• Show Date: 10/12/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes

Thank you to the committee for this, my third CC appointment. I would like to thank my stewards, Roger & Penny who did a fantastic job of keeping the ring running perfectly. Thank you to the exhibitors for their entries, and accepting my decisions well, giving a lovely atmosphere. Again, as with my last appointment, I noted a great general athleticism in most of the breed, something I look for in the exhibits. Unfortunately, we are still seeing front construction & front movement faults and I did find a few level bites. However, overall I think the quality shown today was of an outstanding level.

Minor Puppy Dog: 5 entries 1 absent

1st – Forsey & Louch’s Muzoku Let’s Go Crazy. 8 months. Promising youngster, good proportions in head & ear. Moved well once settled, just needs to tighten up, as you would expect at this age. Nice sized feet & strong pasterns front & back. Beautifully presented, correct textured coat. Correct height/length ratio. Good tail set on the move.

2nd – Dolan’s Muzoku Take Me With U To Siskara. Litter brother to 1, a bit bigger overall. Another nice head, coming on, ears a little high set at this age. Just a touch bum high at the moment. Correct coat texture. Tended to toe in on the coming. Moved well in side gait.

3rd – Pitcher’s Marahootay Linx Under Tatkresiwok.

Puppy Dog: 6 entries 1 absent

1st – Edwards & Molloy’s Wintablizard’s Investment (ai). 10 months. Substantial boy all round. Broad head, nice eye shape & set. Large ear & a little low set at the moment. Good depth to muzzle. Correct sized feet, front pasterns a little loose. Excellent bone. Very nice body proportions, excellent chest depth. Nice broad thigh. Balanced, powerful side gait. Stood sound front & back. Good tail carriage. Beautiful, correctly textured coat. BP

2nd – Forsey & Louch’s Muzoku Let’s Go Crazy. See MPD.

3rd – Botterill’s Cinneli Polar Winter.

Junior Dog: 6 entries 1 absent

1st – Brook’s Snobruk Secret Mission (ai). 16 months. Broad head & bulky muzzle, bite a little tight. A little heavy in stop. Nice ear set. Really lovely shoulders & stifle, giving excellent moderate angulations front & back. Good strength & arch to neck. Perfect body proportions. Good spring of rib. Lovely bone. Good sized feet & nice strong pasterns front & back. Well let down hock. Excellent forechest & depth. Correct coat. Tail could be loser. Well muscled. When settled, his movement was excellent in side gait.

2nd – Windley & Taylor’s Royaltaylor Black Pearl. 13 months. Lovely head & well proportioned muzzle. Good eye set, a little bold. A little raw in chest at this age. Excellent height/length ratio. Sufficient moderate angulations front & back. Feet could be a touch larger, but good depth. Front pasterns are loose & showed in coming towards. Nice broad thigh. Moved really well in side gait. Excellent coat texture, didn’t like the appearance of his underline hair. Very nice tail carriage. Lovely pigment.

3rd – Jelfs’ Lapema Garota Rude.

Post Graduate Dog: 12 entries 4 absent

1st – Page & Jarvis’ Cedarcreek Frozen Asset. 20 months. Beautiful head piece, lovely dark eye & shape, perfect oblique set, really soft expression. Excellent stop. Correct muzzle for size, correct bite. Tight lips. Ears a touch large still as head develops, correct set. Strong, nicely arched neck. Super sloping topline, held on the move. A little straighter in shoulder & stifle than ideal, but balanced. Large feet, good depth & sound pasterns, front & back. Very nice body proportions for height/length, & chest starting to come. Excellent muscle condition. Powerful side gait. Beautiful, correct coat. Good tail carriage.

2nd – Towers & Rivers’ Toolik’s Excellent Choice (Imp). 19 months. Really liked this boy, but he seemed a bit out of sorts. Lovely broad head, correct bulky muzzle. Nice stop & eye shape. Ears size & shape correct, but a little low set. Good strength & arch to the neck. Ample bone. Correct moderate front & rear angulations. Firm topline. Good spring of rib. Feet good shape & lovely arched toes. A little erratic coming & going, went better in side gait, once settled. Beautiful & correctly textured coat.

3rd – Wilkinson’s Jaydonspire Thunder Road For Koldsnap.

Limit Dog: 12 enties 1 absent

A super class, full of quality.

