• Show Date: 07/05/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Amphlett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Siberian Husky

Birmingham National Dog Show 2015

I would like to thank the Birmingham National Dog Show for giving me my first CC appointment and secondly I want to say a huge thank-you to all the exhibitors who entered their dogs under me on the day. Overall the quality of the dogs presented was very strong and in many of the classes resulted in some difficult decisions having to be made with my final placing’s.

A few points to consider from my observations on the day it is worth noting that the movement of some dogs that I really liked in the earlier classes lacked sufficient muscle and this affected their movement on the day. I believe this can be aided with correct exercise whether it be running in harness, plenty of lead walking, swimming or treadmill activity and should also be supported with the right diet. In relation to diet I was also surprised to discover a number of the exhibits (particularly some of the younger dogs) had very dirty teeth. This is might well be linked to diet. It might be worth asking yourself a question are you feeding your dog the correct diet? Is it wet kibble or raw? If one over the other it may be worth trying a balance of both to maintain good healthy teeth and try having a bone day now and again.

Finally I noted a number of dogs during the days judging sporting extremely long nails-particularly on the front feet. If this applies to your dog then it might be worth giving these nails some attention before the next show (that’s if you don’t want your dog’s movement to be affected on the day).

MPD (1/1)

PD (5/0) 1 Wooliscroft Zarchenski Endurance. 11 mths old, B/W male with blue eyes, attractive head with good ear-set, rangy build at the moment, well angulated in the front and rear, firm topline, correct croup and tail carriage and on the day he really demonstrated super ground covering movement. BPD 2 Cooper Forstal’s Magpie. Another promising 11 mth dog, G/W piebald with firm topline, croup and tail-set, well muscled for such a young dog and really very powerful on the move. He covered the ground very well. A tad strong in the head for me but this doesn’t distract from his other positive attributes. 3 Wakker’s Zarchenski Mist A Zeehond at Ceannabeinne.

JD (3/0) 1 Davis Amical Mortion. 16 months old, G/W boy with dark brown eyes and gentle expression. Loved his outline standing and has good proportions, well-angulated front and rear with level topline, good croup, tail carriage and leg length. He really does have lots of potential for the future. 2 Porritt’s Skimarque Winter Frost at Blizzardrun. 11 mths, blue eyes, good overall condition, in lovely coat but it should be noted that he would benefit from a few more lbs on his frame, overall well proportioned showing sound movement on the day. Well handled and presented. 3 Hughes Equinaux I’m A Celebrity at Siberiadrift

GD (3/2) 1 Spruce’s Mysticwolf Howl At The Moon. 20 mths, blue eyes, good overall condition, well presented and handled but the lay of shoulder on this dog was is a little upright and it resulted in some strange movement on the day.

PGD (9/3) 1 Leich, Leich & Koops Bifrost Ridike of Forstal. 2.5 yrs old, this young dog will go all the way and become a champion very shortly. Super G/W boy who oozes quality and correct breed type, in good coat and tip top condition as you’d expect from this kennel, has the most handsome foxy head, dark almond eyes and a lovely smiling expression, willing to please his handler who certainly brought the best out of him on the day. Excellent angulation front and rear, well muscled, super ground covering movement, light footed, true coming and going. So pleased to award him BOB and CC . 2 Robertson’s Wild Whister. 3 yrs, another good looking G/W dog, attractive head and excellent ear-set, well muscled condition and put together very well, good angulation with level topline, croup and tail carriage. True on the move coming and going with no sign of weakness anywhere. Light footed, smooth and ground covering gait from the side. Much to like about him so awarded him RCC . 3 Biddlecombe’s Korsvigs Cooper

