• Show Date: 14/02/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club

Thank you to the committee of N&MCBC for my invitation to judge this well run and friendly show. I was delighted with my quality entry and to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner. I was disappointed to see so many dirty hounds in a breed which is incredibly easy to prepare for the show ring. Temperaments were superb and in my opinion, my main winners were outstanding representatives of the breed.

Minor Puppy Dog (4)

1st Hardisty’s Blunderhall Ray of Hope

8 months t/w balanced boy who caught my eye when entering the ring. I found him to be compactly built and sturdy with a happy disposition. Long neck making a clean outline. He has a masculine, soft head with dark pigment & low set leathers. Moved with drive holding his firm topline. Good for bone, standing on tight, firm feet. Shown in perfect condition. Loved everything about him. This boy will be one to watch and should have a good future. Delighted to award him BPIS.

2nd Philpott’s Charterwood Saga

Tricolour boy of 6 months. Melting expression with the darkest of pigment. Long ears set low. Level topline. Liked his size. Well set tail, carried well. Sweet natured.

3rd Spavin’s Dialynne Cover Story

Puppy Dog (3, 2 abs)

1st Philpott’s Charterwood Flagship

8 months tri boy standing on tight feet. He is masculine and mature. Balanced outline. Well let down chest. Good quarters. Shown at the ideal weight and condition.

Junior Dog (2,1abs)

1st Jones’ Clairdale Caesar

Smaller blanket tri boy of 14 months. Pleasing head. Smart size and shape with excellent chest and well sprung ribs. Powerful backend which pushed him round the ring using his muscular thighs, keeping his topline level. Correct tailset and carriage. Shown in good condition. Stood alone but thoroughly enjoying his day out. Loved his happy nature.

Novice Dog (5,1 abs)

An interesting class with large variations in type, size and length of body.

1st Spavin’s Dialynne Man After Midnight

Broken tri of 9 months. Gave his handler a hard time but settled enough to show his qualities. Not the smallest of boys, but nicely balanced and presented to perfection. Beautiful outline with a good length of neck. Well muscled and well bent stifles. A little erratic on the move initially but settled to win the class. Preferred his rear movement to 2.

2nd Jones’ Clairdale Caesar

3rd Taylor’s Deaconfield Informer

Graduate Dog (4)

1st Phillips & Keyte’s Lanesend Segenhoe JW

Super smart broken tri boy of 18 months who was completely at one with his handler. Handsome head with dark eye and pigment. Level topline. Round bone and nice tight feet. Completely balanced with short couplings. Well ribbed and good muscular hindquarters. Moved out effortlessly, a real pocket rocket! Won this class with ease, just a shame he decided he had had enough in the challenge.

2nd Coates’ Gladstyle Storm Trooper

Another broken tri who was a nice shape and size, however movement was not as positive as 1. Also well balanced with short couplings but preferred the head of 1. Stood on good feet and in hard condition with a well muscled back end.

3rd Moorby & White’s Real Small Devil Focus on Merrilyn (IMP)

Post Graduate Dog (3)

I was splitting hairs between these 2 incredibly similar litter brothers. Both were shown in hard condition, with similar masculine heads, dark pigment and sturdy bodies. Alike for size and shape but felt that 1 moved out with a more free stride and better drive.

1st McBain’s Bondlea Layman

2nd Ambridge’s Bondlea Legion JW

3rd Carmichael’s Kernebridge Bombardier

Limit Dog (6, 1 abs)

Super class, topped by 3 quality males.

1st Dawson & Goodall’s Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW ShCM

Delighted to get my hands on this 19 month old tricolour boy after admiring him from the ringside. Sturdy and masculine but making life hard for his owner today. Pleasing head with handsome expression and low set ears. Smart outline and the most level of toplines. Loved his angulation and parallel movement which was free when settled, with enthusiasm from powerful quarters. Long reaching stride making him a joy to watch in profile. Handler got the best from him. Pleased to award him Best Dog and RBIS - I am sure he will wear the crown he deserves.

2nd Burrow’s Baldev Hells Angel (IMP)

Another male who I have admired previously. Black blanket tri of 23 months. Heavier in head than 1, but still pleasing with super dark pigment and a kind eye. Well flewed lips. Mild appealing expression that could melt any heart. Well off for bone, straight forelegs. Nice chest and fantastic ribs. Short couplings and good bend of stifle. Not as good in second thigh of 1. Presented and handled to perfection. Really liked his masculinity and my notes say “oozed Beagle”! Reserve Best Dog.

