• Show Date: 18/07/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sara Lamont Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

French Bulldog Club Of England

I had a great day and some classes that really got the grey matter going! The show had a superb atmosphere which no one can take for granted! I have to say a huge thank you to my able stewards Malcolm Trevis and Sue Worrell, but also to the whole committee for their friendly hospitality and great food! I have to say that the prize cards were outstanding, so much so that I asked for a set if going spare. Wonderful work by Phillip Stemp that could never be matched!

With respect to the dogs I was pleased with my entry and attendance, this meant I was able to select dogs to type providing two consistent line ups. The bitches outweighed the males on overall quality, but I am extremely pleased with all my major winners. I hope you don’t feel I been too harsh with my comments, but I wanted to justify my placings of my assessments. Consistent observations were that I found jaws weak in width and bite. Also toplines that were more camel backed then roached which fell away at the rear and some certainly did their own thing on the move!

MPD (3,0)

1. Forbes De Elka Gyvbes Zyme at Kuredeux, well balanced Brindle of good proportions. Expressive head with dark round eye, good dome to forehead with well set and correctly sized ears. Sufficient bone to compact feet with short nails. Sound movement. Lost out to BPD due to the J class winner being a puppy.

2. Jafrak Parisian Dandy at Khanin, compact and cobby fawn with a quality head piece, well worked and wrinkled but not heavy. Alert expression with good use of ears. Good depth of brisket and tidy tuck up but lost out to 1 on topline.

3. Willsanburg’s Blackthorn

PD (3, 1)

1. Forbes De Elka Gyvbes Zyme at Kuredeux, as MPD.

2. Eastonite Domino Dandy, larger hooded pied brindle. Lovely quality of coat especially the brindle. Ok size and moderate topline. Moved well once momentum was gained. Large skull with width between ears, well set eyes, good size nose but pigment not in favour at the moment.

JD (5, 1)

1. Crashkon The One for Catrelma, handsome fawn with dark mask. Expressive head due to large round dark eyes, well set and shaped ears. Good width of foreface and rounded cheeks completing his head. Balanced body where his tuckup match his topline. Moved well with good rear angulation. Was pleased to award him RBD.

2. Hard Rock Anima Mea at Katakia JW, Hooded brindle pied with a quality head piece and good strength of jaw. Sufficient bone, sound movement but preferred the front movement of 1. Longer cast in body but finished with a good tail.

3. Simon De La Village Iz Palevyh Buldogov Rycolah

PGD (6, 4)

1. Mirus Tangram Bolivar, correct sized brindle. Large round, dark eyes with sufficient wrinkling and well held ears. Shapely body, with correct topline and compact feet. Was overly excited and full of energy which meant the best wasn’t seen of him on the day.

2. Jafrak Persuade Me at Khanin, quality coated fawn with the darkest of masks. Broad skull with good ears. Lost out on profile due to elongated topline but was finished by a great tail. This male was of the most calm and charming disposition.

LD (6, 2)

1. Risethor Sweeney Todd ShCM, compact brindle with white chest. Pleasant head with well filled cheeks and correct set and shaped ears. Well balanced throughout with balancing tuck-up and topline finished with suitable tail.

2. Kuredeux Soul Rebel, smooth coated brindle lacking the strength of head of 1. Sufficient bone and compact paws to short nails. More depth of body would complete the picture but finished with a good tail.

3. Norcairn Fabulous Frank

OD (5, 2)

1. Norcairn Gorgeous George JW ShCM, well built and powerful fawn. I admired his front properties due to strength of head, chest and bone to compact feet. Strong broad skull, well rounded cheeks, good fill under eye and flat skull between well shaped ears and good width of jaw. Short bodied but I wouldn’t want him any bigger, that said this did not impact his exceptional movement. BD & BOS.

2. Busher Pljus Memory Game of Frustyle, smaller hooded brindle pied. Dark round eyes, nicely sized and placed nose. Good length of neck, well-proportioned body supporting good movement on compact paws.

3. Silboveld’s Sandro Hit at Jintjim’s

VD (2,0) Both these gentlemen were pleasing.

1. Hetana Celtic Gold at Karlbull, stocky fawn. Compact body with sufficient bone. Moved well and without restriction for age. Lovely head with large round eye, correct domed skull and good width of foreface.BVIS.

2. Ch. Birique Xentique JW ShCM, another fawn, longer than 1 and not as free moving but still a dog of many great qualities. Still adoring great head properties and alert expression, finished by a good length of tail.

Sp. OD Pied (2, 1)

1. Eastonite Domino Dandy, see 2nd PD.

Sp. OD Fawn (2, 1)

1. Hetana Celtic Gold at Karlbull, see 1st VD.

Sp. OD Brindle (1,1)

MPB (13, 3) What a great class of puppies.

