• Show Date: 07/01/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds

Puppy Dog (2/1) Mrs J Garrity, Russteck Wyred for Sound at Macushia. Lovely character, wag his tail throughout. Nice harsh coat, lovely expression, dark pigment. Very young and still very raw. Still had some retained puppy teeth. 

Junior Dog (2/0) 1 & RBD) Mrs Z Thorn Andrews, Drakesleat JP Once in a Blue Moon. Brindle. Nice movement when he settled down. Strides out using his strong rear to his advantage. Lovely hound head shape with dark pigment. Held top line on the move and staked. Lovely size and type. Look forward to watching him mature and develop. 2) Mrs J Garrity, Russteck Wyred for Sound at Macushia. 

PG (1/0) 1) Mr M Flowers and Ms Soderberg, Baltiyskiy Indiana Jones (IMP RUS). Dark Brindle. Nice tight feet, over all nice rear angulation. 

Open Dog (2/0) 1 & BD) Mrs P Grant, Barratini Ted Astaire at Granhoward. Steady and safe dog. Moved round the ring well using good extension. Nice tight feet. 2) Mrs I Phillps, Ch Curtisey Boogy Woogy JW. Dark Brindle, lovely harsh coat, moved well and well muscled. Just started to rise over the rear on the move due to a short second thigh. Lovely character, always a pleasure to judge. 

Puppy Bitch (4/1) 1 & Best Puppy) Mrs Z Thorn Andrews, Drakesleat Stitch in Time. Light Brindle. Drives around the ring when she gets going. Movement was true going away and coming towards. Liked her front extension. Held her top line on the move and staked. Well presented. I look forward to watching her mature. 2) Mr M, Mrs K and Mrs L Smooth & Moon. Drakeleat Prim N Proper. Small brindle. Still very young and raw. Movement was lose compared to 1. However well presented and a pleasure to go over. 3) R Smith, Bingobongo’s Red Mijia. 

Junior Bitch (4/1) 1) Pennywave Uptown Girl. True to her conformation, nicely balanced front and rear. Moved with drive from the rear. Holds her top line on the move and stacked. Lovely expression and presented well. 2) Messrs M and R Flowers and Smith, Bingobongo’s Short and Sweet. Larger type and size to 1. Nice deep chest. Harsh coat and lovely dark pigment. 3) Mr M, Mrs K and Mrs M Smith & Moon, Drakesleat Round the Twist. 

PG (4/0) 1 & RBB) Mrs C Morris, Pennywave Top Totti JW. Lovely hound expression with dark pigment. Lovely character which shone as she moved round the ring. Held her top line on the move and staked. Nice tight feet. 2) Mr K, Mrs L and Miss E Black, Bassodon Pixielated. Finer in bone then 1. Level top line when staked. Nice depth of chest. 3) Mrs R Hanbling, The Idaho. 

Open Bitch (2/0) 1, BB, BOB 7 Group 3) Mrs Z Thorn Andrews, Ch Drakesleat Scent Sybil. I have admired this bitch throughout her show career and she doesn’t disappoint. What a delight. Moves round the ring using drive from the rear. Lovely harsh coat. Beautiful expression. Lovely lay of shoulder with extension on the move coming toward. Straight on the move going away. So pleased to see her get Group 3. 2) Mr K, Mrs L and Miss E Black, Drakesleat Cheez Der One for Bassodon. Dark Brindle, similar type to 1 just not the drive. Lovely tight feet and shown in good condition.