• Show Date: 16/04/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pamela Davies Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Gordon Setter Association

Breed: Breed Club Championship Show


I would like to thank the committee for their hospitality at this 70th Anniversary Show. With lots going on and bubbly and cake in the lunch break it was a relaxed and happy atmosphere making for a very enjoyable day. I must also thank my ring stewards who made everything run smoothly. I found a huge variety in type especially in the lower classes which made for some difficult decisions. Heads are varied with some being too heavy and some lacking the required chiselling. Having said that I was more than happy with my winners.  



SV (2) Both boys are a credit to their owners. 1 Hill’s Kintalis Total Stardom, compact and well balanced d with a handsome, well shaped head of good proportions and gentle expression, good spring of rib and firm topline, sound steady movement; 2 Mitchell’s Spingor Pride Of Orkney By Brobruick JW, larger d all through with correct angulation front and rear, good depth and spring of rib, appealing in head and eye, sound happy mover enjoying his day out. V (2,1) 1 Horler’s Aldabrook Morning Glory At Rackens ShCM, stood alone but very worthy of his place. For me he presents a lovely profile having well balanced angulation, appealing head and eye, long lean neck, deep well sprung ribs and firm level topline held whilst moving, has good muscle tone which showed in his free flowing, sound movement, well presented in lovely condition. BVD and later in agreement with my co-judge BVIS. MP (1) 1 Russell’s Benbuie Winter Nights, a very promising puppy who is well bodied for age with good depth, shows a good forechest and wide, well angulated quarters, lustrous coat with rich tan, needs to tighten in movement as you might expect at this age but he was steady and sound. P (3,1) Very different types, first was more together today.  

