminine expression. Good arch of neck and well balanced in angulation with strong, compact pasterns front and rear, stood on lovely snowshoe feet. Unfortunately she seemed to struggle with the flooring and was not as fluid and settled on the move as my class winner, so had to concede on this occasion.

PG (3, 0 Abs)

1. Loade’s Snowolf Black Ice Buddy. BOB & WG1

This 20 month seal & white boy stood out to me for his impression of overall balance and power. Broad skull with small, well placed ears and the darkest of eyes. Large teeth with correct scissor bite, and nice bulk to his muzzle. He gives an unmistakably masculine outline in profile, with a nice arch of neck leading into a strong, sloping topline; good depth of chest and tuck up, with correct layback of shoulder and balanced rear angles. Heavy bone but still giving an impression of athleticism, he was presented in a dense, harsh coat and in good condition all through with a nice waving plume when he chose to use it. His movement reflected his muscle tone, with a steady, effortless sidegait, clean coming and going and holding his shape well from every angle. BOB and was thrilled to see him top the Working Group, also.

2. Ballington-Graham’s Catua Snow Patrol

3 year old grey & white boy and another exhibit with good substance; larger in type than my class winner, with an abundant coat not lacking in texture. Well developed skull with a correctly proportioned muzzle, although I would prefer a darker eye. Strong, sloping topline and leading into a nice croup and tailset. Well angulated in the rear with neat, compact hocks that he used to advantage on the move, moving with drive from the rear and good extension in his sidegait. Preferred the front of my winner but a lovely boy nonetheless.

3. Windley & Taylor’s Royaltaylor Black Pearl. BP.

9 month male, littermate to my Junior class exhibits and with that bit more bone and height, as you might expect. He shared the same fantastic coat, good pigment, correct layback of shoulder and balanced rear angles, but edged his sister in the puppy challenge on topline and movement in the final run round, where he showed just a bit more drive. Happy to see him take WPG3, also.  

O (5, 2 Abs)

1. Mort’s Arcticbreeze Lady Imocara. RBOB

Was genuinely shocked to discover this grey & white lady would be 11 years old in a month’s time. As much as my BOB was masculine she was feminine, more compact in shape with a lovely dark eye, small ears and correct dentition. Her profuse, harsh coat means you have to really get your hands on when checking length of neck, and topline, both of which were correct and reflected her good proportions all through. Not in as hard condition as some of the younger exhibits, but perfect footfall coming and going and still showing the economic, ground-covering movement I would expect with no weakness in pasterns to suggest her age. Couldn’t deny her the class and RBOB.

2. Kay’s Kaytoo Antartic Riki

4 year old, grey & white boy of very different type to my other exhibits but unmistakably Malamute. He came in his Summer attire, but what was there in coat was harsh and stand off. Nice expression with good pigment and almond shaped eyes. Correct scissor bite and great depth of muzzle. Good sloping topline leading to a correct tail set although tendency to hold it tight on the stand. Good straight front, and depth of chest; not lacking length of leg and I loved his tight, snowshoe feet and strong pasterns. Well muscled all through with a broad thigh and developed shoulder; I would prefer a touch more angulation but he was balanced which gave him an impressive side action showing evident reach & drive.

3rd. Windley & Taylor’s Kaskae Let’s Get It On At Royaltaylor

Siberian Huskies

J (0, 1 Abs)

PG (1, 0 Abs)

1. Tinker’s Zaltana Raindrop’s On Roses At Lolotea (Imp Pol)

23 month red & white bitch, with a foxy, feminine expression with a nice shape of eye and correctly set ears on a good wedge shaped skull. Good length of neck leading into well developed shoulders and a good chest with plenty of heart room and sufficient tuck up. A nice straight front viewed straight on with neat feet. Correct croup with a well carried tail. Nice stand off coat and presented in good condition, she tended to move a touch wide in the rear on this flooring, but her clean front action and light, easy sidegait earned her RBOB.

O (2, 0 Abs)

1. Tinker’s Zaltana Direwolf At Lolotea ShCM (Imp Pol)

3 year old grey & white male, heavier in construction than my other exhibits but not to his detriment or to detract from his breed type. Good head shape and nice shape of eye. Well set ears and correct dentition. Good length of neck and layback of shoulder leading into a strong, straight topline with correct croup and tailset. Well balanced in angulation with strong pasterns. Presented in a dense coat and good muscle throughout, he had a powerful but fluid action on the move, with good footfall from all angles and holding his shape well in profile. BOB & WG4.

2. Gillman’s Esquimaux Chase The Ace At Mytilene

5 year old black & white male with a delightfully mischievious expression and nice overall proportions. Good shape of eyes and well set ears. Correct length of neck and straight topline. Nice spring of rib with a good tuck up. Good croup and a well constructed rear with powerful, compact hocks. Presented in a good condition & a nice stand off coat, he was very light on his feet in side gait but I preferred the front action of my class winner today.

Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)