• Show Date: 26/06/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs: Although numerically small, this was a quality entry and a pleasure to judge.

JD (2 1) 1 Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Belleville Anjo Negro. Handsome and showy puppy of 9 months. Scored in head which was well proportioned with dark eyes and tight rims. Short, strong neck into straight front. Needs to let down in front as he matures but he still presented a pleasing picture in profile with good height to length ratio and standing on flat feet. Topline was firm, moderate underline and loin was not too long. Powerful thighs with adequate turn of stifle to complement front angulation. Well set tail which was used on the move. Easy mover using quarters to advantage. Reserve Best Dog, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Junior in Breed. OD (2) 1 Newton’s Ch & Can, Am, Mex, Nor, Swe, Ita Ch Hi Seas Dr Romeo Macduff. Excellent, rectangular outline on this 6 year old boy; so well balanced standing and on the move. He is perhaps not the most substantial, but of adequate masculinity he was hard to fault. Quarters were of depth and strength with matching angulation and he was put down in super condition. Head was of good shape, slightly tapered muzzle and excellent bite. Neck was short, straight and set well into wither. Strong, level topline, standard croup and full, profuse coat. Had lightness of foot, yet purpose when gaiting, demonstrating a fluid and sprightly action. Best Dog and Best of Breed. 2 Spencer’s Melfield Black Jasper Among Islekeeper. Much younger dog of 19 months who was somewhat unsettled on the stand and thus did not present nearly as good an outline as I suspect he could. To go over he is robust and workmanlike and his height to length ratio pleased me. I liked his head for size, shape and proportions. He is still a young dog and I would like to see him develop a little more fill in front which may tidy front movement in time. Well laid shoulder, lovely rib and underline. Rather overangulated at rear and this did affect hind movement when going away from me. However on the side gait, he maintained a good outline. JB (2) 1 Taylor’s Rarjo All About That Bass At Tamlin. 16 month old bitch whose honesty and type pleased me greatly. Feminine, yet totally functional in her make and shape being of good size with corresponding length of body. Lovely head and eye giving a penetrating expression. Short, straight neck which was clean and set correctly into withers. A very good front with enough depth and width. Lovely ribbing, topline and just the right amount incline to the croup. Well developed, muscled hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Very sound on the move from all angles, but wasn’t quite as showy on the day, not carrying her tail as well as I would have liked which cost her in the challenge. I shall watch her with interest. Reserve Best Bitch. 2  Belleville Asas De Anjo. Sweet but sassy 9 month old puppy who was rather a handful making her difficult to assess at times, although she didn’t let the winner have it all her own way! Litter sister to Best Puppy, she shares many of his virtues including well developed quarters of good width, an appealing head and eye and sunny disposition. When free standing after moving she looked a picture. Head and eye appealed with lovely dentition. Now needs to drop into her hind angulation as she matures but has promise to finish very well indeed. Positive and sound mover but just needs to tighten a little behind. LB (2 1) Gibson’s Patriot's In The Nightskye At Majesixs. Most attractive and striking girl of 21 months. I loved her head which was of good size and proportions with wonderful big black nose. Super eye and expression, she commanded attention. Excellent condition and coat. Ribs reach back into the best of loins for length and strength. She was a joy to go over. Topline and underline as required with pleasing length of leg. Well angulated at rear which was so well muscled and used to advantage on the move. To be critical I would prefer a touch more angulation at shoulder and this cost her against the dog. A lovely girl whose career I shall follow. Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex.

Ric Beall