1 Warren’s Benbuie Secret Agent, impressive, quality youngster, loved his head being of correct proportions with a good stop and well shaped dark eyes, generous reach of neck into well laid shoulders, firm level topline, pleasing depth for age with well bent stifle and good width to thigh, controlled positive movement but would benefit from being moved a little faster allowing him better extension; 2 Marsh’s Carpediem Professor Green At Kilnrae, larger framed and very exuberant youngster who gave his handler a hard time, certainly showed his fun loving side! Appealing head and eye, deep in rib and well bodied, good bend of stifle, in nice coat and condition, happy if rather erratic on the move but once settled showed a good length of stride. J (8,3) 1 Poynter’s Hernwood Prince Of Thieves, won this class on his positive movement, well up to size he has a pleasing head and expression showing good stop and dark eye, lengthy neck though somewhat throaty, well set shoulders, shows plenty of forechest, deep well sprung ribs and firm level topline but would like him slightly shorter in back, wide muscular quarters used to advantage when moving, well presented; 2 Horler’s Kintalis Winter’s Knight, preferred the size of this d, pleasing head, just needing to break, reachy neck into good shoulder placement, deep and well bodied, firm level topline, in hard condition, moved correctly coming and going; 3 White’s Graylacier Salvatore. Y (5) 1 Poynter’s Hernwood Prince Of Thieves. 2 Hall’s Melview Moving Time, upstanding youngster with a well balanced head and good stop, has a melting expression from dark eyes, well balanced front and rear assembly with good depth of body, sound steady movement just needs to tighten up, in super coat condition, has time on his side; 3 Mitchell’s Kimgilee Maori Storyteller By Brobruick. M (2) 1 Warren’s Benbuie Secret Agent; 2 Marsh’s Carpediem Professor Green At Kilnrae. N (4, 1wd) 1 Poynter’s Hernwood Prince Of Thieves; 2 Warren’s Benbuie Secret Agent; 3 Marsh’s Carpediem Professor Green At Kilnrae. D (2) 1 Warren’s Benbuie Secret Agent; 2 Marsh’s Carpediem Professor Green At Kilnrae. UG (2,1) 1 Gunnery’s Clohass Flyin Ace, medium size with strong flat bone and rich tan so nice to see, well made forehand with good depth and rib, appealing head with good planes, in firm condition, shows correct footfall when moving keeping a good outline and at one with his handler. G (5,1) 1 Sandiford & Lewis’ Benbuie Rock On To Hernwood, eye-catching balanced boy with correct bone and substance, deep well proportioned head with plenty of stop, dark eye giving a gentle expression, generous reach of neck leading into good layback of shoulder, plenty of forechest, deep in brisket and good ribbing, strong topline and well proportioned quarters, moved with purpose and drive, will watch with interest; 2 Horn’s Lignum Master Marlin At Keaswood JW, maturing nicely, well balanced with good bone, tight feet and rich clear tan, plenty of work in the head with good planes, deep in ribs, short coupled with correct topline, sound positive movement though rather proud of his tail, in excellent coat and condition; 3 Rand’s Kintalis Love On The Rocks. PG (8) 1 Burke’s Ecameadow The Explorer, quality substantial male of a more traditional type, rugged with a handsome, well proportioned head and dark expressive eyes, long low set ears, super neck and correctly made forehand, deep in brisket and back rib, firm coupling, sweeping stifle with good width of thigh and strong flat bone, once settled he moved on a long stride covering the ground with ease to win this class, later in the day he pulled out all the stops to take the RCC; 2 Butler’s Yennadon Lochan At Rubymoon JW ShCM, smaller framed d but so well put together, excellent reach of neck, short level back and firm topline held on the move, good width of thigh and in hard condition, stands over plenty of ground, moved well; 3 Poynter’s Hernwood Thunderstorm. ML (7) 1 Robson’s Liric For Your Eyes Only By Yohenoak JW, rugged and workmanlike in appearance with good bone and substance, well balanced masculine head with defined stop though would prefer a tighter eye, strong lengthy neck and firm topline, well assembled forehand complemented by balanced wide hindquarters, good depth and ribbing, well muscled which showed in his precise ground covering movement, flies his tail which detracts from the overall profile when moving but thought his other attributes outweighed this; 2 Sandiford & Lewis’ Hernwood Stormrider, preferred head and overall outline of 1, pleasing expression but would like a slightly shorter foreface, lean muscular neck flowing into level topline and correct front assembly with well balanced hind quarters, shows good depth and rib, in lovely coat and condition, moved out well with purpose and drive; 3 Bryant’s Muckypups D’Artagnan JW. L (10,2) 1 Collins-Pitman’s Black Mystery Phantom Of The Opera By Amscot (IMP CHE), presents a flowing outline, well balanced and not overdone in any way, pleasing head proportions though would prefer a darker eye, correctly set neck and shoulders with good front angulation and complementary hindquarters, firm level topline and well set on tail, deep through the body and well ribbed up, initially a little unsettled but got himself together and moved out well; 2 Michalek’s Kyuna Calypso, cobbier d with substance, nice head in profile but rather broad in backskull and would like a darker eye, well angulated fore and aft and excellent muscletone, well developed ribs and deep through the body, sound steady movement; 3 Smith’s Glenkinchie Soul Drifter. O (8) 1 Alcorn, Crowther, Baddeley & Swan’s Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum JW, outstanding male who for me oozes breed type, well off for bone and substance with tight feet and in hard condition, he has a masculine head with plenty of work, good depth of muzzle and well defined stop, has the correct shape and colour eye giving a soft, intelligent expression, strong slightly arched neck leading cleanly into a firm level topline with correct tailset, he has the best of forehands resulting in ample sternum and wide, well muscled rear quarters, allowing him to move with great forward reach and plenty of drive, ideal depth and spring of rib giving plenty of heart and lung room, well presented in lovely coat and condition, CC and later in agreement with my co-judge BIS; 2 Horler’s Lourdace Stable Lad At Rackens ShCM, another who appeals for type, substantial and well boned stands over plenty of ground, pleasing head and excels in forehand construction with good depth and spring of rib, he has a level topline and well set on tail, strong muscular hind quarters enabled him to power round the ring with plenty of drive, just preferred the overall balance and head of 1; 3 Robson’s Laurelhach Limited Edition At Yohenoak. FT (2) 1 Collins-Pitman’s Amscot Rebel With A Cause (AI) JW, lovely headed d with a most appealing expression, well balanced with deep brisket and good ribbing, would just like him a little more compact, in excellent coat and hard condition, positive movement; 2 Smith’s Yennadon Carrick Of Clacorick, strong well muscled d of good proportions, well bodied with firm topline, good width of thigh and turn of stifle, movement was sound and positive. Brace 1 Horler’s; 2 Reid’s; 3 Cuthbertson’s. Progeny 1 Keen’s Hernwood Gypsy Rose. Team 1 Reid’s.  


Pam Davies