• Show Date: 22/03/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/11/2021

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

Shetland Sheepdog: J (5 1) 4 quality youngsters 1. Straw’s Dukeson Keltic Dancer. Delightful sable puppy bitch of 7months. So well presented to show a balanced, freestanding outline. Attractive headpiece with good eye, expression and dentition. Scored in neck and topline with pleasing sweep over loins. Correct height to body ratio she now just needs to develop a little more body with maturity. Well angulated and conditioned quarters lent themselves to a positive and purposeful gait. Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy. 2. Sonvico’s Willowgarth Bailey’s Gold. Quality sable dog of 17 months with a pleasing outline who pressed the winner hard. Super, abundant coat, well conditioned and standing on good feet. Head was in proportion to body, obliquely set eye and used his ears. Good angles fore and aft but didn’t always make the best of himself on the stand. Particularly good mover coming and going. 3. Weller’s Dukeson Chasin’ Stars Over Evad. PG (3 1) 1. Fagg’s Dukeson Huntsmans Quest for Lynscot. 19 month old sable dog of pleasing make and shape who showed himself to advantage although not quite in full coat. . Alert expression, well shaped head and good eye mounted on an arched neck. Developing nicely in front he had super pasterns and good feet. Quarters match back and front with good topline. Enthusiastic mover but occasionally a little erratic behind. However, when settled he gave reach and drive. 2. Sendall’s Sendora Waltztime. Mature 5 year old bitch in very good condition. Head pleased for muzzle to skull ratio and she has a well developed front. Not quite the fore or hind angulation of the winner but with good coupling and length of neck she still presented an attractive outline. Sound on the move. O (5 1) 1. Wynn’s Sheltysham Rose Wood. Showy, sable dog of almost 4 years who stood away in this class. Excellent coat and very good underlying construction enhanced his balanced outline. Good bone and feet. Masculine head, but not overdone with appealing expression and ear. Scores in neck and shoulders which are complemented by a good turn of stifle. Topline and coupling as standard. Once settled, gave a lithe easy action on the move. Best of Breed and I was pleased to see him win Pastoral Group 3. 2. Khawaja & Harrison’s Smiddyshaw Rumba Carumba. Well presented tricolour bitch of 7.5 years. Not as showy or as enthusiastic as the winner, but sympathetically handled to a reasonable outline. Sweet, feminine head which was well proportioned. Adequate angulation at shoulder and hindquarters, holding her topline. Sound, easy mover.

Miniature Schnauzer: J (2) 1. Gausden’s Kedsan Devil in Disguise. Black dog of 16 months who although still immature did present a balanced outline. Scored in head which was mounted on clean length of neck. Just enough angulation at shoulder and stifle, correct topline, firm and slightly sloping. Needs to fill his frame as he matures on, but in good condition and wearing a lovely jacket. Vigorous on the move, but needs to tighten in front as he matures on. 2. Allen’s Malenda Myosotis 16 month old pepper and salt bitch close up to the winner. She did not quite have the angles or topline of winner, but was very nicely short coupled with good strong loin. Most appealing head and expression she had a super temperament. Developing nicely in body and a purposeful mover. O (2) Very little between 1 and 2 1. Gausden’s Kedsan Fix Me a Drink. Well proportioned head and kind eye on this smart 3 year old dog. Well built, stong and sturdy, good depth of chest and body, he is nicely square. Well laid shoulders and just enough hind angulation for balance. Strong, level topline. Very well muscled hindquarters gave drive on the move, but he could have been a little tighter in front movement. Best of Breed. 2. Johnson & Slater’s Marnimica Sorceror. Showy dog of 5 years with plenty to like. Pleasing head and ear. Well bodied, mature and wearing a harsh coat. Good width and depth throughout with balanced quarters for a square outline. Free and powerful mover. I just preferred the topline and croup of the winner. Reserve Best of Breed.

Bearded Collie: PG (2 1) 1. Purdy’s Bamburger Home and Away. Charming 3.5 year old bitch with a clean, flowing outline achieved through her correct angulation. Pleasing head for shape and typical expression. Good length of neck. Very good height to length ratio with enough daylight under body. Level topline standing and on the move with good ribbing and strong loin. Very free, sound and effortless stride on the move. Best of Breed. O (3) 1. Bonner’s Malandex Xquisitely Loved. Honest bitch of almost three years. Presented the most balanced outline in the class. Head is in proporetion to body of good shape with strong muzzle of correct length. Strong straight front into good ribs, croup and turn of stifle. I would prefer a stronger topline and this cost her in the challenge. Easy, ground covering mover. Reserve Best of Breed 2. Maher & Richardson’s Nadene Huntsman. Rather strong dog of almost 4 years. Head is masculine, rather deep in stop, but very much in proportion to size. He was put down in excellent condition and musculature. Super straight front with good bone. Firm in backline, good croup and stifle with powerful hocks. Not quite the movement of the winner. 3. Reeves’ Sammara Shimmering Sea.

Border Collie: J (3) 1. Angier’s Tullacrest Signd Syld Delivered to Bilyara (IMP AUS). Very smart puppy dog of just 6 months put down in super condition. Pleasing headpiece with good dentition. Quarters are correctly proportioned, balanced and were put to good use on the move. Needs to tighten up in front, but has plenty of time for maturity to take care of that. Side gait was smooth and athletic. 2. Morrison’s Patasam Zephyr. Feminine bitch of almost 14 months. Adequate bone and of a reasonable overall shape, but tended to lose her topline so did could not quite match the outline of the winner. In good coat and generally well muscled. Head was in proportion to body with good sized ear. Pleasing height to length ratio. Moved out well behind. 3. Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Sable. PG (2) 1. Angier’s Bilyara Do Ucee Wot Icee. Very honest 2 year old who carried herself very well. Overall outline is very good, flowing and generally well balanced. Lovely front with correct depth of chest, well muscled throughout and good turn of stifle. Deep strong loin. To be critical I would prefer more strength and development of head for perfect balance with body, but she gave a very good account of herself. Ground covering, easy mover. Reserve Best of Breed 2. Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Knight. A 14 month old dog giving plenty away in maturity as he is rather rangy at present. That said, when he freestands his good quarters lend themselves to a pleasing basic shape with good firm topline and ribbing. He needs to mature and fill his frame now to make the best of himself. A masculine head which was in proportion to body and carried well on his neck. Very good, smooth side gait. O (4) 1. Stacey’s Bilyara Orapa. Very showy 5 year old dog who was presented to advantage. Excellent balanced outline and height to length ratio with each part flowing into the next. Plenty of substance without being overdone. Head appealed for proportions and he made use of his ear and expression. Neck, topline and croup as required and pleasing strong loin. Clearly a male in his prime. Moved out freely from all angles with great ease. Pleasure to award him Best of Breed and I was pleased to see him win the Pastoral Group. 2. Angier’s Bilyara La Luna. Litter sister to winner and as feminine as he is masculine. Shares many of his qualities with her elegant and graceful outline. A good head with strength to muzzle, straight front and lovely depth of chest and body. Angles back and forth are equal and good muscle facilitated good movement. Not quite as firm in loin as the winner and perhaps a bit softer in topline but a pleasure to judge. 3. Tiller’s Foxbarton Lady in Waiting.

Ric Beall