• Show Date: 28/12/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Samantha Webster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Leominster Canine Society

I'd like to thank the commitee for inviting me to judge, it was a pleasure. Also thank you to all exhibitors for your entries.

AV Gundog Puppy (7, 3abs)

1. Hinton & Knowles Fleurfield Finlandia - "Pointer, bitch. Just 6 months old and a promising pup. Great head with correct dish-faced appearance

and all in proportion. Correct bite and long, strong neck. Shoulders well laid back and chest deep. Forelegs straight and

firm. Made the most of the ring and moved out smoothly and soundly. Delighted to award RBPIS".

AV Gundog Junior (3, 2abs)

1. Gallen's Woodsong Lexington - "Field Spaniel, dog. Spirited youngster enjoying his day out. Gentle expression and correct

low set ears. Great shoulder lay and flat bone. Topline level and firm. Moved out well".

AV Gundog Post Graduate (2, 1abs)

1. Lee & Hall's Evaremoc Black 'N' Nice - "Cocker Spaniel, dog. Great compact outline, dark eyes and low set ears.

Well muscled, good bone and tailset. Feet firm and covers the ground well".

AV Gundog Limit (2, 1abs)

1. Lee & Hall's Evaremoc Buttons 'N' Bows - "Cocker Spaniel, bitch. Correct square muzzle and balanced head. Moderate

length of neck leading into good shoulders. Ribs well sprung and short loin. Well rounded hindquarters. Another

moving out well".

AV Gundog Open (3, 0abs)

1. Drinkwater's Brabrook Shazalazazoo - "Irish Setter, dog. Really lovely dog. Presents a lovely picture and going over he did not

disappoint. Classic racy outline and balanced throughout. Lovely head with dark eyes and intelligent expression. Correct sloping

shoulders, forelegs straight and with good bone. Topline firm, stifles well bent and hocks firm. In super coat and condition.

Moved freely with true action coming and going. Couldn't deny him BIS".

AV Hound Puppy (7, 4abs)

1. Glither & Philo's Layways Court Jester at Coppershell - "Whippet, dog. Lovely youngster. Good size and elegant outline.

Head long and lean with alert expression. Correct rose shaped ears. Neck long leading into well laid shoulders.

Straight front, chest deep and ribs well sprung. Well muscled throughout, strong loin and good bend of stifle. He flowed around

the ring and moves soundly in all directions. Delighted to award BPIS".

AV Hound Junior (3, 0abs)

1. Bubb's Rocinda Dora for Wywknot - "Wire Haired Dachshund, bitch. Well proportioned young lady. Keen expression and

dark eyes. Long, muscular neck. Level topline and short loin. Lovely bone and harsh coat. Well angulated fore and aft which

she used well on the move. Pleased to award Best Opp Sex in Show".

AV Hound Post Graduate (5, 1abs)

1. Davies Huntshill Star Gazer from Barrvale - "Beagle, bitch. Compact girl. Lovely soft head and expression.Well set leathers

and dark eyes. Great shoulder placement and length of upper arm. Well ribbed and short coupled. Hocks firm and well let down.

Moved with reach and drive".

AV Hound Limit (4, 2abs)

1. Latham-Jackson's Crisan Leonel of Urishay - "Min Long Haired Dachshund, dog. Good size and overall shape. Long head

and correctly set ears. Clean neck and well laid shoulders. Topline firm and level, well ribbed. Moved soundly".

AV Hound Open (8, 3abs)

1. Bubb's Teckelgarth Leapoffaith to Wywknot - "Wire Haired Dachshund, dog. Pleasing head and expression with high set ears.

Great forechest and well ribbed. Good shoulder lay and level topline. Correct tailset and feet. Moved with reach and drive".

AV Pastoral Puppy (6, 2abs)

1. Groves Olivia Du Sarty Roux NAF TAF - "Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren), bitch. Headed a lovely class of babies. Elegant

outline and a lovel head. Neck long and muscular. Long shoulder blades and forelegs. Pasterns short and nicely arched toes.

Correct moderate angulation fore and aft. Moved well although a little bouncy".

AV Pastoral Junior (4, 2abs)

1. Piears Tyci Daioni - "Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), dog. Handsome head with kind but alert expression and correctly set ears.

Nicely balanced and holds a good topline and tail. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulder. Great forechest

and ribbing. Strong hindquarters and bone. Moved freely and soundly".

AV Pastoral Open (6, 2abs)

1. Thorp's Badgerhurst Faeroes Sh.CM - "Briard, dog. Lovely boy, really demands attention. Balanced, rugged outline.

Great head with intelligent expression and square muzzle. Well laid shoulders and good ribbing. Topline level and firm.

Lovely bone and muscle throughout. Correct tailset with classic upward hook. Made the most of the smaller ring and moved

so fluently with great reach and drive. Delighted to award RBIS".

AV Terrier Puppy (1, 0abs)

1. Corfield's Lagdenfarm Ruby Tuesday - "Norfolk Terrier, bitch. Very sweet girl with a compact outline. Great head with

an alert expression and nice ears. Back short and firm and well angulated hindquarters. Not quite cooperative on the move

at times but moved well once settled".