3rd Vickers’ Dialynne Cinnamon for Rosroden

Open Dog (4, 2 abs)

1st Taylor’s Deaconfield Governor

3 Year old blanket tri boy. This boy has the sweetest of heads which I felt was lacking in a lot of the males today. His eye is fairly large and dark with the most gentle of expressions. Long, low set ears which hung gracefully. Good bone and deep chest. Tended to roach his topline slightly when stacked but levelled out on the move. A real sweetheart, who wanted to please his handler. Preferred his head and tail carriage to 2.

2nd Webster’s Dialynne Numero Uno ShCM

Happy showman of nearly 6 years of age. Broken tri shown in hard condition. Judged this boy as a youngster and he has matured well. He has a masculine head, good bone and well sprung ribs. Pleasing topline. His hindquarters are well muscled allowing him to move with real drive. Presented wonderfully by his handler.

Veteran Dog (3, 1 abs)

2 elderly gentleman who are credits to their owners. Both were shown in wonderful condition and showed enthusiasm on the move (and for their sausages!)

1st Conway’s CH Bedeway Artful JW

13 year old lightly marked tri boy who I have previously had the pleasure of judging. Absolutely sound and balanced. He has a real soft head and still possesses the darkest of pigment. The most level of toplines. Not showing is age, moving out freely with reach and drive.

2nd Hunt’s Bondlea Bradman JW ShCM

T/W male of almost 11 years. A joy to watch this boy power round the ring with more enthusiasm than any other dog here today. Fantastic shape and size. Good chest, well ribbed and short in couplings. He really is a merry, alert and bold boy, just preferred the softer head of 1.

Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 2 abs)

A really nice class of promising youngsters, headed by 2 sweet girls who I am sure will do well.

1st Hunt’s Bondlea Dove

Super sweet tricolour girl. Only 7 months but everything in the right place. I loved her head which was feminine with appealing dark eyes and low set ears. She stands herself fore square showing of her level topline and excellent bend of stifle. Well muscled for her age, meaning she powered round the ring with purpose. Lovely clean reaching front which won her the class. Showed well with a ‘look at me attitude’. Felt that she faded slightly in the challenge which was a shame, still a baby though and I’m sure her time will come.

2nd Vickers’ Rosroden Cherry Kisses

Another young tri bitch of 6 months. Presents a smart picture when stacked. Good bone and depth of chest. Would prefer a touch more neck to complete the picture but this may come. Well ribbed and short in loin. Sturdy hindquarters. A real happy little showgirl. Moved well but would prefer a tidier front. Shown in super condition and handled beautifully.

3rd Coates’ Gladstyle Who Dares Wins

Puppy Bitch (8, 2 abs)

1st Hunt’s Bondlea Dove

2nd Vickers’ Stormpasture Jasmine of Rosroden

Attractive 9 month old tri bitch. Smart girl who is balanced and stands square. Feminine head with a dark eye, good pigment and long low set ears. Nice size and good round bone. She moved well with reach and drive. Just preferred the tail carriage of 1.Another nice dog from this kennel presented beautifully and handled to her advantage.

3rd Hartland’s Franjean Check Me Out at Fairleedale (IMP)

Junior Bitch (5,1abs)

1st Caney’s Springpine Hot Gossip

Sturdy tri bitch of 13 months. Balanced but up to size. Pleasing head, which was moderately wide with a well defined stop. Broad nose and well flewed lips. Fabulous chest and well sprung ribs. Good for muscle. Correct tail set and carriage. Preferred her head and topline to 2.

2nd Ambridge’s Tiger Lily Blossom

16 month old t/w bitch. Beautiful dark eye but would prefer a more domed skull. Nice length of neck. Good chest with well sprung ribs. Pleasing round bone. Correct tailset and carriage.

3rd Webster’s Moonjoon Lily of the Valleys

Novice Bitch (8,1 abs)

1st Spavin’s Dialynne Edge of Glory

A quality tri bitch of 11 months. Stunning head with the a gorgeous expression framed by long low leathers and the darkest of pigment. Presents a beautiful image stacked with her level topline and clean outline. A picture to watch in profile with good reach. I’m sure this girl will go far. Sympathetically handled. Another dog presented to perfection from this kennel. Best Puppy Bitch.

