• Show Date: 29/08/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Ladies Kennel Society

I would like to thank the committee for this, my first group appointment. I would like to thank my steward, John, who ran the ring superbly. Thank you too, to the exhibitors for a lovely entry & for accepting my decisions with grace.

A.V.N.S.C. - Working

Puppy: 4 entries 2 absent

1st – Ashdown & Bedford’s Thickish Newfoundland Ernesto Che Guevara (imp it). Newfoundland, 10 months, dog. Well balanced puppy, with a beautiful strong neck. Broad head, well held, eyes showing no droop. Perfectly straight front with close elbows. Level topline, that was held firm. Strong loin, well muscled. Good length of tail & carriage. In good coat. Moved too fast in his class which spoilt his stride & side gait. Fortunately, I was able to see much better movement in the puppy group, when the handler moved him slower at times. Best Puppy AVNSC-W, W-Puppy Group 2.

2nd – Mutter’s Abbiville Baltix. Bouvier Des Flandres, 9 months, dog. Very nice outline to this puppy, compact & well boned. Clean, well proportioned, powerful head. Unfortunately, too timid to go over fully. Moved well in side gait, sound both coming & going.

Junior: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Cook’s Eskaidee Scene Stealer. Giant Schnauzer, 15 months, dog. Perfectly proportioned body. Powerful head with correct bite. Alert expression & correct ear set. Excellent shoulders, lovely forechest, straight front. Good bone. Well held level topline, both standing & on the move. Correct matching rear angulations, well muscled. Strong hock joint, correct front & rear pasterns. Just needs to body up with age. Sound moving both away & back, excellent balanced side gait, with powerful reach & drive. Reserve AVNSC-W

2nd – Mitchell’s Garsak Sir Nigel At Elsimba. Great Dane, 17 months, dog. Strong well built dog of correct proportions. Beautiful head carriage with a well arched, well set on neck. Excellent topline & strong loin. Both shoulders & rear correctly angulated. Good forward facing feet. Well muscled. Just needs to develop on the move, at this age he has plenty of time to come together.

Post Graduate: 3 entries 1 absent

1st – Stacey’s Kylamie Aerosmith. Rottweiler, 2 years, dog. This dog’s head is his forte. Strong, well muscled neck, into well proportioned body. Good bone & substance. Broad chest, good spring of rib. Strong short loin. Correct feet. Fair coat. Not the best mover coming & going, but showed strength in side gait.

2nd – Nichol’s Bergenhovs Jackpot. Hovawart, 19 months, dog. Very well put together dog. Lovely broad head, with correct muzzle proportions. Good bite. Nice ear set. Strong neck, well balanced body, strong topline on the stand. Good depth of chest. Straight legs both front & rear on the stand. Lovely coat. Good length of tail. This boy was just full of fun today on the move. I wasn’t able to assess a steady gait either coming, going or in side gait, which was a real shame.

Open: 5 entries 2 absent

1st – Dickenson’s The Ace Of Spades. Russian Black Terrier, 4 years, dog. Very strong, well built dog with great substance. Excellent height/length proportions. Alert expression, with broad head, good stop & correct bite. Well muscled neck into strong topline. Well angulated shoulders with a fantastic forechest, parallel legs & short pasterns. Good depth of chest & well strung ribs. Well muscled loin, correct rump. Well angulated rear, parallel legs & correct short rear pasterns. Nice high tail set. Lovely textured coat. Very sound coming & going. Fantastic reach & drive in a powerful side gait. Moved beautifully in the group, very close decision between group 1 & 2. Best AVNSC-W, W-Group2.

2nd – Brown’s Chepam Tennessee. Bouvier Des Flandres, 4 years, bitch. Really lovely outline, powerful & compact body. Head was well proportioned, good bite, broad muzzle. Alert expression, with lovely tight eyes. Strong, slightly arched neck. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib. Both front & rear legs parallel & strong, well boned. Shoulder well set & elbows close to body. Well muscled throughout. Nice tight feet with arch to toe. Moved soundly coming & going & had a very balanced powerful side gait. Missed out on Reserve in breed, due to movement in the challenge, just wasn’t as together as in the class.

3rd – Ashdown & Bedford’s King Of Helluland Obsession To Win With Chateaunewf (imp). Newfoundland.

A.V. - Working

Puppy: 5 entries 3 absent

1st – Simms’ One In A Million Legend Of The Spirit At Arcticskies (imp pol). Siberian Husky, 11 months, bitch. Beautifully put together bitch that had everything I was looking for in a puppy of this breed. Her proportions are coming on, plenty of time to come up a touch on leg. Head was feminine & foxy without muzzle being weak. Correct gentle stop, good bite. Well set oblique eyes & correct almond shape. Excellent ear size & correct high set. Eye rims & lips close fitting. Beautiful arched neck, which correctly lowered on the move. Well angulated shoulder & matching rear angulations. Both front & rear legs parallel & correctly forward facing compact feet. Front pasterns short & slightly sloping, rear pasterns short & hock joint strong. Level topline, held perfectly on the move, correct sloping croup. Well muscled loin. Excellent tail set & carriage. Beautiful coat. Effortless movement, light on her feet & with powerful reach & drive. Sound coming & going. Best Puppy AV-W, W-Puppy Group 1.