AV Terrier Junior (1, 0abs)

1. Ward & Hamar's Gorden's Boy - "Norfolk Terrier, dog. Nicely sized boy. Broad skull and well set ears. Strong neck leading

into good shoulders. Level topline and ribs well sprung. Well muscled, coat rough and wiry. Moved soundly".

AV Terrier Post Graduate (3, 2abs)

1. Ward & Hamar's Gorden's Boy - Norfolk Terrier, dog. See previous class.

AV Terrier Open (4, 0abs)

1. Lazell's Arnesalloch Blue Oak Sh.CM - "Border Terrier, dog. Really liked this boy, presented a very balanced outline. Broad

head and short muzzle. Straight forelegs and well ribbed. Good bone but not overdone. Moved soundly in profile and coming and


AV Toy Puppy (2, 1abs)

1. Cox's Scalene Sapphire at Petitpaws - "Affenpinscher, bitch. Pretty youngster, alert expression and dark eyes. Straight

forelegs, topline short and straight. Lovely rough, black coat. Angulated well fore and aft. Moved soundly and happily around

the ring".

AV Toy Junior (2, 0abs)

1. Hughes Jae De Los Ursidos Kodiak Evydal (IMP ESP) - "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, bitch. Lovely head so typical of

this breed. Gentle expression and long, well feathered ears. Correct, slightly arched neck leading into good shoulders. Nice

tail carriage held well on the move. Moved freely with great drive".

AV Toy Post Graduate (3, 0abs)

1. Bradley & Baker's Pugalina Best Mate - "Pug, dog. Nicely sized and correct cobby outline. Round head and soft, dark eyes.

Strong neck and forelegs. Lovely bone and well bent stifles giving him good drive from behind. Moved out well with purpose".

AV Toy Limit (3, 0abs)

1. Parker, Smith & Wisniewski's Rodridge Cappucino - "Chinese Crested, dog. Stylish boy with a a lovely head and an

alert expression. Lean neck leading into clean, well laid shoulders. Chest deep and topline level. In great coat and

condition. Moved with long flowing strides and with good drive from behind".

AV Toy Open (5, 1abs)

1. Bradley's Pugalina Cheekie Charlie - "Pug, dog. As his name suggests this boy is cheeky and full of personality which is

lovely to see. Compact outline and great head and expression. Straight forelegs, topline level and firm. Ribs well sprung

and well angulated fore and aft which he used well on the move. True coming and going".

AV Utility Puppy (2, 0abs)

1. Carter's Zanamop Trader Jack at Vowchurch - "Lhasa Apso, dog. Smart and mature for his age. Lovely head

with dark eyes. Neck strong leading into well laid shoulders. Topline level and nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved

well, true coming and going".

AV Utility Post Graduate (3, 1abs)

1. Carter's Labweir Real Opal for Vowchurch - "Lhasa Apso, bitch. Balanced girl with a lovely expression. Good lay

of shoulder and straight forelegs. Well ribbed and hocks parallel. Correct tailset and in good coat and condition. Moved freely".

AV Utility Limit (2, 1abs)

1. Jones Tarendes Luv That Bear - "Lhasa Apso, bitch. Pretty girl. Well proportioned head and sweet expression. Strong, arched

neck and well angulated forequarters. Good ribbing, level topline and round feet. In good coat and condition, moved soundly".

AV Utility Open (2, 1abs)

1. Jones Tarendes It's That Bear - "Lhasa Apso, bitch. Another pretty lady from this kennel. Compact outline and a lovely head.

Correct pendant shaped ears and neck strong. Good lay of shoulder and straight forelegs. Well muscled throughout and angulated

well fore and aft which she used to move out well".

AV Minior Puppy (7, 2abs)

1. Drinkwater's Brabrook Sassy Pants - "Irish Setter, bitch. Very sweet youngster with a long, lean head. Great head and

kind expression. Neck long and clean. Good shoulder lay and chest well developed for her age. Straight forelegs and correct

tailset held well on the move. Moved freely with great drive".

AV Puppy (4, 2abs)

1. Glither & Philo's Layways Court Jester at Coppershell - Whippet, dog. See AV Hound Puppy.

AV Junior (2, 1abs)

1. Piears Tyci Daioni - Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), dog. See AV Pastoral Junior.

AV Open (5, 3abs)

1. Jones Tarendes Cherish That Bear - "Lhasa Apso, bitch. Balanced and compact outline. Lovely head a expression with dark eyes.

Shoulders well laid back, good ribbing and level topline. Hocks parallel and correct tailset. Another in great coat and condition.

Moved soundly".

AV Veteran (9, 5abs)

1. Cox's Spitewinter Causin Chaos at Petitpaws - "Australian Terrier, bitch. A lovely character looking good for her age. Low-set

but balanced. Long head with keen expression and ears set well. Neck strong leading into good shoulders. Good bone, level

topline and strong loin. Moved freely and parallel coming and going. Pleased to award BVIS".

Samantha Webster (Houndscoast)