• Show Date: 13/08/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/01/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terriers Bournemouth Canine association 2016

PGD: Taylor’s Janski Ossie Jones at Polede. Eighteen month almost platinum male with much to like. Scores with his overall outline and balance. Pleasing headpiece with correct proportions with a good eye, although to complete his overall expression I would prefer a slightly higher set ear and for them to be a fraction smaller. Excellent front and feet. Correct medium length of body and good hindquarters. In superb overall condition. Tended to occasionally raise his tail on the move, which distracted however, when he did drop it, he presented a lovely outline when going around. 

LD: 1. Lewis’s Ridley Xanto for Dajaces. Smart male with lots to like about him. Lovely make and shape and correct for size. Pleasing in head and expression, with correct small ears with desired carriage. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Ideal non-exaggerated topline. Moved well in all directions. Well put down. 2 Samson’s Shasgav You’ve Been Framed. Larger dog throughout and just a little on the big size for me. Preferred the head and expression on the first place dog. Moved soundly and with drive. 3. Fraser’s Grancek Nezbedny Nornik 

OD: 1. England and Burrages’s Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. I have judged this young man on one of his first outings when he was rather over awed, how pleasing to see him come on so well. Very smart young dog of excellent proportions. Pleasing headpiece, good eye and nice ear placement. Good front and feet. Ideal bone. Correct topline and tail set. In good hard condition and moved well with drive and reach. If I was to be hypercritical I would like a fraction more length of head and a fraction more neck to complete the picture. I was more than pleased to award him BOB. 2. Lewis’s Nickelodeon Avec Dajaces Sh CM. Bigger dog than 1 but much to reward. Correct head proportions and keen eye. In repose he has a smart outline. Clean front. Good hindquarters with well developed upper thigh. Moved soundly with drive. Would prefer a slightly less heavy ear and for him to drop his tail a fraction lower on the move. 

 OB:1. Burrage’s Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova Sh CM. I have judged this bitch on more than one occasion now and continue to find her quite lovely. Now at 9 years old she defies her age. Very typy, strong, but nevertheless clearly feminine. She had the best head and ears of the day. Correct shape and in hard condition. Clean in front, good shoulder placement into correct topline. Well muscled up. Moved out with drive. If she just could have kept her tail down she would have troubled the dog. BB and RBOB. 2. Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova Sh CM. Another nice bitch with many of the attributes of 1. .Good head and ear. Moved well. I would just like her a fraction smaller. 

Dr Ian H Gabriel