• Show Date: 12/11/2016
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland

12th November 2016

Welsh Springer Spaniels

My sincere thanks to the committee for inviting me to award my first set of CCs in this wonderful breed and to the very sporting exhibitors for bringing such quality dogs for me to go over. I am always most grateful that they have spent their hard earned cash for my opinion.


Veteran (3) A super class to judge. Three grand lads with happy, waggy tails.

1st Thirlwell‘s Sh Ch Ferndel Aeron Magregor. Every once in a while, a dog and handler come along whose total oneness and charisma is utterly breath-taking. The combination of quiet handling and a dog who comes into the ring so confidently and asks ‘who’s second?’ is awe-inspiring. It is no secret that I have long loved this dog and for me he epitomises the breed. He has it all; quality, style, substance, refinement and total balance. When posed, he commands attention with his curvy, compact body that is clearly built for hard work, and his balance is apparent as he stands most comfortably on well boned legs to show off his outstanding breed type. His head is divine with its classically chiselled cheeks, well defined stop, strong foreface and square finish. Just like his flowing outline every bit of it flows into the next; it is so well moulded. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul and the beseeching look in his eyes leaves you with no doubt as to what a kind soul he is. His strong neck flows into well laid shoulders and his depth and spring of rib give him plenty of heart and lung room. His well muscled loins add to his strength of body and his hindquarters are wide and powerful with a well developed flare over his hips. When he moves he displays his strong, merry and active qualities and his construction is evident in his forward reach, drive and precise footfall; he shows a clean pair of heels when going away and his tail is carried perfectly with a lively action. There is no doubt of the love that they have for each other and even after winning his 60th C.C. and BOB today, his handler was seen wiping away a tear as he took Group 3 and Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Murray’s Slapestones Mars At Priestbeck. Another favourite of mine who possesses the most gorgeous head and expression; his whole demeanour is one of kindliness and quiet confidence. Well balanced with a strong, muscular body he moves on an easy stride.

3rd Flockhart’s Cedar Sunset

Minor Puppy (1)

1st Knowles’ Menstonia Masterstroke. 9 mth old built on strong lines with plenty of depth and substance. Pleasing head with a clearly defined stop, dark eye, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and well angulated both ends. Tends to drop his topline and could be more positive behind on the move but nevertheless very promising.

Puppy (1)

1st Thirlwell’s Ferndel Glenfiddich. Striking and very happy boy; it is so easy to see why he is a top winning puppy. Balanced head with slightly domed skull and clear stop, long muscular neck, well laid shoulders, deep brisket, super quarters and firm cat like feet. He carries a firm, strong topline and moves with great forward reach. BPD.

Graduate (3,1) I liked both of these boys, there is much to commend them both.

1st Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo. Well boned and compact he is deep chested and has a good spring of rib. With muscular, slightly arched loin and strong wide quarters he had the better hind movement. Moves well with good tail carriage.

2nd Harris-Mayell’s Olygfa Felindre In Fitzrovia. More elegant in outline he has a well balanced head with a lovely expression, long neck, straight forelegs of medium length and excellent second thigh development. I preferred the tail carriage of the winner.

Limit (7, 2)

1st Graham’s Taimere's Twister Round Nyliram JW. This is a dog that, from the ringside, has never really done it for me but what a different story it is hands on. His head is very well balanced and his muzzle, strong, straight and fairly square but it was his tremendous depth and big ribs that swayed it for him. On examination, his body is so strong, muscular and well coupled and he has deep second thighs. If ever a dog was built for hard work and endurance, this is it. His super construction was reflected in his smooth and powerful movement. Res. C.C.

2nd Frost’s Cochnaid's Cartier Topaz JW SHCM. I have long admired this boy from the ringside, he is a lovely shape and so well balanced throughout. I particularly like his size and symmetrical appearance. His head is classically made and his expression so kind and pleading. He was very unlucky to meet the winner today.

3rd Murray’s Lyndfil Simba From Priestbeck

Open (4,2)

1st Douglas’s Sh Ch Ferndel Justin Time SHCM. Full of quality this handsomely headed dog is a very worthy champion. Strongly built he has straight and well boned forelegs, a wide chest with plenty of heart and lung room, long well muscled neck, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. His hind quarters are powerful with moderately bent stifles and short strong hocks. Seriously considered for top honours.

2nd Phillipson’s Menstonia Marksman SHCM. Another quality exhibit. His head is typical but he could not match the expression of the winner. He has a super forehand with excellent pro-sternum and length and return of upper arm.


Veteran (4)

1st Caffrey & Dods’ Sh Ch Gellyburn Damselfly JW SHCM. A gorgeous, gorgeous girl and at 10 yrs old she can still power her way around the ring. She epitomises the characteristic of being strong, merry and very active. She certainly has that exquisite pleading expression. Her tail never stopped wagging showing that she was as happy to be there as I was to see her.

2nd Graham’s Sh Ch Nyliram Sparkling Pearl JW. This one gets better and better. I love her head with its slightly domed skull, clearly defined stop, strong muzzle and beautiful chiselling below her eyes. Very well muscled throughout I love the way her firm taught body feels to the touch. She has a smooth ground covering action although I preferred the front movement of the winner.

