• Show Date: 27/05/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clare Robinson-Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society

Open Show – Wednesday 27th May 2015

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge at such a wonderful show and for their hospitality.  Thank you to my two Stewards who made my day even more pleasurable by supporting me so ably.  Thank you to all exhibitors who accepted my decisions sportingly and to the on-lookers who came to support.  


1.    HERON’S DILIRYSTAFF WICKED N WILD.  Red and white bitch, 7 ½ months of age.  Though she stood alone she was a most worthy winner.  Strong puppy of good proportions, well-balanced and presented in lovely condition for a youngster.  Lovely dark eyes, clean lips and correct scissor bite.  Good width of chest and forechest, which was good to see for one so young.  Nice body with plenty of rib and a level topline, standing and on the move.  Good bend of stifle, well-padded feet with dark nails.  Moved well.  BEST PUPPY & PUPPY GROUP 4.

JUNIOR: 4 (1)

1.    BOWLER’S KYRALOEBIS THE BOGUS MAN AT TRELYNBOW.  Black brindle dog of 13 months.  Beautiful head and expression, with a distinct stop, pronounced cheek muscles and dark eyes.  Clean lips with correct bite.  Short-coupled and well-balanced.  Moved well and shown in very good condition.

2.    ANDERSON’S CARAMEL ROSE PRINCESS. Brindle bitch of 14 months.  Nice bitch with good bone and balance.  Nice head with a lovely feminine expression.  Good scissor bite.  Good width of chest and well sprung ribs, tucking into loins.  Level topline which was held on the move.  



1.    FORD’S JEFMOR EYE OF THE TIGER. 21 month brindle dog.  Lovely dog showing plenty of breed type.  Strong head, dark eyes, distinct stop and clean-lipped with pronounced cheek bumps.  Good width of chest with plenty of bone giving an overall well-balanced dog.  Good spring of rib, level topline, standing and on the move.  Great physical condition who moved with drive – a powerful dog who certainly made his handler work throughout. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2.    CLOUGH’S GNOBULL’S CEASER THE DAY BY DEROSALSTAFF.  2 year-old red bitch.  Nice, well-proportioned head with dark eyes and black mask.  Good width of chest and well-sprung ribs, tapering into the loins.  Level topline, moved and handled well.



1.    HARVEY’S KYRALOEBIS SWEETEST TABOO.  4 year old black brindle bitch who, for me, has improved with age.  Lovely compact bitch who oozes breed-type.  Strong yet feminine head with distinct stop, clean lipped, correct mouth and pronounced cheek bumps.  Dark eyes and lovely rose ears.  Good width of chest and plenty of bone whilst not being over-done.  Good rib cage and taper into loins.  Level topline, both standing and on the move. Correct tail carriage. Moved well with drive.  Shown and handled well.  Very pleased to award BEST OF BREED and also gained GROUP 3.

2.    HERON’S STORMFIRE SPECIAL BLEND AT DILIRYSTAFF.  3 year old red and white bitch.  Nice bitch with good head and keen, feminine expression.  Correct bite and nice ear carriage. Good width of chest and nice, well-sprung ribs.  Level topline which she held on the move.  Moved, shown and handled well.

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)