LD (7/0) 1 Reeves Spirell’s Alexei at Korsvig. 4 yrs, super wolf G/W boy with excellent angulation front and rear, firm topline, correct arch over the loin, good croup and tail carriage. In good coat and overall condition and well muscled. Attractive foxy masculine head has well placed ears and lovely almond shaped eyes, ideal proportions throughout and correct leg length to height. He moved out well when asked with no wasted energy. He would be a very worthy CC winner but didn’t seem to show himself to full advantage in the stand and appeared distracted in the challenge, which was a real pity. 2 Unwin & Winter’s Nashanessen’s Dirty Harry at Snowtrekka JW. 4 yrs, wolf G/W dog with lovely head and gentle expression, excellent ear set and dark almond shaped eyes. In good coat and overall condition, well-muscled good angulation and level topline, accompanied with the correct slope of croup and tail carriage, powerful dog on the move. On this occasion I just preferred the type of one on the day. 3 Cunningham’s Icebex The First Avenger 


OD (5/0) 1 Sargent’s Keriquel Remus. 6.5 yrs, judged this boy as a puppy when I awarded him BP. Lovely to see him and go over him again as an adult. A typical male, functional and very workman like, G/W with attractive head and gentle expression and a good ear-set, excellent angulations front and rear, firm topline, good croup and tail carriage. In lovely coat on the day and presented in well muscled condition. Another dog with outstanding, ground covering gait, which was smooth and light-footed, true coming and going and it has to be said pushed very hard in the challenge. 2 Marvin’s Ch Northrtrail Son of Anarchy JW. 4.5 yrs, lovely dark almond eyes, wolf G/W, well angulated with lovely outline standing, good topline, croup and tail carriage. Light footed and covered the ground well from the side and sound in the rear. Presented and handled well and in lovely well-muscled condition but unfortunate to meet one today, who was very strong competition on the day. 3 Greenland & Manley’s Skimarque A'Teb Running Wolf

VD (1/0) 1 Fletcher’s Forstal’s Yukon Comet. 9 yrs, one of my all time favorite Siberians, mischievous dark eyes, super masculine head, well set ears and in great overall condition and coat, at one with his handler who brought the best out in him on the day, looks lovely in profile, easy light footed movement was a joy to watch, great pity he didn’t stay for the veteran challenge on the day.

MPB (1/1) PB (5/1) 1 Seward’s Forstal Crystal with Elleonia. 11 mths, lovely piebald bitch feminine head and gently expression, blue eyes, good ear-set, well angulated with lovely outline in the stand, well muscled and an excellent topline for a puppy, accompanied with good croup and tail carriage. She demonstrated light- footed ground covering movement on the day from the side and the rear. In fact she was a real sweetheart and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Represented our breed well in the working puppy group later in the day. BP 2 Wooliscroft’s Zarchenski Challenger. 11 mth bitch, white, presented well and in lovely coat, beautiful soft expression in her eyes, nicely constructed and looked good from all angles, a bit challenging to handle and a little unsettled on the move initially but she did improve during the class when I asked her to move again. She just needs more practice in the show ring and training to run on a looser show lead. One to watch for the future. 3 Evan’s Zarchenski Schooner Pickle at Demoneira

JB (7/0) 1 Wakker’s Icynight’s Sparkle In The Mist at Ceannabeinne. 17 mths, gorgeous B/W girl, with dark almond shaped eyes that really fulfilled the breed standard, lovely feminine head and expression, well set ears, light footed and ground covering movement again with no wasted energy, sound coming and going, well angulated with ideal proportions and firm topline, croup and tail carriage and good length of leg to height ratios (couldn’t take my eyes off her during the class). 2 Jones’s Icynight’s Too Hot To Handle JW.17 mths, has all the attributes of her litter sister who was placed in first place, beautiful feminine expression and refined foxy head, well set ears, out of coat on this occasion, handled expertly by her breeder and owner to get the best out of this little girl on the day, demonstrated light ground covering movement accompanied with heaps of reach and drive. A little shy about letting me going over her today (it should be noted that there really isn’t much to choose between these girls and on another occasion the final placings will probably be reversed). 3 Smith’s Amical Kapri 

 GB (3/0)

