• Show Date: 19/04/2015
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Keepence-Keyte Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Sunderland & District Canine Society

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge beagles this year. I have a small but quality entry, I was very privileged to go over some really nice hounds and I thank everyone who entered for a lovely day.


Junior (5,3)

1st Hartlands Franjean Check Me Out at Fairleedale – Really sweet tri colour bitch. Beautiful head and expression. Good neck into correct shoulders level topline and correct tail set. Nicely angled throughout. Although very enthusiastic on the move she was true with reach and drive. Pleased to learn that she is granddaughter to BOB. She was BP and HPG2

2nd Jones’ Clairdale Caesar – Nice blanket boy of smaller mould. Clean head with kind expression, good length of neck into well set shoulders. Well-muscled throughout with clean front and rear quarters. A shame he was unsettled on the day which unfortunately meant he did not move as well as I think he could.

Graduate (5,1)

1st Butters and Theobolds Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar – pleasing TW bitch with nice head and expression. Well proportioned in height and length, covered the ground well with reach and drive. Well angulated quarters rear and front. Correct tail set and level topline that she maintained on the move.

2nd Baileys Newlin Kismet for Salenko – Pretty tri bitch, lovely head and expression, well sprung ribs and good length in coupling. Correct tail set, nice quarters front and rear with well let down hocks. Moved out well and with purpose.

3rd Hartlands Newlin Inkspot at Fairleedale

Res. Clarks Davricard Heather at Springholme

Open (6,3)

1st Baileys Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM – Although this beautiful TW boy is a veteran he is still wonderful to behold and out moving the youngsters. I have long admired this boy from the ringside and I was not disappointed when I went over him. Gorgeous head with melting expression, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Well sprung rids and good fore chest, strong pasterns and well let down hocks. Clean angulation throughout with elbows close in. Well muscled throughout and in hard condition. Moved out with reach and drive covering the ground effortlessly. BOB and HG3

2nd Butters and Theobolds Orchidvale Ale Angelica of Breskar – Another veteran who defies her age. Lovely head with kind expression, good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Nice and well angulated quarters and level topline. Moved out well with reach and drive. Moved with enthusiasm which hides her age.

3rd Jones’ Clairdale Willowmeana

YKC Handling

6 to 11 years (9,5)

1st Willow Johnson – well-presented handler who worked her dog in a real understated way. She never detracted from her dog during her pattern work. A really nice professional performance from one so young. Just tighten up on corners and straight lines and you’re nearly there.

2nd Chloe Cumberland – Another well accomplished handler. Well presented and a good effort. Very close between 1 and 2 and this young lady just needs to straighten everything up and she will go far.

3rd Eryn Williams

Res. Aby Davison

12 to 16 years (9,0)

1st Abigail Westerman – what an accomplished young lady. So unassuming in her work and attentive to her charge at all times. I was very impressed with her composure and professionalism. She knew all the answers and her pattern work was near on perfect. Straight lines and tight corners won her this class - a well deserved win and good luck in what I think will be a bright future handling.

2nd Rebecca E Dobson – a well presented and professional handler and although her charge was not always cooperative she maintained her composure and was calm with the dog at all times. Attentive to her dog at all times and always aware of my position in the ring. Very knowledgeable and competent handler. It was very hard to split the top two and on any other day they could swap places. A good effort and a close run thing.

3rd Morgan Lois Binnersley

Res Charlotte Westerman

VHC Tippi Shannon – Special mention to this young lady who handled a very large dog in a small ring, she did a great job and got the best from her dog given the space we had to work in.

17 to 24 years (6,5)

1st Amanda J Wilkinson – A competent young lady who competed all that I asked of her. Good lines and corners and excellent shadow work with a free standing dog. Be more confident in your ability and this will improve your performance.

Adult Handling

17 to 40 years (6,3)

1st Jayne Clegram – A smart quiet handler who moved her dog well and got the best from it at all times. Knew all the questions and all the patterns, a formidable handler who gave a nearly perfect performance. Well deserved BAH on the day.

2nd Lynn Bailey – a smart well turned out handler. Just needs to watch her corners and lines but always showing her dog well. A good handler who made her dog the centre of attention.

3rd Emma Curry Shibi

40 years and over (3,1)

This was the most difficult class of the day although there were only two handlers present they made my job very difficult indeed. I had to pull out all the stops as a judge to split these two very accomplished and well presented handlers. Both performed all the patterns and had good lines and corners. Both obviously knew what they were doing and in the end it was a sillt mistake by one which helped me make my decision. I am very impressed at the level of competitiveness shown.

1st Auson Walker

2nd Mrs Kay Lois Binnersley

Andrea Keyte, Alandobel