• Show Date: 03/07/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Great Dane

My thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge this, my first, CC appointment at such a super show and to the exhibitors for braving the punishing heat. It was not the easiest of judging appointments due to the great diversity in quality. The males were extremely disappointing although I was more than pleased with my CC and Res CC winners. Bitches, on the other hand, were a pleasure to judge and the quality much higher. I was extremely pleased with the bitch line up. I was very proud of my Best of Breed winner who put in a sterling performance in the Group and gratified by the positive comments from those at the side of the big ring. I was surprised to find a number of exhibits were not presented in good show condition and had dirty coats and/or teeth for which there is really no excuse. Particular thanks to my excellent stewards, Clair Chryssolor and Diana Hammond for their invaluable assistance.

MPD (4 1) 1. Kingsley’s Cwmgwyn Pwyll For Dainoak. Chunky blue puppy of almost 8 months. Strong and masculine with big flat bone and substance. Correct headplanes in profile, good depth of muzzle and square drop of lip. Well laid shoulders with strong neck set well into wither contributing to a clean outline. Good width of thigh and overall musculature. Needs to develop in chest, tighten in pastern and let down further behind, but he is young and has time for this. Steady, sound movement with head carried high. Pleased to award him Best Puppy. 2. Keyte’s Preveli Top Dollar. Raw fawn puppy of almost 7 months who just had the edge over his litter brother placed 3. Couldn’t match the bone, substance and muscle of the winner and was overall quite immature. Built on elegant and clean lines, his head was in proportion to body with just enough drop of lip. Quite short coupled with adequate angulation fore and aft but rather weak behind which detracted from outline and was evident on the move. Needs time. 3. Sainsbury’s Preveli Nickel & Dimes. JD (5 1) 1. Chappell & Dyson’s Selmalda Journey To The Line. Strong and fairly compact fawn dog of 12 months who although out of coat clearly had the best outline in the class. His head was rather strong, but was in proportion and carried well. Strong neck, although I would prefer greater length, leading into a well developed front of good width and depth. Pleasing spring of rib and loin he was well covered with decent height to length ratio. Strong hindquarters although needs to develop a greater turn of stifle to improve topline and overall balance but, again, has plenty of time. Enthusiastic and purposeful mover, but needing to tighten both coming and going. 2. Harrison Leamap Strongbow At Jasnettdanes. Gleaming black dog of 16 months with super head and expression. It was well chiselled and of good proportions from all angles with lovely eye. Well set ears of good size and used to advantage. Crested neck leading into good shoulders. He was rather rangy and did not always hold his topline which spoilt outline. Enough turn of stifle and well muscled he put in a good performance on the move demonstrating easy reach and drive. 3 Seddon’s Tenaya Cherokee Lone Wolf. YD (5 2) 1. Price’s Leamap Whiskey Galore. Smart, well balanced and honest black dog of 16 months. Put down in super condition with fabulous muscle he was a joy to go over. Scored highly in head which was masculine, well proportioned with broad muzzle, strong jaw, square drop of lip and parallel planes. Super eye and expression. Strong neck led into well laid shoulders. Despite his young age his body was well developed of good width and depth. Pleasing underline and topline, short, strong loin and good croup. Angles at rear matched those at shoulder. Excellent condition and colour. Occasionally tended to slacken in pastern but would recover. Lithe, easy mover with excellent reach and drive from his good quarters. Stood away for me on the day to take the CC and with it, I later learned, his crown. Congratulations. 2 Drew’s Lindeefay Heartbreaker. Tall fawn of almost 20 months. A big lad with huge bone and masculinity. Longer cast than the winner he could not match his balance and needs to fill his big frame. Strong head with parallel planes but could be cleaner with less loose skin. Good length of neck and strong front. Held his topline well both standing and on the move. Correctly angulated quarters fore and aft with well sprung rib he presented a reasonably good outline. A steady mover and whilst demonstrating good reach in front was a touch weak behind. 3. Ingram’s Dainmajik The Wizard. PGD (2 1) 1. Withheld. 2. Withheld. 3. Flanagan’s, Dainmajik The Enchanter For Soupury. LD (6 3). A difficult class. 1. Henshall’s Calchas Willobee Wiseman. Harlequin dog who, whilst colour is of course important, won through on his overall construction, balance and outstanding movement when compared to 2. He did have torn black patches albeit somewhat unattractively and heavily placed on one side which unfortunately did detract when shown on that side. Short coupled, correct angulation at shoulder and stifle with firm coupling. Good topline, underline and croup. Well filled throughout, tracked true coming and going with easy side gait. I would have preferred a more typical expression and eye. 2. Adamson, Cunningham & Robertson’s Lomondane Am No Glaikit. 