• Show Date: 16/04/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kristine Malinowski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of Wales

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)


Thank you to the Officers and Committee to judge at this friendly well run show and to my capable 

and efficient stewards for keeping the ring running smoothly, and to the exhibitors for making the 



1ST Church's Hatchoum van de Hoge Laer at Invanse (Imp Bel). Pretty grey of classic type. 7Yrs. Head of good length, clean, parallels ok. Good stop, muzzle slightly hooked, mask defined but a little faded. Beautiful black almond eye, obliquely set with really melting expression. Well shaped ear, set well enough but very reluctant to use them. Excellent neck, onto mature body of good shape with slightly straighter front angles than rear. Excellent chest, good leg length and good bone. Such a light flowing balanced side gait, really effortless. The best mover of the day. BVIB 


1ST Smith's Corsini Notorious. Tall 15mth male and full of himself. Well grown for age. Excellent length head, parallels ok, skull not quite flat. Good chiselling, muzzle little hooked. Good well set mask, excellent pigment on well split mouth. Black almond shaped eye expressive and certainly inquisitive. Excellent ear size and shape, well set and used to advantage. Very good neck on shapely body with front angles more open than rear. Good leg length. Well developed chest for age with excellent bone. Bouncy boy which he should be at this age and he will be an impressive lad as he matures. 


1ST McDonald & Vandenbemden's Corsini Santiago. 3Yrs of good size and elegant type. Excellent overall length head, skull not quite flat, excellent parallels, elegant stop. Well shaped dark eye with kind expression, well enough chiselled. Good shape and set of ear, little tall and a bit open at base. Good neck onto body just off square. Well balanced angles front and rear with excellent length of leg. Good bone. Still needs some time to mature. 

2nd Church's Invanse Red Hot. Nearly 2yrs. Medium length head, balanced skull to muzzle, parallels not quite. Dark almond shaped eye well placed. Lovely neat ears, set high and used to advantage. Good mask. Enough neck onto very short body with leg length in proportion.. Chest ok for age. Good bone. Good steady purposeful side gait. 


1ST Brason's Hutch du Bois du Tot (Imp Fra). 3Yrs and in lovely coat and condition. Really come into his own since last I judged him. Excellent type, lovely long head, flat skull, good parallels and good stop. Beautiful dark eye, placed well giving gentle inquiring expression, good ear size, shape and set. Well set mask though a little higher than ideal. Excellent length and arch of neck giving proud head carriage. Square body with excellent depth of chest and length of leg. Good bone. Front angles more moderate than rear. Light side gait. Such an elegant and typical boy. Pleased to award him CC & BOB, his 3rd and delighted to hear he was shortlisted in the Group. 


1ST Davies Ch Ambrajai Live The Dream. A boy I have admired ringside but sadly today would just not 'switch on'. Beautiful type, long head, flat skull, excellent parallels and stop. Well chiselled. Dark almond shaped eye, well placed with lovely soft expression. Good mask. Neat ears of good shape and set. Good neck onto square well developed body. Front angles slightly straighter than rear. Excellent depth chest. Good bone. Masculine without coarseness. Steady effortless movement. Quality boy. RDCC 

2nd James Corsini Memphis. This boy was having himself a party and I admired his handler's tenacity. So very happy! Just short of 6yrs lovely typical male, excellent overall length of head, flat skull perhaps a little deep. Good stop, parallels ok. Good chiselling. Dark almond shape eye full of mischief. Good well set mask. Ear well set, shade tall, well used.. Lovely reach of neck onto shapely body well developed. Front angles more moderate than rear. Excellent bone. Was too busy enjoying himself, fabulous character and the one I could have taken home. 


1ST Church's Invanse Sweet Dreams. 9Mths. Lovely type, very pretty baby. Long well balanced head, flat skull, good parallels and well chiselled. Very well set and defined mask. Beautiful dark almond eye with sweet expression. Ears of good shape and size just a tad wide. Very shapely body with excellent reach of neck. Good balanced angles front and rear. Good bone. Neat feet. Easy balanced side gait. Moved very well. BPIB 

2nd Church's Invanse In Ya Dreams. Rawer all through than her sister. Lovely long head, muzzle needs to develop a little more and is slightly hooked. Flat skull, good parallels, very well chiselled. Dark eye, well placed, feminine and sweet expression. Well set ear of good shape, little open at base. Good reach of neck with nice body shape. Front angles straighter than rear. Balanced side gait. Will take a little more time to come together. 

3rd Church, Cuthbert & Froggatt's Invanse Catch A Dream 


1ST Invanse In Ya Dreams 


1ST McLaren & McDonald's Corsini Charisma. 17Mths. Really beautiful type. Excellent long balanced head skull to muzzle. Flat skull, good stop, excellent parallels, well chiselled. Well set mask a little broken. Beautiful melting expression from dark almond obliquely set eyes. Neat ears well set and used. Excellent arch and reach of neck onto very shapely body. Balanced angles front and rear. Good bone. Moved with effortless light side gait. Classy girl. RBCC 

2nd Philips Sezanne Amour Dior at Tanje. Pretty grey who doesn't make the most of herself. Good overall length of head, skull not quite flat. Parallels ok. Good stop and chiselling. Well defined mask. Medium brown eye of good shape. Ear of good size and shape though low set. Good neck onto well shaped body with balanced angles front and rear. Light easy side gait. 


1ST Philips Corsini Touch of Love at Tanje. 2Yrs. Such a pretty ultra feminine girl. Beautiful type, excellent long balanced head. Flat skull, excellent parallels, elegant stop. Well chiselled. Well set and defined mask. Very beautiful dark almond shaped eye with the sweetest expression. High set ears of good shape and size and used to advantage. Beautiful reach and arch to neck, very shapely body with balanced angles and good length of leg. Good bone. Once settled has a lovely effortless side gait. Her best is still to come. Pleased to award her the BCC. 

2nd Hutchings & Brooks's Domburg Love Games with Jenerelena 3yrs. Another elegant feminine girl. Beautiful long dry head, flat skull, excellent parallels, well chiselled and elegant stop.. Lovely expression from dark almond eye, well placed. Good mask a little broken. Rather tall ear, set well, open at base . Excellent reach of neck onto shapely body , croup slightly sloping. Front angles a little more open than rear. Good bone. Steady light side gait. 

3rd Church's Invanse Legally Blonde 


1ST Church, Cuthbert & Froggatt's Invanse French N'Famous. 4Yrs. Mature girl of good type. Good overall length head, balanced skull to muzzle. Flat skull, good stop and parallels. Good chiselling. Medium brown eye of good shape, expression could be softer. Well set mask a shade high. Good shape and size of ear well set. Excellent reach of neck onto shapely and well developed body. Lovely length of leg. Excellent condition, dry and hard. Balanced angles front and rear. Good bone. Steady purposeful mover.