• Show Date: 15/04/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Windsor Gundog Society


15TH APRIL 2015


Puppy 1. Warrington’s Zakova Ally Kat. The first one I got my hands on today and what a find! She presents a compact and square outline with its level topline, big ribs, round bum and low set tail. She stands on good bone and well padded feet and has an excellent return of upper arm. Her head is lovely; gently rounded skull, strong, square muzzle and low set ears. There’s nothing flashy about her; just honest to goodness breed type. She holds her topline on the move and has great tail carriage. All that came after had to measure up to her high standard and it appears I was not the only one to be wowed by her. After gaining BOB & BPIB she went on to BIS and BPIS! 2. Cory & Brown’s Ottigi Endeavour. Good moving type with great angulation but not the head of the winner. 3. Kettle’s Lujesa Rainbows End.

Yearling 1. Rose’s Coedcernyw Castanet. Pretty headed black with lovely square finish to her muzzle, low ear set, clean backskull and nicely arched strong neck. She has well laid shoulders, great spring of rib and plenty of depth. She is well muscled behind but was not as positive on the move as I would have liked and was proud of her tail.

Post Grad 1. Blackley & Salero’s Wightroche Wilma Cargo. An overall good type of red with great forechest and depth of brisket. Her head is well balanced and she has excellent 2nd thigh development. Rather proud of her tail on the move but carried a better topline than 2.Corcoran’s Sheigra Twinkling Star at Troverothway. 3. Lockwood’s Lujesa Sofia to Chimewood.

Open 1. Kettle’s Lujesa Obrigada. Fabulously made with great topline, big ribs, plenty of heart room and thickly padded feet. Her head is not my cup of tea but she is a grand mover which took her to the top of this class. RBOB. 2. Blackley & Salero’s Wightroche Hugh Dunnitt BOS. 3. Lockwood’s Zakova Rose Gold.

Veteran. 1. Lockwood’s Lujesa Casellina at Chimewood. Short in back, level topline, short coupled and holds her shape on the move. I preferred her overall body shape to that of 2. Pheasant’s Chamerl Golden Tally Is The Man.

Christine Morgan