5 Year old brindle who could not match the overall balance, movement or angulation of the winner. His head was masculine in proportion to body and of reasonable shape. Quite deep in body I felt he needed greater length of leg to match. Topline was firm but tended to slope. Good turn of stifle and pleasing flat bone. Fairly compact with a good spring of rib and loin. Enthusiastic mover, but rather weak behind which cost him on the day. OD (6 1) 1 Price’s Leamap Chivas Regal. Excellent 2 ½ year old blue lad who was half-brother to the CC winner. Well grown and quite upstanding he was presented to advantage and carried himself well. Head is good in profile with pleasing skull to muzzle ratio, however it did not quite have the chiselling or the expression of others front on. Strong crested neck leading into a well filled front supported by correct shoulders. Height to length of body ratio was good with correct ribbing and firm back. Enough angulation at rear and, as with all from this kennel, excellent condition. I would prefer a touch more width of thigh, being critical, but this did not prevent him striding out well with reach and drive, tracking true. I liked him very much and was pleased to award him RCC. 2. Pepper’s Leamap Black Sabbath with Sarawen. Another good example of the breed from this kennel who pressed the winner, his litter brother, hard. Tall, well grown black of excellent colour and condition. Preferred his head to that of the winner with his pleasing eye and expression, but he couldn’t match his front tending to stand a little wide and not quite as good in topline. Well filled all through with sound, well developed quarters . Well off for bone and substance with strong back. Really came into his own on the move with easy ground covering stride presenting a striking outline. 3. Jacobs Vanmore Never Say Never To Kazabbie. MPB (3 1) 1. Baker’s Preveli Frozen Gold. Elegant and feminine fawn puppy of almost 7 months. Already has good depth of body and being short coupled presented a reasonably well balanced outline for one so young. Her head needs to develop; I would prefer more definition of stop and a squarer drop of lip, but it was in proportion to body. Neck, of good length, flowed cleanly into shoulders and she had a straight front of nice width. Shoulder and hind angulation coming along nicely. Typical puppy movement she needs to tighten throughout. 2 Gwyn Cwmgwyn Rhianwen. Very sweet black puppy of almost 8 months. She needs more schooling to get the best out of her as she was difficult to assess both standing and on the move. Not untypical of the breed but immature and needing to develop in body both for width and depth. Feminine headpiece mounted on clean length of neck. Good underline but didn’t always hold her topline. Sound mover but somewhat erratic. PB (2 1) 1. Pocock’s Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane. Well marked, attractive harle girl of 9 months with flowing outline. Head was of good shape with strength to muzzle for depth and breadth, but eyes were rather deep set. Clean neck into first rate shoulders and depth of brisket. A touch long cast and topline needs to settle, but this may come if she drops down behind with maturity. Good width of thigh and strong croup. Lovely free movement from all angles but needs to develop in muscle now. Stood alone but of significant merit. JB (8 3) 1. Dyson’s Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice. 12 month fawn litter sister to the JD winner. Strong, well bodied girl who is quite mature for her age. Well developed quarters, length of neck and correct coupling all lend themselves to a very good, honest outline such that I had to forgive her going out of coat. Lovely head in profile; blunt muzzle with square drop of lip. Very good strength of jaw and ratio of muzzle to skull. Put down in excellent muscular condition with good spring of rib and firm loin. Just needs to develop a little more hind angulation as she matures. Very easy, lithe mover with lovely clean stride, although not so good when coming directly at me. 2. Jacobs’ Kazabbie Style And Grace. Elegant and upstanding 15 month old fawn girl. A little rangy on the day she could not match the depth or quarters of the winner. Head was balanced and feminine with good shape, dentition and strength of jaw although I would prefer a kinder expression. Lovely size, straight front with just enough forechest and standing on good feet. Belly well drawn up and good ribbing, she was pleasingly short coupled. Powerful hindquarters which she used to drive around the ring. 3. Thomson's Dinahtron Golden Shot at Darrington. YB (6 3) 1. Waring's Ravendane Queen of Darkness for Elleyenda. Lovely mantle girl of 20 months built on clean, elegant lines without compromising strength. Impressed me with her