1. Muggshotts Peep Show, 6mth old Brindle, really liked this girl’s size and shape. She has big beautiful melting eyes giving such an attentive expression. Her head has the right amount of work for age, good depth of foreface and strength of head with well set ears. She excelled on moment with straight forearms, walking her width and maintaining her topline in profile. Was pleased to award her BPIS.

2. Risethor Paloma Picasso, 7mth brindle, finer than 1 but has many similar qualities with respect to size, shape and movement. Short bodied with sufficient bone and compact paws, correct ear set and size just needs times to mature.

3. Essenceera Imogena

PB (10, 4)

1. Frabull’s Lets Get It On, 9mth well balanced brindle with good head properties due to big round eyes, well sized nose, good width of foreface, correctly shaped and set ears. I particularly liked her depth of rib and topline which was held on the move. Ok bone to compact feet with black nails. Considered her for RBB but just needs to tighten on her rear which I’m sure will come with age.

2. Crashkon Audrey Hepburn, smooth coated pristine fawn. I was really drawn to this girls ring presence and show style. She was alert at all times, made good use of her ears and overall pleasing expression due to her big eyes and dark mask. Lovely front, good bone and moved well and sound.

3. Impressive Lady Kurazh Elit from Katakia

JB (4, 1)

1. Catrelma Marlene Dietrich, brindle, had the best height/body depth ratio in the class. Longer in neck and smaller in head. Short bodied with accentuated tuck-up, possessed all the essential qualities for the breed, so couldn’t deny her the class win.

2. Norcairn Shear Delight, fawn, more work in head and heavier in chops then 1 but shown to her best and moved well. As to expect from this kennel another strong front that excels in bone and chest and brisket.

3. Cosmic Infinity of Katakia

PGB (4, 2)

1. Bariballe Fifis Prima with Corursus ShCM, judged this hooded fawn pied when she was 10mths old and it’s good to see how she’s grown. She’s up to size but still very feminine. Short bodied with plenty of rib giving a shapely body finished by a correctly defined topline.

2. Raglenary Sarsaparilla, tidy fawn who wasn’t giving her best today. A little reluctant on the move and refusing to hold her ears. Dark mask and suitable wrinkling in the skull, nice round eye of a good size, good lip placement and no excessive flews.

LB (4, 1)

1. Kingrock Maple Syrup with Teapaul, wow wow wow! My eye was immediately drawn to her the minute she walked in the ring. Her show style was effortless and she didn’t put a foot wrong, well done handler! Well balanced girl, beautiful feminine head with will correct level of detail, dark round eyes, well rounded cheeks, and broad muzzle, well set and sized nose finished with round tipped and correctly set ears. Correct bone for size and sex, beautiful balance of tuck up and topline which was held on the move. Moved well without effort, so I was more than pleased to award her BIS.

2. Hetana Zenna Belle, stocky brindle will substantial barrel of rib. Carrying alittle too much weight, but moved well. Shorted bodied, ok bone but nails a little long.

3. Bexbull Imperial Snowstorm at Nirojo

OB (4, 1)

1. Kingfriend Miss California, brindle bitch. Won the class due to her body shape and outlines. Significant brisket and tuck-up on a short and compact body. Good head, clear dark eye, well used ears which were of correct set and shape. Well boned, well angulated rear and strong pasterns meant she moved well. Was considered for RBB but lost out on strength of topline.

2. Sake De Elka Gyvybes Zyme at Kuredeux (Imp) JW ShCM, brindle with a good head, large ears and a good jaw. Moved well with moderate topline and slightly longer cast in body then 1.

3. Siboveld’s Santanna

VB (1,0)

1. Abbeymill Javu Day at Nirojo, 8.5yr old brindle. What a sweet doll! In lovely condition, carry no extra weight, good quality coat and super short nails. Well domed forehead, well filled cheeks and correct round eye with little muzzle frosting. Moved well and owners should be extremely pleased with her.

Sp OB Pied (4,1)

1. Skybull Marie Antoninette Xentique, beautiful coated brindle pied, well developed and covered body finished by a tail longer than most. She also excelled in a jaw better than most. Moved with energy and ease.

2. Chinaskys Star Supreme, brindle pied baby of just 8 month old. Good size for age with rounded rib. Nice outline with mirrored tuck-up and topline. Pleasing expression and favourable markings and pigment. Sound movement but just needs to tighten at rear which will come with age.

3. Bexbull Imperial Snowstorm at Nirojo

Sp OB Fawn (1,1)

Sp OB Brindle (2,1)

1. Xentique Burlesque, stood alone but ended up being awarded RBB. She clinched this award by maintaining her correct topline whilst on the move. Her matching tuck up gives an excellent profile and outline. Nice size and shaped skull with correct ears, and domed forehead. Appealing and alert expression supported by lovely dark eyes and a strong jaw. RBB.

Judge Sara Lamont