• Show Date: 29/11/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kelly Lee Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association

Breed – CKCS

Judge – Mrs Kelly Lee

I would like to thank the committee of Sedgley & Gornall Canine Society for inviting me to judge, my able stewards and the exhibitors for their support and attendance.

P: (6,2) Knight’s Carolus Don Santino. 11 month old Blenheim dog. Lovely breed type, sweet expression, correct scissor bite, beautifully presented coat with well broken up markings. Good reach of neck and well-constructed, so moved very well, with plenty of drive, level topline and correct tailset. A very promising puppy. BP & BOB.

2. Deans’ Daischa Charles-Garden (Imp Cze) 6 month old ruby bitch. Well presented with sweet expression and large dark eyes. Good angulation and moved well with level topline.

J: (2) 1. Knight’s Carolus Don Santino (see Puppy).

2. Owen’s Narayden Bianca. 14 month old Black & Tan bitch. Well presented with gleaming coat. Large dark eyes and sweet expression. Good turn of stifle and moved well. BOS.

PG: (4) 1. Firth & Sloan’s Turretbank Super Trooper. 17 month old Black & Tan dog. Well presented with plenty of silky coat. Masculine head with dark melting eyes, correct dentition, good reach of neck, and good angulation. Moved with plenty of drive, level topline and correct tail carriage.

2. Key’s Absolut London at Keycav. 19 month old ruby dog. Dark eyes and correct scissor bite. Moved well with level topline and correct tailset.

OD: (2) 1. Narayden The Bruse in Poppywood. 2 year old Black & Tan dog. Presented in beautiful condition with a gleaming coat and plenty of it. Large dark eyes and correct dentition. Moved well with plenty of drive and level topline.

2. Narayden Fire Cracker. 20 month old Ruby dog. Well presented coat, dark eyes and correct dentition. Moved less well than 1.

OB: (4, 3) 1. Deans’ Kilbarchan Pina Colada for Clockpelters. 23 months old Tricolour bitch. Smaller tri bitch with well broken markings, beautifully presented silky coat, nice head, correct teeth. Moved well with good tailset.