• Show Date: 20/09/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Eastbourne & District Canine Society



A.V. GUNDOG VETERAN (7) 1. Abbott’s Norlington Nectar. A lovely, curvy 7 year old WSS. She presents a classic outline, has a beautiful head with soft expression, big ribs and bum and carries a good coat. In excellent condition throughout she moves well showing a clean pair of heels and showed her socks off to claim Best Veteran and BVIS. 2. Pitman’s Pitwit Playng Games, GSP. Solid liver, good type with substance and style, plenty of dog in front, excellent depth and spring of rib, stands over plenty of ground and moves well. 3. Welch’s Ir Sh Ch Hookwood Fine Design JW, Pointer

A.V.N.S.C.PUPPY (2) 1. Thorogood’s Winhampton Over The Yardarm of Harrifield, Clumber. Impressive youngster who is well boned and most certainly denotes strength. Lovely square head with heavy brows, deep stop and square muzzle. Long and well muscled body and moves well on his short, strong legs, just wish he wasn’t so proud of his tail. This was his last puppy class which he left in style by taking best AVNSC Puppy and Puppy Group 2. 2. Smith & Murray’s Saxonbejayz Bombshell, Sussex. Nice baby with a pretty head and well laid shoulders. Needs to mature in body and her owner needs to have more confidence in her.

JUN. (2) It was a close decision between these two very nice youngsters 1. Pitman’s Pitwit Noble Opal, GSP. Solid liver of noble bearing with a short back yet stands over plenty of ground. I like the clean cut qualities of his head, his strength of body and strong, well muscled thighs. Moved OK.

2.Gay’s Braccibrook Bewitched, Bracco. Of good type with well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. She has a lovely flare over her hips and a good turn of stifle. Well handled.

P. Grad (3,1 abs) 1. Carrick’s Tessemene Diamond In The Sky, Curly Coated Ret. Beautiful wedge shaped head, small, well set ears, strong neck into well laid shoulders, plenty of heart and lung room, strong loin and well turned stifles. Her coat is thick, crisp and covers her whole body. Moves well but without much verve which cost her in the challenge. 2. Smith & Murray’s Sovaroma Solstice, Sussex. Happy girl of a good size and with a beautiful, well balanced head. She needs to develop in rib and is rather waisty.

Open (4, 3 abs) A good class with close decisions. 1. Smith & Murray’s Norriss Northern Torpedo, Sussex. What a happy chappy! Oozes breed type from his handsome head with its frowning brows and square muzzle through his strong, well developed body to his muscular hind quarters. Moved well on a jaunty stride with classic roll. Best AVNSC. 2. Gay’s Bonario Demoiselle, Bracco. Long head with good ear set, legs well under body so plenty of dog in front. Super forehand, depth of brisket and powerful loin. Just not as animated on the move as the winner. 3. Carrck’s Tessmene The Bees Knees, Curly Coated Ret.

GORDON SETTERS. Jun (1) 1. Powell’s Kimgilee Maori Spirit. A very raw youngster with decent reach of neck and short, strong hocks. Very happy on the move but oh what a fidget!

P. Grad. (3) 1. Bryant’s Muckypups D’Artagnan JW. Built on galloping lines this rugged 3 year old presents a strong outline with level back, deep brisket, good ribs and broad, muscular quarters. His head is deep with lean cheeks and square finish to muzzle. He moves with a lovely open side gait and I love the pencilling on his toes. BOB. 2. Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymor. Another good type built on squarer lines than the winner. He has a handsome head with raised brows and a soft eye but does not have the depth in head of 1 nor was he in such good coat. 3. Powell’s Kimgilee Hipi

POINTERS. Jun (1) 1. Perren’s Penbro Killer Queen at Miston. What a cracking little mover. Straight in front with good oval bone, slightly sloping pasterns, long, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Strong topline, muscular loin and enough turn of stifle. Kind eye and well set ears. BPIB and Puppy Group 4.

P.Grad. (2) 1. Smith’s Lypal Once Upon A Time JW. Has substance and style, level topline and stands on strong bone and well knit feet. Handsome head with well defined stop set well onto strong, arched neck of good length. Moves OK but tends to hackney when not at the right speed. 2. William & Crawte's Leascliffe Luis. Handsome b&w with such a kind eye, ample spring of rib and well made quarters. Not the reach of neck of the winner nor the depth in back rib. Open (5, 1 abs) 1. Welch’s Oxfordacres Trinity By Hookwood. Quality b&w with excellent depth and spring of rib. Straight front with slightly sloping pasterns and evident back sinews. Totally balanced throughout with beautiful curves and strength in body. Short, hard coat. She is strong on the move with excellent foreward reach and open side gait. An ideal size for me. BOB and Group 2. 2. William & Crawte's Leascliffe Lorelei. Built on bigger lines than 1 she has balance and style with a beautiful head, great depth and well turned stifles. 3. Perren’s Mistin You Wear It Well

Flat Coat Retrievers. Jun (1) 1. Wilmshurst’s Kulawand Intuition at Mandamay. Rangy young man who is rather long in rear pastern right now. He has a long, masculine head, strong arched neck, plenty of depth and level topline. Rather untidy coming to. P. Grad. (2) 1. Tapenden’s Lornabbel Fancy Free. Has the required substance and strength whilst still retaining raciness. Super pro-sternum and depth of brisket with plenty of heart and lung room. Topline tends to dip a little. Fabulously wide quarters and good bend of stifle. Covers plenty of ground on the move but a little sloppy in front. 2. K. Intuition at M. Open. (3) 1. Strudwick’s Downstream Fair and Square for Burpham JW ShCM. What a stunner! He caught my eye as he came into the ring and looked round to ask ‘Who’s second?’ He is built on such clean, racy lines and is in superb coat and gleaming condition. His conformation is classic with the foreribs fairly flat with gradual spring; short, square loin, very muscular behind without any hint of exaggeration. He truly has a one piece head with a beautiful eye showing intelligence and a zest for life. His excellent conformation is reflected in his strong, powerful and free flowing movement. It was a long wait for the group but he still came in shouting ‘Look at me.’ I did and could not resist awarding him Group 1. He clearly carried on with his showmanship and extrovert nature to take BIS. 2. Taite’s Gayplume Bowled Over ShCM. Has a decent head, good topline, strong loin and good tail set. Not the raciness of 1. 3. Broadbent’s Hallbent October Toccata

Gundog Group. 1. FCR 2. Pointer 3. Irish Setter 4. English Setter

Gundog Puppy Group 1. American Cocker 2. Clumber 3. Golden Retriever 4. Pointer

Christine Morgan