• Show Date: 07/06/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

7th June 2015

Cocker Spaniels

Puppy 1

1st Walker's Brackenjack Whoopsy Daisy

Nicely constructed and confident 10 month bitch with a happy disposition which was clearly shown with her wagging tail. Pretty feminine well chiselled head with super dark pigment and eyes. Nice clean neck of good length on nicely angulated shoulders. Good width of chest, forelegs straight and well boned. Nice spring of rib and short in couplings with a good bend of stifle. Once she got her act together she moved out soundly with a good forward reach.

Junior 4 (1abs)

1st Ray's Annilann Mister Blue Sky

Liked this young male for his movement. Viewed from the rear he has super power allowing him to push forward with ease whilst in profile he has super forward reach. Nicely proportioned head with dark eye and ears correctly set giving a lovely expression. Reachy neck into nicely angulated shoulders, forelegs straight and well boned on good feet. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. His nicely angulated and strong rear quarters completed the promising picture. Age and maturity is all that is needed. A little more size to him than some and would just prefer him to be a shade shorter in loin.

2nd Walker's Brakenjack Legacy of Love

Unlucky to meet winner as I liked this boy a lot. Litter brother to the puppy winner and has many of the same attributes. Preferred his more positive movement over his litter sister today to take BP & later Gundog Puppy Gp 3

3rd Mitchell's Jayzander Prom Lady

Post Graduate 5

1st Pearce's Miska Mission Impossible

20mth male who not only stands out for his lovely clean outline and balance but also for breed type. He has a lovely well balanced masculine head with dark eye giving a kindly expression. Deep square muzzle, correct scissor bite and good pigment. Good length of neck leading to a firm and level topline and correct tailset. Well placed shoulders and super front angulation with correct return of upper arm. Straight forelegs with lovely bone and substance on neat feet. Nicely developed well ribbed and short coupled body with good depth of chest allowing for plenty of heart and lung room and elbows nicely tucked in. His strong rear quarters showed good angulation and width to thigh. His construction was evident once he was on the move with his driving rear action and super sound and accurate movement showing a lovely forward extension keeping his topline level on the undulating ground. Shown in super quality coat and muscular condition. Delighted to award him BOB and later went on to win Group 3.

2nd Fawcett's Jayzander Lets Tan Again

3rd Ray's Annilann Mister Blue Sky

Limit 4 (2abs)

1st Needham's Merryhaze Thats Jazz

2 1/2yr bitch with a classic well shaped head with kind dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Strong neck into a level topline with well laid back sloping shoulders and correct front angulation. Well ribbed chest of good depth and breath. Straight well boned forelegs with elbows tight and tucked in on good feet. Short in loin with good bend of stifle with strong rounded hindquarters carrying just the right amount of weight. Moved out soundly.

2nd Ray's Annilann Mister Blue Sky

Open 3 (1ab)

1st Wilson's Quettadene Startime At Camceb

This 4yr bitch just shouts femininity out at you. She has the prettiest of heads with kind dark eyes, correctly balanced skull with a short square muzzle and correct bite. Her ears are well placed which complete a lovely expression. Well balanced and mature she has a good length of neck on nicely angulated shoulders which leads to a firm and level topline which is kept on the move. Straight forelegs with ample bone on good feet. Well developed chest and spring of rib with a short and compact body and nicely angulated stifle and straight hocks. A sound and confident mover RBOB

2nd Ray's Jardinisle Happy Times


Junior 2

1st Batty & Smith's Edingorse Ethereal At Almoor

Very nice bitch of 9mths with lovely feminine head, correct length and depth of muzzle, good eye shape and correct scissor bite. Neck clean and strong of good length flowing onto well laid shoulders and good front angulation. Forelegs straight of good length showing correct balance to withers and feet firm with a good arch to toes.

Deep chest with ribs well sprung reaching back into a short, strong loin. Nicely angulated rear quarters with good width to thigh. Level topline both when standing and on the move with a nice slop to croup. She moved extremely well for her 9mths with her easy yet strong and purposeful ground covering stride placing feet correctly at all times. Showing lovely balance both stacked and on the move and in fit, hard condition. BOB & BP

2nd Brown & Filby's Desjiem Dorris Morris

Post Graduate (0)

Open 1

1st Brown & Filby's Desjiem Blueberry Pie JW

Mature bitch with nicely balanced and well defined head with good depth to flews, nice eye shape and colour and correct ear set. Muscular neck of good length with shoulders well laid and good length of upper arm. Forelegs nicely boned with closely fitting elbows. Deep well developed chest allowing for plenty of heart and lung room and ribs well sprung extending well back and strong in loin. Hindquarter nicely angulated and strong rear pasterns with hocks straight and well let down. Once she got into her stride she moved out with drive keeping her topline firm and level.

Lesley Layland