3rd Sutherland’s Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella

Minor Puppy (1)

1st Knowles’ Menstonia Midnight Dreamer. BPB, BPIB & BPIS. What a pretty baby! Her head is so beautiful, well balanced, clear stop, slightly domed skull, strong muzzle and dark eye with lovely chiselling below. She has ample length of neck flowing smoothly into excellent shoulders, good length and return of upper arm and stands on straight well boned forelegs. Yes she needs to develop in body but she is exactly what I expect at her age. She has a terrific tail set and carries it and her topline beautifully. I was totally captivated by her as was the Group judge who, to my utter delight, awarded her BPIS.

Puppy (3) Three quality puppies, all worthy of a first prize.

1st Ritchie’s Sarabande Eternity At Slapestones (AI) The most ‘together’ of the three. Lovely for size, shape and balance. She has an excellent forehand, pretty head, lovely crest to her neck, firm strong topline and a moderate turn of stifle. Drives off well but carries her tail higher than I would prefer.

2nd Millard’s Ferndel Islay Mist At Rubylea. Rangier bitch and a little bit leggy next to the winner. She has such a pretty head with soft dark eyes and classic chiselling below. Plenty of heart and lung room and muscular loin. Moves on a smooth stride and holds her topline which put her over 3 who sadly lost hers on the move.

3rd Dyer’s Benton Small Talk Among Tylwyth (IMP FIN)

Junior (2, 1)

1st Dyer’s Islanza Royale Among Tylwyth. Feminine head, decent spring of rib but needs to drop in brisket. I would urge her handler not to pick her up by the bum when stacking her; it makes her dip behind the shoulders and stand bum high. She went round the ring quite well though.

Graduate (4)

1st Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata. Her beautiful head put her at the top of this very good class. She has a kind, dark eye and melting expression, good reach of neck, firm, compact body and wide, powerful quarters. Moves well.

2nd Yacoub’s Laithmoor's Kasya. Whilst I preferred the head of 1, this bitch is a very nice type. She has a strong flare to her hips and well muscled quarters.

3rd Le Maitre & Tew’s Pamicks Something Royal At Vannelmead

Post Graduate (6, 1)

1st Woods’ Haltonian Twelfth Night. This is an exquisite and quality bitch. Her head is beautifully chiselled, totally in proportion and is such clear red and white. It is framed with perfectly set vine leaf shaped ears. Moderately angled and with big ribs she moves very nicely indeed. She is right up my street and I was disappointed that she didn’t step it up a bit more in the challenge.

2nd Graham’s Nyliram Miss Joules JW. A well made girl with a typical outline and excellent length and return of upper arm. Her hocks are well let down and she has well muscled and deep second thighs. Covers the ground well but I preferred the front movement of 1.

3rd Dobbie’s Rockypoint Princess

Limit (9, 1) The best class of the day with some quality bitches being unplaced. It is a pleasure to judge such depth of quality and whilst trying to split hairs can be a headache it is also very rewarding.

1st Millard’s Ferndel Fairy Tale At Rubylea. A distinctive characteristic of the Welsh Springer is its rich red and white colour and I found this girl’s colouring quite superb. She doesn’t carry a profuse coat but it is straight and silky to the touch. On the stack she presents a commanding and eye catching outline of style and substance. She is curvy all through and her feminine head sits cleanly on her long, strong neck. Her shoulders are well laid and her length and return of upper arm put her legs well under her body. She has a straight front, excellent pro-sternum, deep brisket and her ribs spring well from behind her tight elbows. Her topline is strong and firm, short coupled with well muscled loins and the slight arch to them that the standard calls for. Her movement is totally reflective of her construction being smooth with an easy stride and precise footfall. Her front action is particularly straight coming to with none of the scrabbling action that is sometimes seen. She has a strong rear driving action showing a clean pair of heels and her tail carriage is wonderful. Quietly handled. I was delighted to award her her first C.C.

2nd Tain’s Taimere's Two Step. This bitch has the most wonderful expression; so imploring and kind. Her very pleasing outline leaves no doubt as to her type. There is nothing exaggerated, just a pure honest to goodness Welshie, compact, strong and firm in body. She couldn’t match the front movement of the winner nor does she have the tail carriage, but I thought highly enough of her to award the Res. C.C.

3rd Place’s Tammano Cadell At Aarminias

Open (4)

1st Tain’s Taimere's Takes The Biscuit JW. I was impressed by her bone and substance and superb body properties. She has a feminine head which is more heavily freckled than my usual preference but I looked past this to find a typical head with a strong muzzle and refined skull. Her outline is flowing and curvy with no corners, lumps or bumps. She has a long, slightly arched neck, good angulation front and back and is a quick and active mover. Considered for the Res. C.C. but pipped at the post by her kennel mate.

2nd Thirlwell’s Sh Ch Ferndel Folly. A lovely girl with super spring of rib, short coupling and big, strong bum to propel her round the ring. Her head is very well balanced with a strong muzzle and well set ears. Her coat is silky and flat and a very rich red.

3rd Ritchie’s Sh Ch Slapestones Mouna JW

Christine Morgan