• Show Date: 06/04/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

North Lincs Dog Club


6TH APRIL 2005

Italian Spinoni

Junior. 1. James’ Inostricani Fiorella. This is a gorgeous w/o bitch and at only 10 mths old has the show world at her feet. She presents a stunning square outline with a gentle fall and rise, well angulated forequarters and broad, strong rear with ample bend of stifle. She has strong bone, broad chest and well laid shoulders set well apart. Her head is lovely and ends with a large, spongy nose that clearly projects beyond her lips. Her coat is harsh and dense and she has great eyebrows, moustache and beard. She moves on a relaxed stride and carries her topline well. Strongly considered for BOB but the maturity of the open dog won through so today this certain future star had to settle for BPIB and Puppy Group 1.

Post Grad. 1. Wagh’s Dewdhala Ario Di Una Pesche. W/o of very good type. He has the most gorgeous head with its well furnished, divergent planes and big spongy nose. His neck is short and strong with dewlap evident, his forehand is so well constructed and he stands on strong bone and has great feet both fore and aft. There is a clear break in his topline and he has strong wide quarters. Profile movement was good but he was rather close behind.

Open. A good class and my decisions were close. 1. Roberts’ Gemarla Veloce for Mirkwood. W/o dog who I have judged before and thankfully today he had his mind on the job and not on the girls! Strongly built and square in outline he has a typical head with its divergent planes and gentle eyes. His neck is short and strong and carries his head in typical Spinone style on the move. He is square in outline, has big ribs and bum and moves with a lovely pounding trot. BOB. Preferred his tail set to that of 2. Bottom’s Lucoru Italian Jasmine. Beautiful type of a lovely size. Pushed hard for first. 3. Wagh’s Dewdhala Figlio Di Una Pesca


Junior. 1. Walkling’s Aspire Counting Sheep at Kiswahili. Quality l/w dog strongly built with curves and elegance. He has a beautifully proportioned head with high ear set, gentle eyes, slight dish face and strong muzzle. His long, muscular neck fits cleanly into his well laid shoulders, his topline is level with strong loin and has wide first and second thighs. On the move he has a good driving movement but was a little untidy in front. Nevertheless he was a very worthy BOB and was more settled in the group which took him to Group 4. 2. Dunn’s Meadowpoint Spirit of Love. Lovely type, very pretty and well made. Should do well. BPIB. 3. Schofield’s Pennystone Rio Grande

Post Grad. 1. A. Counting Sheep to K. 2. Schofield’s Hawkfield Passing Glance to Pennystone. Decent sort with a pretty head but does not have the bone or substance of the winner. 3. Anthony’s Jilony Texas Tornado

Open.1. Walkling’s Aspyre Follow Your Dreams to Kiswahili (Imp) JW. Excellent forehand on this very well muscled dog. He has plenty of depth and carries his ribs well back. Handsome head with well defined stop, high ear set and moderate breadth to skull. A very nice dog indeed but he had to give way to his kennel mate who had more presence today. 2. Anthony’s Jilony Red Arrow JW. O/w dog with good bone and substance but his sloping topline was too much for my taste.


Puppy. A good class with some very promising pups. 1. Whiteside’s Alessandro L’deffensore. Bracco of solid construction with a well balanced outline. His forequarters are well angulated and he has super bone and deep, well sprung ribs. Long and narrow head with great chiselling and divergent planes. His handler tends to pull his neck in which spoils his overall appearance but his qualities are apparent on the move. 2. Hodgkinson-Rutherford’s Burta Marinero Tesoro at Chanderhill (Imp). Simply delightful SWD with brisk movement and so very well handled. 3. Parry’s Leiborschy Jante A Legacy

Post Grad. 1. Mappin’s Bryerdale Texas Star JW. Oh what a beautiful Gordon Setter bitch this is. Her head has the correct proportions with a keen, bright eye and clearly defined stop. She has excellent angulation, short back, flat croup and high tail set. Her coat gleams and is in superb condition and she has beautiful tan markings and pencilling on her toes. Her movement is free flowing with plenty of drive behind. 2.Bennett’s Nadavin Ursella with Jesham. Fabulous Field Spaniel who totally comes alive on the move. Unlucky to come up against the winner. 3. Stephen’s Kelsmere Keisha at Brightmeadow , Curly Coated Retriever.

Open. 1. Hardy & Hallam’s Sh. Ch. Bitcon Sirocco at Tokaji. As I turned round to look at this Hungarian Vizsla on the stack he immediately commanded my attention. He is a picture of dignity and majesty. His very impressive outline with its prominent breastbone, short back and moderate angulation is backed up by his excellent bone and substance, depth of chest and well sprung ribs. His head is classic with such kind eyes, his neck is strong and muscular and shoulders well laid with elbows close. His coat is exceptional in both colour and texture. He is clearly a very strong dog to handle and needs firm control when moving but his overall outstanding qualities outweigh his attempts to spoil his chances. He is a credit to his famous sire. Best AVNSC and Group 1.

2. Mappin’s Bryerdale Oor Contana. Very well made Gordon Setter built on typically galloping lines. 3. Smith’s Glenkinchie Soul Drifter, Gordon Setter.

AV Gundog

Puppy. 1. B. Marinero T at Chanderhill (Imp) SWD. 2. Barthram’s Danru Mystery Comet. Lab 3. Ram’s Gempoint Mr Findly Pointer.

Grad. 1. Fawcett’s Jayzanser Lets Tan Again. Pretty headed Cocker, best mover in the class. 2. Rose’s Jaraina Justella. ESS. 3. D. Mystery C.

Open. 1. Smith’s Glenkinchi Soul Star. Gordon Setter with a lovely deep head and so feminine all through. Well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm and deep brisket. Moved well. 2. Clark’s Trimere Talent Seeker at Syferspring.ESS. 3. Fawcett’s Jayzander Zeus. Cocker.

Gundog Group. 1. Hungarian Vizsla. 2. Very well handled and presented Irish Setter Jsy Ch Tiroen Too Hot To Handle JW Sh CM. Moved with style and panache. 3. The beautifully headed and fabulously moving English Setter Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal JW Sh CM. Group 4 Pointer.

Puppy Group. 1. Italian Spinone. 2. Workmanlike, square and substantial Cocker, Spur of the Moment for Lochranza. 3. Naughty but nice English Setter Sorbus Storm Ryder. 4. Impressive Irish Setter Gwendariffs on a Roll.

Christine Morgan