2nd – Whatsley’s Manhattan Skyline Artico Encanto. Siberian Husky, 8 months, dog. Very nice head proportion & width of muzzle. Correct bite. Good ear size & correct high set. Correct bend of stifle. A little out of proportion in body length/leg length at this age. Good coat. Unfortunately, he just didn’t want to move today.

Junior: 1 entries 0 absent

1st – Boreham’s Deberni Viscount For Broels. Bernese Mountain Dog, 8 months, dog. Sturdy dog with good bone. Nice strength to head with correct bite & stop. Strong neck into nicely proportioned body. Good coat. Carrying too much weight, which affected his movement.

Post Graduate: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Ames’ Boynhams Hot Pursuit To Thenamy. Boxer, 2 years, dog. Perfect outline. Fantastic head, alert expression, correctly proportioned, excellent broad muzzle & correct tipped up nose, correct bite. Strong, well muscled neck. Perfectly parallel legs both front & rear, with good bone. Excellent shoulder placement & correctly muscled. Lovely forechest. Front pasterns strong, short with a slight slope. Good depth of chest with perfectly proportioned body, well held sloping topline & short muscled loin. Very well muscled rear with an excellent turn of stifle. Correct rear pasterns. Lovely coat condition. Excelled in side gait, just lovely to watch, with perfect foot placement. Best AV-W

2nd – Stacey’s Kylamie Aerosmith. Rottweiler.

Open: 1 enties 0 absent

1st – Harvey’s Harvlin Hurakan Bliss. Boxer, 2 years, bitch. Good head proportions, with nice muzzle & good bite. Strong neck. Body proportions OK, a little long in loin. Good shoulders & rear was very well muscled. Lovely turn of stifle. Good bone. Fair rear pasterns & hocks.

Veteran: 3 entries 1 absent

1st – Niall & Rothery’s Ch Benellieson Fruitful Fancy At Davenheath, Leonberger, 9 years, bitch. Beautiful condition. Perfectly proportioned outline, with strength all through. Strong head with correctly proportioned muzzle, soft expression, well set ears. Good bite. Nicely arched neck. Correct angulations front, moderate angulations in rear, elbows close. Straight legs both front & rear, with strong pasterns & good bone. Good depth of chest, correct firm topline, well muscled loin, correct rump. Correct sized & forward facing feet. Correct length of tail. Good coat texture. Sound coming & going & such a well balanced, ground covering side gait. Reserve AV-W, Best Veteran. I was delighted to see her win the Reserve BOB competition.

2nd – Ames’ Thenamy Big Bang, Boxer, 7 ½ years, dog. Nice outline. Strong head with correct muzzle proportions. Lovely strength to neck. Well muscled rear with a perfectly correct turn of stifle. Good feet & coat. Moved well, but just not the balance of 1.

Working Group

G1 –Simms’ Arcticskies Glory Awaits JW ShCM. Siberian Husky. Lovely 2 year old dog that was a true showman. Moving with such balance & so light on his feet. Typical outline. Masculine without being too course. Sound throughout. OK tail carriage. I was delighted to see him go on to Reserve BIS.

G2 – Dickenson’s The Ace Of Spades. Russian Black Terrier.

G3 – Anderson’s Cherubini Midnight Wolf. Alaskan Malamute. Feminine, but strong 5 year old bitch. Sound coming & going. Moved with such balance in side gait. Held her topline well.

G4 – Payne’s Boxania Spice Innovation Birleyvale. Boxer. Such a lovely outline on this 22 month old bitch. Moved with balance in side gait. Well muscled.

Working Puppy Group

PG1– Simms’ One In A Million Legend Of The Spirit At Arcticskies (imp pol). Siberian Husky. I just couldn’t deny this smart moving girl this win.

PG2 – Ashdown & Bedford’s Thickish Newfoundland Ernesto Che Guevara (imp it). Newfoundland.

PG3 – Brown’s Davenheath Feeling Lucky To Brenaljay. Leonberger. 10 month old dog. Lovely outline. Super coat. A little too immature in body and loose in front for the adult group, but he gave a good account of himself in the puppy group.

PG4 – Needham’s Akna Archangel**. Canadian Eskimo Dog. 7 month old bitch who won her place with her perfectly balanced side gait with correct reach & drive. A little narrow all through at this age, but plenty of time to body up.

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)