• Show Date: 07/02/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Thames Valley Canine Society

Thames Valley Canine Society

Open Show

Saturday 7 February 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my judging at this show, although was very surprised to have no mats present in the rings. The floor was extremely slippery for the dogs which made it very difficult to assess movement particularly in the larger breeds. 

 PMD: Junior (1,0) - 1st Meakin’s Belshanmish Lady In Red. Nearly 8 mth old bitch, pretty baby full of character and enjoying her day out. Feminine head of good proportions, nice dark eye of good shape. Correct length of neck. Rather high on the rear at the moment, but given time should improve somewhat. Slightly rounded ribcage but rather long in loin. Moderately angulated fore and aft, but not as broad in chest as I would like, hopefully that will come with age. Would prefer more substance in bone at this age. Front a little narrow which shows on the move, but nice strong and straight rear movement. Correct double dewclaws. Tail curled over back on the move, set of tail was correct. Would like to see this girl when she is older to see how she has developed. BP. Limit (1,0) – Tadd’s Kricarno Krystal Konchita. 19 mth bitch. Another very feminine lady, with nice outline. Good head and bite with correct eye and nice triangular ears set well. Correct neck with well laid shoulders and straight topline although a little longer in loin than I like. Good tail set with correct carriage. Straight front and good feet , not as strong in rear on the move. Correct double dew claws. Overall would prefer a little more substance. RBOB. Open (2,0) – Tadd’s Kricarno Khoirboy JW ShCM. Lovely 6 year old male. Has the size and substance that I was looking for. Super masculine head of good proportions, correct bite and pigmentation. Super coat of good texture with impressive mane. Fairly short neck leading to level topline of good length on slightly rounded ribs which were extended well back giving correct length of loin. Straight front with excellent width of chest. Rear had a little more angulation that I would like and would prefer to see a little more freedom in his rear movement, but he moved with a nice straight rear and moved at the correct pace. BOB and I was very pleased to see him awarded Group 1 later in the day. 

KEESHOND: Junior  (3,2) – 1st Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders. Enjoying her 1st birthday and last show in Puppy. Pleasant head of good wedge shape with correct dark eye and well defined spectacles present. Ears of good shape but slightly larger than I would prefer. Moderate neck leading to good topline. A little straight in front angulation but better in rear. Would prefer a little more width of chest but may come with maturity. Good side gait, but a little close behind in movement. Good tail set which was well curled with super plume. Coat of good texture and colour. BP & RBOB was pleased to see her awarded PG2 later on in the day. Limit (2,1) – 1st Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sampson. 5 yr old male. Smaller in size but good substance and stands four square. Good angulation all around but would prefer more leg under him as he appears rather long in body. Pleasing head with correct ears, good spectacles around nice eye. Good width of chest with well sprung ribs. Moved well although a little close behind. Open (2,1) – 1st Wilkin’s Ch Pommary Quick Silver at Whizzkees. 6 yr old male of excellent quality and good size. Lovely head of good wedge shape with dark eye and well set ears. Would prefer slightly better defined spectacles by they were present. Good overall colour with definite shoulder markings. Lovely compact body with well sprung rib and short loin. Best tail set of the day with good curl and impressive plume. Super angulation with correct width of chest and plenty of bone. Nicely balanced movement, with good clean lines fore and aft. An easy winner today, happy to award him BOB. 

SCHNAUZER: Limit (2,0) – 1st Wakefield’s Khanate Bucks Fizz. 2 yr old S/P male. Super boy with a true appearance of power and endurance. Super head of good width and length, with correct ear set and carriage. Excellent bite. Super length of neck which was slightly arched. Well laid shoulders going down to straight forelegs and correct feet. Straight, slightly sloping topline showing no weakness. Well sprung ribs with slight rise underneath to short loin. Tail set ok, but would have preferred it slightly higher set. Moved with balance showing good reach and drive. This boy had the power and attitude I would expect in this breed. BOB. Open (2,0) – 1st Wakefield’s Khanate Euro Traveller. Half-brother to my Limit winner with many of the same attributes. Slightly smaller with shorter back but not as clean on the move although still moved very nicely. Good tail set, but angulation not quite as balanced as his brother. Really liked this boy but today my Limit winner had the overall finish I was looking for. RBOB. 

JUDGE: Camille Pentland