2nd Vickers’ Rosroden Cherry Kisses

3rd Stoddard’s Tarnry Florence

Graduate Bitch (6, 3 abs)

1st Hardisty’s Dialynne Alayna Avec Blunderhall

Sturdy tri bitch of 2 years. Beautiful clean outline. Shown in good, hard condition. Pleasing head, good size and shape. Well ribbed and short coupled. Good bend of stifle. Topline held when stacked and on the move. I liked her a lot but felt that she could have moved with more animation and drive to complete the package.

2nd Stoddard’s Tarnry Florence

An honest tri bitch of 2 years. I liked her size and shape and feel that she needs to be gone over to be appreciated. Sturdy with good bone and tight feet. Excellent bend of stifle and hindquarters.

3rd Hartland’s Newlin Inkspot at Fairleedale

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 1 abs)

1st Clairdale Willowmena ShCM

4 year old tri bitch. Sweet and appealing head with beautiful, long, low set ears. Good neck which lead onto a firm topline. Tidy front with well laid back shoulders. Shown at the perfect weight. Well muscled hindquarters and tight, firm feet. Good bend of stifle and firm hocks. Well muscled and powerful backend. Loved her reach and drive and felt that she could have gone all day. She has the free flowing movement I was looking for and was a joy to watch. Delighted to award her Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Leader’s Rosroden Aphrodite

Loved the outline on this smart 2 year old tri bitch. She is compact and has such a sweet head. Level topline and correct tail set. Another great free mover reaching out and using her drive. Ultra feminine and in lovely condition. Merry attitude and handled to her advantage. Unlucky to meet 1 in such fine form.

3rd Lennard’s Butterow Oriole

Limit Bitch (4, 1 abs)

1st Burrow’s Summerlily Raggy Doll

This 2 year old tri bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. I have judged her before and in my opinion, she has matured into a wonderful example of the breed. Exactly the size and shape I was looking for. Quality from her beautiful dark nose, down to the tip of her well carried tail. Nice length of neck which lead on to a firm and level topline which she held on the move. Firm elbows and a good spring of rib. On going over her I hoped she moved as well as she looked stacked and was not disappointed. She really moved out well and had the most impressive drive, which powered her round the ring. I could have watched her move all day long and was delighted to award her Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2nd Webster’s Moonjoon Sweet Nothings ShCM

Tricolour bitch of almost 5 years. She is workmanlike and well built. Up to size but really comes into her own on the move where she is free moving and accurate with a beautiful long reach, showing drive from her well muscled quarters. Long neck, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. In complete unison with her handler who really knows how to get the best from her dogs.

3rd Lennard’s Butterow Oriole

Open Bitch (4, 1 abs)

1st Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Duchess JW

Faded tri of 4 years. Best shape and size in the class for me. Pleasing head and good length of neck. The most level of toplines and correct tailset. Stood on good tight feet and has the desired round bone. A little out of condition today but won the class on her sound movement and compact package.

2nd Hunt’s Redcap Folktale of Bondlea

I have judged this 6 year old tri girl before as a youngster. She is still the merry, alert showgirl that she was then and has matured into a bitch with a soft feminine head, level topline and well muscled quarters. I particularly liked her depth of chest and good spring of ribs, however she is a touch longer in body than I prefer.

3rd Carmichael’s Nimble at Kernebridge

Veteran Bitch (5, 2 abs)

1st Conway’s Barterhound Begonia at Bedeway

A super sweet 7 year old lemon bitch. Beautiful dark eye with an incredibly pretty feminine head. Wonderful ribs and chest. Showed herself off with a great deal of enthusiasm. Almost impossible to believe she is a veteran now. This cheeky little lady really gave her handler a hard time and possesses a look at me attitude which could not be overlooked. Shown in fantastic condition, beating her father to Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Keyte’s Hollybourne Apple of My Eye at Alandobel

A real sturdy tri bitch who defies her years. Well made and heavier throughout than 1. Sweet head and kind dark eye. Wonderfully level topline and good round bone. She has a good chest and fantastic spring of rib. Particularly short in couplings which a few bitches here today lacked. Appearing to enjoy her day, she moved out well showing enthusiasm which may well have been sausage driven!

3rd Conway’s Bedeway Almond


Lynn Bailey