• Show Date: 05/08/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrew Rhodes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

North Devon Agricultural Society


 Puppy (11,3)

1st Thompson’s “Karaime’s Dream Believer”, 8 month old well broken Blenheim boy. Stood well in profile with good shoulders and neck, level topline, good angulation fore & aft with correct tail set & carriage. Liked his masculine head with a lozenge spot, lovely dark round eyes and black nose. Always attentive to his handler, awarded BEST PUPPY IN BREED, will keep an eye on him as he matures!

2nd: Player’s “Culverhill Chyna at Anickily”, a very sweet 10 month old B&T girl, prim and proper, moved steadily and starting to flourish a nice coat. Topline a little off correct however on the table, beaten by No.1 on the day.

3rd: Walton’s “Gayhalo Pique with Underknoll”.

4th: Williams’ “Twyforde Athena”.

Junior (9,5)

1st Hawkins’ “Pendralier Melody”, A very smart lightly marked 13 month old Blenheim girl, who stood well in profile showing off good shoulders and neck, good angulation fore & aft, a level topline and correct tailset & carriage. Moved well on the day and was always attentive to her handler. Head yet to be fully mature, but still appealing with lovely eyes, high set up ears and good black eyes and pigment. Currently out of coat, needs to furnish a full coat as she matures, but currently nothing to hide!

2nd: Kowalski’s “Harelledream Warrior”, A 13 month old B&T Boy presented in gleaming condition and starting to show off an adult coat, not quite there yet! Liked his movement on the day, attentive to his handler but his tail carriage let him down on the day. Whilst his tail is well set on, high carriage spoils the overall effect for any higher award.

3rd: Williams’ “Twyforde Athena”

4: Netherton’s “Nethrobbons Pure Gold”

Post Graduate (7,3)

1st: Player’s “Culverhill Camille at Anickily”, a 22 month old B&T girl that I previously gave Best Puppy to last August at Wadebridge at the Royal Cornwall Open Show. Pleased how she has matured in the interim, now presenting a delightful package, melting eyes, adorable face, a well made short coupled body. Good neck and shoulders, not exaggerated in any way. Coat now in very good condition and full, moved very well on the day over dry stubby grass that some did not like. Delighted to award her BEST IN BREED!

2nd: Walton’s “Underknoll Honesty”, a 23 month old Blenheim girl that I previously gave BEST of Breed to last August at Wadebridge at the Royal Cornwall Open Show. A little heavier now one year on, but still a credit to her breeder. Preferred the overall package however presented by No.1 in this class on the day.

3rd: Hawkins’ “Pendralier Pascal”.

4th: Thompson’s “Featherfalls Dream Charmer”

Open Dog (7, 3)

1: Thomas’s “Twyforde Bring Me Sunshine”, a 4 year old well broken Blenheim boy, moderate in size, rich chestnut markings but lacking in coat, ear length and feathering. White of eye also detracted from his looks.

2: Conibere’s “Bellrise Mr Bojangles”, a 2 year old Ruby male, double the size of No.1 Overall in fairly good condition, moved adequately and was by far the best of the rest.

3: Rees’ “Trisval Golden Boy”

4: Gould’s “Dubourg Royal Captain”.

Open Bitch (6,3)

1: Walton’s “Underknoll Rubeckia”, a 27 month old Ruby girl of enviable quality and character. The second time I have judged her after giving her a class at Wadebridge last year. Still in lovely condition, short coupled and beautifully presented in good coat, moderately sized and both her and my BOB winner stood head and shoulders above the rest. A difficult decision for me on the day, but awarded her the RESERVE BEST OF BREED award, lost out to the BOB winner who moved better over the difficult ground.

2: Williams’ “Anickily Artemis”, a 25 month old well broken Tricolour girl, overall of good proportions, looked well made and moved well. Lost to No.1 on a number of different points. Liked her tricolour markings, but needs to improve on head quality at the top of her list.

3: Conibere’s “Featherfalls Hy Delight for Bellrise”