• Show Date: 18/10/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Michaella Dunhill-Hall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Clitheroe & District Kennel Association

Clitheroe & District 18/10/15 

Japanese Shiba Inu 

Michaella Dunhill-Hall 

Class 132. PUPPY 

1) HOKKAIDO AKANE Smart puppy of lovely type with a nice clear red colour, good coat, good bite, typical head & expression with good cheeks & ears. Straight front with good feet, moderate rear. He makes an appealing shape on the stand but would like more length to leg. He is showing his age on the movement lifting his front a tad, good going away with a very tidy sidegait. BP. 


1) BEARPARK DRAGON HEART This bitch has beautiful breed type, copybook head and expression, beautiful head, eyes, small triangular padded ears and ample cheek. She is an appealing red with good coat texture, good bite, good H front, good feet, good proportions, she has enough rear angulation, good tail would like a little higher set, excellent coming and going just tends to drop on the forehand at times, still a young girl who has plenty of time on her side, unfortunately lost out to her kennel mate today, one for the future.  

Class 134. OPEN 

1) BEARPARK WONNINU Excellent 5 year old bitch of beautiful breed type, what struck me straight away was her super correct breed proportions and leg length, beautiful head piece, with beautiful feminine expression, good triangular oblique set eyes, good size ears, ample cheeks, good bite, fantastic orange colour with good coat texture. Good front, enough rear angulation, she makes such an appealing shape on the stand. Nice tail & set, effortless energetic sidegait so typical of the breed, good coming towards but a tad close going away. Couldn’t deny her BOB today. BOB.