• Show Date: 27/08/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020

Monmouthshire Show Society Ltd Dog Section


27th AUGUST 2015

English Setters

Open (5, 2) 1. Williams’ Bournehouse Starry Night. BOB. Tri carrying too much weight but has a lovely balanced head with dark eye and good chiselling. Good angulation with plenty of depth. Best mover and better forward reach than 2. William’s Bournehouse Spring Violet. 3. Felton-Blyth’s Ascot Angel

Retriever (Flat Coat)

Open (6, 2) 1. Simons’ Coedylan Visi D’Arte.BOB. Nice type with wedge shaped head and expressive eyes. Correct flatness behind elbows, well ribbed up with ample spring. Plenty of dog in front, well off for bone and substance yet retains raciness. Moved OK. Grp 4. 2. Yates’ Moity Thursday Next at Cleirwy. BPIB, Puppy Grp 3. 3. Weddell’s Bitcon Luther


Junior (3, 1) A difficult pair to judge with both being at very different stages of development. 1. Thomas’ Knabynnus Springtym Willow. Needs to mature in body and has a lot of daylight underneath but stands over more ground than 2 and had the better hind movement today.

2. Burford’s Kavacanne Morgan You Know. Good type with masculine head. Needs to fill in behind elbows. BPIB.

Open (2) 1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic. Combines substance with elegance. Gorgeous head fits cleanly into strong neck and well laid shoulders. Fabulous forehand with good length of upper arm and plenty of heart and lung room. Short in back and stands over plenty of ground. Well developed quarters power her round the ring. BOB. 2. Thomas’ Knabynnus Midsummer Portia.


Junior (4, 1) 1. Lowe’s Lowsmoor Shiralee. 11 mths orange having a cracking day. She has the bone and substance that I love to see in a Pointer, the graceful curves and the lissom appearance. Her headpiece is classic with such a kind expression and her muscular neck fits so cleanly into her well laid shoulders. She has an excellent prosternum, is well let down in brisket with well sprung ribs and strong loin. Her lashing tail is carried in line with her level topline and she has wide and powerful hindquarters. Her smooth, ground covering action is a reflection of her sound construction. Delighted to award her BOB and BPIB. I was not the only one to appreciate her qualities as she also went Grp 1, Puppy Grp 1 and RBPIS. 2. Turnbull’s Bonnygate Marquis O’ The Glen. Carries a nice head on a strong neck but was pulling to the side on the move. 3. Hinton’s Fleurfield Dances On A Dream

PG (6, 2) 1. Hinton’s Mursbrae Theodore By Fleurfield. Orange whose head is rather strong for me and deeper in flew than I prefer however he presents a very balanced outline with plenty of depth and spring of rib. He has a straight front with slightly sloping pasterns and sinewy bone with excellent first and second thigh development. Moves with an open side gait. Res BOB. 2. Green’s Kanix Hyacinth. 3. England’s Dalens Live And Let Die

Open (3, 2) 1. Theobald, Phillips & Westaway’s Penwest Pallaton JW Sh CM. Handsome head on this b&w. Good bone and depth, ample spring of rib, elegant over neck and shoulders. Just wish there was a bit more of him.

Retriever (Golden)

Puppy (7, 2) 1. Dickinson’s Pencapel Call It Magic. What a little darling at just 6 mths and her first show. Her head is divine and so, so pretty. She presents such a balanced picture with her level topline, depth and well sprung ribs. Her tail is well set on and she carries it so very well. It was my pleasure to award her BPIB despite the efforts of her handler to throw it away. I wonder if he knows what he has here. The group judge appreciated her qualities and awarded her Puppy Grp 4.

2. Froud’s Mafleurdean Witches Spell. 3. Froud & Hill’s Mafleurdean Charlie Croker.

Junior (7, 2) 1. Rees’ Catenae Amazing Grace. I had a job separating these two gorgeous litter sisters. They are so very alike and their breeder should be very proud. They both possess lovely heads, reachy necks and well laid shoulders. Legs are well placed under their bodies, plenty of heart and lung room, strong loin and muscular, well bent hindquarters. Both moved very well however today 1 was carrying her tail better. RBOB. 2. Purnell’s Catenae A Sky Full Of Stars at Saffrio. 3. Noel’s Moramoon Prince Romeo

Grad (6, 1) 1. C. Amazing Grace. 2. Dickinsons’ Dasmaks Gabriella. Nice type, unlucky to meet 1. 3. Riley’s Wylloh Monet’s Garden

Open Dog (6, 2) 1. Bufton & Riley’s Wylloh Mr Bojangles. The best head in the class and presents a balanced outline. His strongly boned forelegs are placed well under his body and he has big ribs and well developed hindquarters. He has powerful, driving movement with good open side gait but I did not like his tail carriage. 2. Kinmond’s Fernwyche Paper Chase. Decent type but not the maturity in body of 1. 3. Powell’s Gowergold Bold Adventure

Open Bitch (6, 2) 1. Willims’ Trebettyn Good Luck Charm JW Sh CM. Now this is a class act. I love her size, balance, presence and classic outline. Her head is divine, she has an excellent forehand, big ribs, strong loin and superb quarters. Her movement and tail carriage was the best I saw all day. Her dense coat was beautifully presented and she was handled to perfection. BOB. 2. Rees’ Dasmaks Elladorah Sh CM. Another nice one but not the head or movement of 1. Excellent front and rear angulation. 3. Riley’s Riosali Alecia Of Athena Ana Wylloh

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy (4) 1. David’s Linjor Tie N’ Tails. Best in the class for type, head and movement. Strong neck, level topline, good forehand and wide quarters. BPIB and Puppy Grp 2. 2. Perkins’ Keeninspires Houdini. 3. Perkins’ Keeninspires Izzy Wizzy

Junior (6, 2) 1. Harvey-Major & Toos Van Leuween’s Linjor Cassablanca. Typical outline on this yellow boy. Clean cut head with broad skull and well defined stop, strong and powerful neck, big ribs and short coupled loin. He moved well, lashing his otter tail. BOB and Grp 3. 2. Felton-Page’s Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW. Preferred the head of 1 but is typey with good depth and forehand. 3. David’s Deerbrook San Ygnacio.

Grad (5, 1) 1. L. Tie N’ Tails. 2. Jones’ Oakhouse One For Joy at Serengoch. 3. D. San Ygnacio

Open (6, 3) 1. Harvey Major’s Linjor Chopin JW Sh CM. Another good yellow from this kennel. Masculine head with intelligent expression, strong body, wide loins and hocks well let down. Res BOB. 2. Chapman’s Killanow Sentinel at Daisypatch. Close up, just not as positive behind. 3. Stewart’s Streamanda Tip Top for Triplecroft.

Christine Morgan