flowing outline and condition. Her head was feminine with paralell planes although I would prefer a little more chiselling and a smaller ear, but these were well set. Excellent neck , front, topline, underline and spring of rib she was well balanced. Good turn of stifle and strong hock. Super, true movement covering the ground with reach and drive whilst holding her topline. Pressed hard for the RCC; her time should come. 2. Drew's Lindeefay Heart Of Glass. Big, tall fawn girl who is a feminine version of her litter brother, Heartbreaker. Pleasing head shape with long strong muzzle and good eye which she carries well atop a dry length of neck. At 20 months she needs to mature in body and fill her frame. Holds her topline well which is firm, but rather long to be truly balanced. Like her brother, shoulders and stifles match for angulation. Could not match the overall balance of the winner or strength of hocks on the move. 3. Newton's Bycosdycos Summer Time. PGB (7 2) 1. Stemp's Zefather's Against All Odds Of Mydane. Most attractive fawn girl of 2 1/2 years with a lovely head and expression accentuated with dark points and a kind eye. Short coupled, square outline balancing strength with femininity. Head was mounted on a clean, reach of neck leading into a very good front. Nice depth of chest and standing on good feet. Short in back with excellent rib and loin. A touch high over the rear but adequate angulation at stifle. Nice width of shoulder and thigh and in good condition. Pleased me on the move from all angles, she is really coming into her own now. 2. Kelleway's Jeamluks Dannie Of Clunton. I really liked this substantial 2 year old harle girl with her great musculature, fabulous condition, good quarters and terrific movement, although I would prefer clearer markings. A big girl, but achieves grace of form through her flowing outline. Strong head, but it was well proportioned and suits body. Crested neck, deep straight front, elbows well tucked in and stood on a good length of leg. Longer cast than the winner she couldn't match her overall balance, but she carried herself well. Lovely spring of rib, textbook topline and good rear. Effortless gait with great reach and drive she pressed the winner hard. 3. Harrison's Culseandanes Aurora Storm At Jasnettdanes. LB (7 3). 1. Wheeler's Jaydania Virginia. Full bodied, 3 year old honest sort of fawn bitch who has really fulfilled her potential since I judged her as a minor puppy. Pleasing head with good strength of jaw and typical expression. She was a touch overdone in forechest, but has well laid shoulders, firm back, good spring of rib and underline that it did not detract too much. Pleasing turn of stifle she was also in excellent condition which became evident when she soundly and smoothly went around the ring with head held high and outline intact. 2. Leamap Iron Maiden. Very attractive blue, litter sister to the DRCC. Clean, elegant, flowing lines. Nothing overdone, but nothing weedy about her. Balanced headpiece on a long, clean reach of neck into a good front with just enough angulation at shoulder. Fairly short coupled and in super condition. Didn't quite have the hind angulation of the winner and hence her topline was not quite as good, but was still firm. Overall there is certainly plenty to like about her. Strong croup and good hocks. Positive and purposeful mover. 3. Henshall's Calchas Wincy Willis. OB (7 2). This was a terrific class. All five were of exceptional merit and held great appeal for me. Little separated these five ladies. 1. Morgan-Evans' Ch Vanmore Eye Catching. Aptly named almost 2 year old fawn who was quite beautiful in outline. Her lines flowed from her well chiselled and proportioned head through her neck, topline, excellent quarters and tail with a complete lack of hard angles. Kind expression and excellent dentition. Very well bodied with good spring of rib and firm loin, she had strength without comprising elegance. Excellent condition and superbly presented, she gives the impression she can do it all by herself. Very difficult to fault and did not disappoint me on the move. Gait was lithe springy and free, true coming and going. Could not deny her CC and BOB. 2. Pearson's Ch Cismeralda Von Tir Na Nogh At Daneworth. Well grown, upstanding and substantial harlequin girl. Presented an excellent outline both standing and on the move being put down in super condition and at optimum weight. Much stronger than my winner but did not lack elegance through her good quarters and coupling. Head was balanced and well carried atop a good length of neck, but was a touch heavy in lip and throat and I would prefer clearer markings. Strong front but not as clean as my winner. Excellent bone and well laid shoulder with clean flow into the wither. Her topline was very good with loins slightly arched and pleasing underline. Spring of rib and firm loin made her good to go over. Strong croup and just enough turn of stifle for good balance. Moved out very well with purpose and good carriage. A pleasure to award her the RCC. 3. Ingram's Dainmajik The Sorceress.

Ric Beall