• Show Date: 22/11/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association



Italian Spinone Bitches

Puppy Bitch (2) Two very nice o/w babies, both full of puppy naughtiness. 1. Stanley’s Samsonli Colorado. She has a gorgeous head with its divergent planes, kind eyes, gently sloping stop and big spongey nose. Her ribs are well sprung and carried well back and although I found her rather long cast she had the better movement of the two. BPIB. 2. Allum’s Inostrocani Palina Del Macarica. Another typical head on a strong, short neck. I preferred her squarer shape to that of the winner but she could not match the front movement.

P.Grad Bitch (2) 1. Stanley’s Jaylynne Angelyna. B/r with a delightful head. Solid and compact in body she has plenty of depth and big ribs, short, strong loin and well developed hindquarters. Her front movement was not her fortune but she covers the ground and has an excellent tail carriage. 2. Stanley’s Samsonli Treacle Sponge. Finer in head and longer in body than the winner she has a good forehand with pronounced pro-sternum, a clear break in her topline and a big strong bum to propel her forward on her large, round feet.

Open (2) 1. Allum’s Rokeover Fair Dinkum Del Macarina Sh CM. Good head with a lovely expression on a short strong neck with dewlap present. Good width of chest and depth of brisket, big ribs, gently sloping croup and wide powerful quarters. Today she was the better mover of the two. BOB. 2. James’ Sh Ch Inostricani Fiorella JW. It broke my heart not to give this lovely girl first but in this class but her movement was not what it should be. I’ve loved her from the moment I first set eyes on her and am delighted that she has her title. My co-judge was in complete agreement that she should be RBOB. Many other exhibitors would have left and not competed in later classes but I am so glad that she stayed for the stakes classes to give me a second chance of assessing her. This time she was much better and went home with folding money. Thank you.

Junior Stakes. 1. Sh Ch I. Fiorella JW. Spinone 2. Robins’ Destanli Jedda’s Diamond, Large Munsterlander. Delighted to see that she is developing as I expected. Very well handled. 3. Wigfield’s Mustwork Quinto, GWP

McGrumpy & Snuffles Open Dog Stakes. 1. Tudor’s My Little Old Man at Brocador, GSP. Graceful outline, well muscled throughout. 2. Burgess Weimaraner Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg Sh CM. Nice type but lost his topline.

Carlton Hydrotherapy Open Bitch Stakes. 1. Wall’s Afanleigh Sophie at Perllanside Sh CM, Hungarian Vizsla. Robustly made, sound movement won her the class. 2. Tierney’s Puddledub Pour Moi, GSP. Noble appearance, stands over good ground. 3. Bell’s Hungarian Vizsla Glassleb Pitch Perfect.

Christine Morgan