• Show Date: 28/06/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paula Hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society



A lovely show and very fortunate to have a good sized ring.

Puppy 5 – 3 abs

1st Rains LILLESLEA AM I BOVERED AT GUNHILLS This 10mth old blonde bitch, catches your eye at every turn. Well made all thru. A kind feminine head of good proportions enhanced with excellent pigment, carried on a strong neck, flowing into a dead level topline. Good shoulder placement with correct layback, upper arm of good length placing legs under body. Straight forelegs with good tight feet. Slightly long in back, but well muscled loin, good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Shown in good muscular condition which showed as she moved out well fore and after, with a nice easy stride covering the ground. Delighted to see her short listed in strong company later for BPIS. Am sure a bright future is ahead.

2nd Birkin_Green & Gripton SANSUE GOLDEN DREAMS Such a shame to meet the winner, 9mth blonde boy who has plenty of appeal. Will take time to full his frame, good body to leg ratio, masculine head, and lovely bend of stifle, moved with drive, when settled into stride.

Junior 7 – 3 abs

1st Birkin-Green SANSUE BLUE VELVET A new one to me but what a pleasure to go over. 15mth whose overall balance won her the class as well as BOB, handled and presented to full advantage, to win this class and the next 2. Blonde bitch with a balanced outline, viewed from any angle, feminine head which is well balanced with good depth of muzzle, strong muscular neck flowing into well laid shoulders, straight front with tight feet, good depth of chest for age, level topline standing and on the move carrying her tail straight of her back, good bend of stifle, shown in hard condition. Moved with a good length of stride and good drive from behind.

2nd Sharp & Martin GUNHILLS BARNABY RUDGE AT JOMAROSKI This boy just keeps getting better every time I see him. Well up to size, with great ring presence, balanced outline, with the most appealing of heads, presented in good coat and hard condition, moved with great ease. Carrying a tad to much weight today, which cost him the class.

3rd Hughes LANDKING PLAY WITH ME (imp)

Novice 6 – 3 abs



3rd Hughes LANDKING PLAY WITH ME (imp)

Post Graduate 5 – 3 abs


2nd Layland AMIRENE UP UP AND AWAY TO APPLECOTE Well up to size blonde bitch, presented in a dense coat of good quality. Large frame but very balanced to the eye, strong feminine head, level topline, moved well but no as true as winner.

3rd Hughes LANDKING PLAY WITH ME (imp)

Limit 5 – 3 abs

1st Stevens & Hadden GUNHILLS MIGHTY QUINN JW I last judged this dog when he was just 6 mths old, so good to see him all grown up. An upstanding male who is well up to size, the most masculine of heads but with a very kind expression, broad skull without being overdone, good depth of muzzle, strong muscular neck flowing into good shoulder placement, straight front with tight feet, good depth of chest, muscular hind quarters which he used to full advantage to show effortless ground coverage. Pushed hard for BOB, I just preferred the bitch’s forechest assembly. RBOB

2nd Leyland’s APPLECOTE SUNDANCE KID My notes just say, what a character, mid gold boy who really enjoyed himself, presented in a gold coat of good quality, kind head with cheeky expression, good length of neck, level topline. Moved ok when he put his mind to it.

Open 4 – 1 abs (1 w/d)

1st Rains’ GUNHILLS KINKY BOOTS I’ve always admired this girl from the ringside for her overall balanced appearance, a real pretty head that you can lose yourself in lovely eye shape and correct ear set. Neck of good length, good shoulder placement, with length of upper arm, deep thru chest and ribs well sprung, good bend of stifle, shown in hard condition, presented and handled to perfection, just felt she let herself down on the move in the challenge.

2nd Birkin-Green & Gripton THORNYWAIT DIAMOND GEEZER WITH SANSUE JW Blonde boy, presented in a profuse coat, stands four square, presenting overall balance, good front placing legs well under body, good spring of rib, level topline, good bend of stifle, straight hocks, played up on the move, but moved with drive.


Paula Hill