• Show Date: 09/08/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Power Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/01/2020

Kirkcaldy & District Canine Club


Thank you to the Committee of Kirkcaldy & District C.C. for inviting me to Judge the Pastoral Classes. Your hospitality was outstanding and I enjoyed my day. Thank you also to the Exhibitors who still came under me even though I was not the original Judge. Thank you also to the Group Judge Catherine Gilbert for thinking so highly of my choices and awarding my Best of Breed Rough Collie Reserve Best in Show. The dogs presented to me were of quality and well presented.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)Junior: 3/3 1st Hogg's Woodhenge Starlite Mist at Keltybrae: B 8 months. Pretty and feminine, sweet expression with a good eye. Good Earset. Well set neck onto a sound body with correct ribbing. Level topline which she kept on the move, she strode out with purpose. Very nice puppy Good Luck with her. BPIB 2nd Snedden's Nesden Tiriodh: D 12 months. Handsome, good ear set, impish sparkle in his eye. Sound in body, good ribbing, firm level topline. Little unsettled on the move but this I think was due more to the surface than the pup himself. 3rd Lee's Mormo of Wallace: D 12 months.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)Graduate: 1/4 1st Snedden's Mor Dearg by Nesden: B 20 months. Beautiful head, very feminine. Kind eye. Well set ears. Liked her neck and carriage. Correct in all angles. Level topline. Super front action with drive from the hocks. She moved with purpose. Pleased to award this pretty wee thing B.O.B. and she was placed Pastoral Grp 2.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Open: 4/5 1st Snedden's Nesden Stromay Sh Cm: D 4 years. Handsome boy with correct head planes. Kind eye. Well set neck onto strong shoulders. Good ribbing, level topline. Excellent construction and length of loin. Moved well. 2nd Hogg's Christaluna's Apache Spirit of Keltybrae: D 5 years. Another handsome boy. Well presented. Masculine head, lovely ear set. Keen eye & expression. Good ribbing, level topline, moved soundly. 3rd Hogg's Kindrummond Sophie at Keltybrae: B 7 years. 4th Franchi'sWhitebarn Samuel Whiskers at Saniaquinto Sh Cm 4 years.

Border Collie Junior: 1/2 1st Walker & Large's Wizaland Whiskey in the Jar: D 8 months. Handsome boy, Masculine head, kind dark eye. Good expression. Pleasing outline well balanced. When settled he showed a good ground covering side gait. Just needs time. BPIB Border Collie Graduate 0/1 Border Collie Open 2/4 1st Walker's Ravenskirk Ms Independence Sh Cm: B 6 years. Pretty, feminine head. Nice dark eye. Kind expression. Well balanced, correct bone, lovely feet. Used her ears well. Covered the ground with ease. Pleased to award her B.O.B. 2nd Walker & Alcorn's Dalguise Celtic Rainbow: D 5 years. Handsome, masculine head. Well set ears. Straight front, well bodied, with good angulation. Covered the ground well.

Rough Collie Graduate: 2/6 1st Melvin & Jopson's Lillyway Lovin you at Nithsview: B 12 months. Pretty, feminine with a nice dark eye and kind expression. Well bodied, excellent coat. Well set ears. Excellent reach of neck onto well placed shoulders. Neat short hocks, good tail length. Moved soundy. 2nd Steven's Cariadhaf Crazy Dream: D 8 3/4 months. Handsome boy, well set ears. Nice reach of neck, strong well set shoulders. Ample coat, well presented. Short hocks. Carrying a little too much weight (but we can let him off as he is still a puppy) which affected his movement but this will improve with age. BPIB

Rough Collie Open: 2/3 1st Melvin & Jopson's Starlenga Street Fighter at Nithview Sh Cm. D 4 years. Handsome, masculine head, kind; keen expression. Good stop, correct underjaw. Excellent reach of neck, correct withers, good shoulders, upper arm length and angles. Straight front legs, lovely tight feet. Well bodied, coat sparkling in excellent condition. Neat short hocks, moved across the ring with ease. So pleased to award this handsome boy B.O.B. then watched him take Pastoral Grp 1 then Reserve Best in Show. 2nd Steven's Cariadhaf Crazy Dream.

Bearded Collie Graduate: 1/2 1st Gamble's Talraz Look to the Future: D 2 years. Masculine head, lovely eye, kind mischievous expression. Happy boy. Good deep chest, well angulated shoulder and rear. Lovely outline. Moved well, sound coming and going.

Bearded Collie Open: 2/3 1st Ryan & Black's Braedoon Highland Laddie at Razkal JW Sh Cm. 2 1/2 years. Handsome, strong head, kind eye. Deep chest with strong forechest. Very well balanced, well angulated which showed when he moved, effortless and a pleasure to watch. Well deserved B.O.B. Pastoral Grp 3. 2nd Savage & McLean's Clovabrae Solar Flair: B 2 years Pretty and feminine. Lovely kind eye. Keen and eager to please. Well laid shoulders and length of body. Nice low hocks. Good quality coat. Moved soundly fore and aft.

Jane Power (Powerforce)