 1 Barry & Grisbrooke’s Azgard Talvi. 3 yrs, attractive understated B/W female with good angulations, firm topline, good croup and tail carriage. Good leg length to height ratios and correct bone. Very well handled to first place on the day to demonstrate light-footed, ground covering movement. Presented in lovely condition on the day, in good coat and well muscled. 2 Heaton’s Deshka Delta Dyr at Volkaden. 6 yrs, wolf G/W female, very standard fitting that meets the breed standard very nicely, good overall proportions with good ratios of leg length to height, well handled on the day to show light footed movement from the side and sound in the rear to gain second place in the class. 3 Unwin & Winter’s Snowtrekka Bewitched 

 PGB (8,3) 1 Smith’s Amical Snow White. 3 yrs, lovely feminine white girl with gorgeous head and delightful expression, well placed ears, good overall angulations with firm topline on the move, croup and tail carriage, which really did create a lovely outline, good leg length and correct bone. Light footed, ground covering movement on the day, sound coming and going. In lovely coat and to be honest never put a foot wrong to win the class with her handler. 2 Heaton’s Deshka Echo Dyr. 6 yrs, nicely put together wolf G/W with lovely shoulder angulation and firm topline, croup, tail carriage and good overall angulations, covered the ground well on the move, light footed and sound front and rear, attractive feminine head with good ear-set. Well presented and handled on the day. Just preferred the movement of one on the day. 3 Biddlecombe’s Tsaritsas Tsassou 


LB (9/3) 1 Cooper’s Snoqualmie Luna Breeze. 3 yrs, gorgeous G/W girl that ticked all the boxes for me with the breed standard. Gentle expression, dark almond eye, made me smile every time I looked at her. Excellent angulations front and rear, firm topline on the move, nicely angled croup with good tail carriage. Extremely sound coming and going, light footed and covered the ground with ease. Very well handled and presented by her owner. Very pleased to award her, the final CC for her title. 2 Sinclair’s Osochilli Sweet Alabama for Lesamian. 4 yrs, piebald female, blue eyes, lovely gentle expression. In fact a very understated girl who is standard fitting in all respects, very unlucky to meet one on such good form today, many of the same comments above apply to this gorgeous girl. In lovely coat, well presented and handled and nicely muscled, well angulated with super outline, firm topline, nicely angled croup and correct tail carriage. Confident light footed movement and very sound in the front and the rear. RCC. 3 William’s Salaska’a Tilly Toke 

 OB (10,0) 1 Hawkins Ch Amical Channah JW. 4 yrs, bi-eyed female, classic G/W, judged this girl previously and gave her three classes at the club show a few years ago to gain her JW. I still keep getting drawn to her, in good coat, she has an attractive head with good ear-set, has good overall angulations front and rear and is very attentive in the stand and when asked moved out well around the ring, impeccably handled by one of her breeders. 2 Robertson’s Chatanika’s Made In Heaven. 5 yrs, white girl with lovely almond shaped eyes and gentle expression, very nicely made throughout, nicely laid shoulder and good angulations front and rear. Confident light-footed movement, covered the ground well from the side profile and very sound in the rear. Unfortunate to meet one today who was on top form. 3 Leich, Leich & Koop’s Galeenaa Av Vargvass of Forstal 

 VB (6/1) 1 Wakkers Snowspeeders Coruscant of Ceannabeinne. 10 yrs, very attractive G/W girl who I have admired for some time, has a very feminine head and dreamy expression, accompanied with nicely proportioned ears. So pleased this girl has already been made up to a Champion-she really is an excellent example of our breed. I have never had the pleasure of judging or going over her before before so it was a real pleasure to assess her today. Extremely well put together with good angulations, topline, croup and tail carriage. Moved very soundly and covering lots of ground without great effort, light footed and smooth. In well muscled condition and correct coat. BV 2 Brown’s Bifrost Little Lena at Polarcreek. 9 yrs, wolf G/W, parti-eyed, feminine girl, attractive head with good ear-set, another in good overall condition and holding the right weight, ably handled by her breeder today. Lovely outline in the stand with good ratios of leg length to height, nice controlled movement with reach and drive from the rear, light footed and ground covering. Again just preferred the overall picture of the winner of the class today. 3 Sargent’s Keriquel Razorlight 

 Pauline Amphlett