1st – Loades’ Snowolf Black Ice Buddy. 2 years. Standard sized dog with a perfect outline. Correct broad head with strong under jaw & muzzle. Tight lips. Eye set & shape correct. Lovely ear size, shape & set. Good strength & arch to neck. Lovely angulations front & back. Correct slightly sloping front pasterns and strong hocks & rear pasterns. Correct bone & feet for size. Nice tail carriage. Lovely dark pigment. Well muscled, no excess weight. Excelled in side gait & sound in movement coming & going. Correct textured coat.

2nd – Thompson’s Libertia In The Red Again At Shomont. 5 years. Another lovely outline, perfect height/length ratio. Broad head with good eye shape & set. Ear size & set correct. Bulky muzzle & correct bite. Tight lips. Excellent feet size & shape. Good pasterns front & rear. Lovely spring of rib. Good depth of chest. Solid sloping topline. Correct moderate angulations front & rear. Lovely powerful side gait, just moved a touch close on the coming towards. Really good bone. Well muscled. Tail could be looser on the move. Lovely correctly textured coat.

3rd – Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Nordicwinds Action Hero.

Open Dog: 6 entries 2 absent

1st – Thompson’s Shomont Rasin Cain. 6 years. Beautiful strong, broad head, not course. Excellent depth & length of muzzle, good bite. Super eye shape & set. Lovely size & set of ear. Strong arched neck into a good sloped firm topline. Correct moderate angulations front & rear. Well proportioned body, with good forechest & depth, correct spring of rib. Broad thigh, strong hocks and front & rear pasterns. Super bone. Correct size & lovely depth to feet. Lovely tail carriage. Excellent powerful balanced side gait. Sound coming & going and standing. This boy is in tip-top muscle & condition. Beautiful, correctly textured coat. Great pigment. DCC & BOB

2nd – Nawrocka & Phillips’ Ch Monikoona Most Wanted JW. 3 ½ years. An equally great dog, that much of the same can be said as with 1. Beautiful head, lovely bulky muzzle, fair eye shape & correct set. Super ear shape & set. Good under jaw, correct bite. Strong neck into a perfect, firm sloping topline. Excellent angulations front & rear. Lovely forechest & depth. Super body proportions. Excellent spring of rib. Correct feet for size & shape. Good bone. Well muscled & beautiful condition. Well muscled loin. Excellent powerful side gait. Perfectly sound coming & going and standing. Perfect tail set & carriage. Just pipped to the post on muscle condition of 1. RCC

3rd – Dolan & Dolan’s Siskara The Spy Who Loved Me JW Sh. CM.

Veteran Dog: 3 entries 0 absent

1st – Haywood’s Snowolf Ice Cold Mischief (ai). 9 years. Lovely typical head, good bulky muzzle, nice ear shape & set. Eye a touch round. Lovely strong neck, good sloping topline. Lovely outline. Good muscle. Lovely deep feet. Correct tail which trailed on the move, perfectly acceptable. Moved really steady with a balanced, powerful side gait. Sound coming & going.

2nd – Innes’ Pol & UK Ch Monikoona Appalachain Rock Of Icycool. 7 years. Nice head, strong neck. Good sloping topline on the stand. Nice body proportions. A little too excited on the move!

3rd – Brook’s Snobruk Howling Wolf Sh.CM.

Good Citizen Dog: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Kay’s Kaytoo Antarctic Riki. 4 years. Lovely head coming on. Super strong neck into a nice sloping topline. Good feet & pasterns. Moderate angulations both front & rear. This boy just needs to mature to be the finished picture. Moved very well in side gait. Sound coming & going. Lovely correct coat. Tail could be looser.

2nd – Raby’s Snowolf Black Ice Striker At Icemoon. 6 years. Super head, correct muzzle. Nice eye shape & set. Ears a touch big. Strong arched neck. Correct feet & pasterns. Correct depth of chest. Nice coat texture. Correct tail. A little unsettled on the move.

Minor Puppy Bitch: 6 entries 1 absent

1st – Hughes’ Qanukira One Nebula. 8 months. What a super puppy, showing great promise. Lovely feminine head, such a sweet expression. Correct eye & ear shape & set. Correct muzzle & bite. Tight lips. Strong neck into a lovely slightly sloping topline. Perfect body outline & proportions. Very nice feet & strong pasterns both front & rear. Lovely angulations front & back. Broad thigh. Good bone. Correct spring of rib. Super movement at this age. Perfectly sound front & back, both moving & standing. BPBitch

2nd – Smith’s Snowshoes Yuki Yura. 7 months. Very feminine head, underjaw a little shallow. Perfect stop. Lovely eye shape & set. Small correct ear size & set. Nice feet & pasterns. Good body proportions. Moderate angulations. Correctly textured coat. OK bone. Tail could be looser. Very well presented. Moved well in side gait.

3rd – Dolan’s Muzoku U Got The Look For Siskara.

Puppy Bitch: 10 entries 4 absent

1st – Smith’s Snowshoes Spirit Of Sakari. 7 months. Good feminine head, muzzle a little narrow. OK eye shape, correctly set. Very nice ear shape & set. Strong well arched neck, into a nice gentle topline. Correct moderate angulations, front & back. Good pasterns, feet a touch small. Fair bone. Good tail carriage. Beautiful coat, correct texture. Presented well. Moved well.

2nd – Jelf’s Lapema Tavola Ouija. 11 months. Larger girl, stronger throughout than 1. Nice head & expression. Strong neck. Topline just a touch level at the moment. Fair front angulation, better angulated in rear. Good spring of rib. Nice sized feet & shape. Good pasterns front & back. Nice tail. Correct texture to coat. Moved well once settled in side gait.

3rd – Dolan’s Muzoku U Got The Look For Siskara.

Junior Bitch: 9 entries 2 absent

1st – Elliot & Campbell’s Packice Neiden Winterling. 15 months. Excellent overall. Super, typical feminine head. Correct eye shape & set. Correct stop. Good ear size & set. Nice muzzle with correct bite. Lovely strong arched neck, into a gentle sloping topline, which was held on the move. Correct moderate angulations front & rear. OK bone. Lovely body proportions, height/length. Chest depth & spring of rib correct. Good feet for size & shape. Broad thigh. Ok front pasterns, good rear pasterns, well let down hocks. Well muscled. Correct tail carriage. Nice correct coat. Good pigment. Excelled in side gait. Sound coming & going and standing.

2nd – Mountstephens & Pullin’s You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp). 14 months. Super feminine head & such a sweet expression. Correct eye shape & set. Nice ear shape, size & set. Good muzzle & bite. Nice neck into a very gentle sloping topline. Correct moderate angulations front & back. Feet OK for size, good shape. Correct bone for size. This girl just needs to mature to reach her potential shown. Nice tail carriage. Moved well when settled. Out of coat, but correctly textured.

3rd – Windley & Taylor’s Royal Taylor Crown Jewel.

Post Graduate Bitch: 11 entries 6 absent

1st – Powell’s Monikoona Lady Luck Of Fanillalaafon. 3 ½ years. Beautiful strong, but feminine head, correct ear size & shape. Nice eye set, shape could be a touch more oblique. Eye could be darker. Correct stop. Nice muzzle & underjaw, correct bite. Correct strong arched neck, into a gentle sloping topline. Super forechest & good depth of chest. Gave a perfect outline for proportions. Lovely size & shaped feet. Good bone. Correct tail carriage. Lovely angulations front & back. Good spring of rib. Strong pasterns front & back, well let down hocks. Well muscled & no excess weight. Strong loin. Moved in a steady side gait, showing perfect balance & power, with such great reach & drive. Sound front & back, both standing & moving. This girl just demanded the cc when moved in the challenge. BCC

2nd – Burgess’ Cedarcreek Forever Young At Mountainglen. 20 months. Another lovely strong, but feminine head. Correct eye shape & set, nice ear set, a touch larger in size. Good muzzle & bite. Tight lips. Correct pigment. Strong well arched neck, good solid sloping topline. Good forechest, depth coming on. Nice height/length proportions. Correct, moderate front & rear angulations. Fair sized feet, good shape & depth. Strong pasterns front & rear. Well muscled & great condition. Excellent side gait & sound coming & going. Good coat & texture.

3rd – Saye’s Packice Mora.

Limit Bitch: 16 enties 3 absent

This class was packed with quality, those that were placed and shortcut, should be very proud of their dogs.

1st – Robotham & Reader’s Packice Orsa At Blacksummit. 3 ½ years. Beautiful, broad, but feminine head with soft expression. Good bite & length, depth of muzzle. Lovely eye shape & set. Correct ear set & OK size. Super strong neck into a gentle sloping topline. Good forechest, excellent depth of chest. Well muscled, correct length loin. Correct moderate angulations front & back. Lovely height/length proportions. Excellent feet, good pasterns front & back. Well let down hock. Nice tail carriage. Great muscle & condition. Excelled in side gait, lovely balance & powerful drive. Unfortunately, showed weakness in topline in the challenge.

2nd – Page’s Cedarcreek Exquisite. 5 ½ Another in super muscle & condition. Very close up to 1. Beautiful, feminine head, a touch narrower than 1. Perfect eye shape & set. Lovely ear set, a touch larger in ear size. Good bite & correct muzzle proportions. Lovely strong arched neck, flowing into a correct sloping topline. Nice forechest, good depth of chest. Correct moderate angulations front & rear. Compact body, powerfully built. Slightly longer in leg than I’d like for perfect body proportions. Excellent feet & good pasterns. Good tail carriage. Correct coat texture. Another that excelled in side gait, showing such power & balance. Sound coming & going.

3rd – Brouard’s Dreamwolves J’Adore At Orsamals.

Open Bitch: 10 entries 2 absent

Another super class with such depth of quality, some high quality dogs went unplaced.

1st – Page & Horsman-Phoenix’s Shakira Northwest Arctic (Imp). 4 years. Lovely strong, but feminine head. Lovely muzzle & bite. Good ear shape & fair set. Super eye shape & set. Perfect stop. Lovely strong neck, into a super strong, slightly sloping topline. Correct, moderately angulated front & rear. Perfect body proportions. Great depth of chest & good forechest. Good spring of rib. Excellent size & shaped feet. Strong pasterns, front & back. Well let down hock. In super muscle & condition, no excess weight. Lovely length, well muscled loin. Excelled in side gait, once settled, showing easy, powerful & perfectly balanced movement. Sound coming & going and standing. Good bone. Correct tail carriage. Unfortunately, this girl just seemed to lose her way in the bitch challenge. I was unable to see the great movement I saw in her class.

2nd – Hartley’s Koromandel Firefight. 5 years. Another nice broad head, very feminine. Perfect sized ears & set. Nice muzzle, just a little shallow in underjaw. Lovely stop. Nice eye set & fair shape. Strong neck, into a solid, slightly sloping topline. Correct angulation in front & fair in rear. Excellent forechest & depth of chest. Good body proportions. Fair sized feet & good pasterns, front & rear. Well let down hocks. Good bone. Correct tail. Moved well in side gait, showing powerful reach & drive. Sound coming & going. Nice coat.

3rd – Henworth’s Ch Wolfraven Rumor’s Nebula JW

Veteran Bitch: 6 entries 3 absent

3 excellent girls, who happen to be veterans.

1st – Loades’ Ch Snowolf Manhatten Marvel. Strong, but feminine, broad head. Good eye set & fair shape. Good sized ears & set. Excellent muzzle length & depth. Strong arched neck, into a perfectly solid sloping topline, held firmly on the move. Correct moderate angulations front & rear. Great forechest & good depth of chest. Excellent body proportions, height/length. Good tail carriage. Correctly muscled & sized loin. Well muscled & no excess weight. Good bone. Excellent sized & shaped feet. Correct pasterns, front & rear. Beautiful, correctly textured coat. Excelled in side gait, just such powerful, steady, balanced movement, showing great reach & drive. Sound coming & going. It really was splitting hairs for the cc/rcc. RCC

2nd – Butler’s Arcticdawns Free & Easy At Kaytoo. Feminine head, correct eye shape & set. Nice ear set & shape. Perfect stop. Good bite. Strong neck, into sloping topline. Correct moderate angulations front & rear. Fair forechest, good depth of chest. A touch long in leg for body proportions. Good feet & pasterns, fair bone. Excellent muscle & condition. Lovely muscled loin. Moved really well in side gait, a little unsettled coming & going. Nice coat & texture.

3rd – Wrighton’s Snobruk Rising Star Of Kisnicova.

Good Citizen Bitch: 1 entry 0 absent

1st – Wrighton’s Snobruk Rising Star Of Kisnicova. A shame that she came up against the 2nd in veteran, as both equally as nice as each other. Lovely head with correct eye, ear & bite. Good body proportions, excellent chest. Nice feet & pasterns. Good muscle. Correct tail & coat. Moved well in side gait, sound coming & going.

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)