• Show Date: 21/08/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for this Appointment, my first at this level and to my Stewards for keeping me going on this wet and not so pleasant day. 

My involvement in this lovely breed started some 20 years ago. When I started, there was a saturation of big kennels which doesn't seem the norm now and our entries are falling also. The solid kennels for many years dominated most of the top awards now It appears the parti colours are dominating with Top Cocker in the last 3 years, being awarded to blues. The depth of quality in my entry was also in the parti's and they dominated the main awards. It was pleasing to see so much quality in other rarer colours. I was more than pleased with both my line ups and could of happily signed CCs for several exhibits. 


Veteran Dog - 3 Entries (3 Absent)

Minor Puppy Dog - 2 Entries   

1st Masters Manchela Paco Rabanne  

Loved this blue/tan who has the most endearing head with an expression that simply is melting with the darkest of pigment, rich tan markings, work and chiseling that has balance. He has great substance, is correct in ratios square and free from exaggeration with excellent rib and depth. Bustled around the ring with reach and carriage, covering the ground with freedom, holding his correct outline, never stopped using his well set on tail. BP  


2nd Kengyelics Hebdene Harvest Moon  

Golden with pleasing head and expression, clean neck and well laid shoulders. Stands on good legs and feet. Well ribbed deep body, excellent length and return of upper arm with good width to rear quarters, moved with reach and drive. 


Puppy Dog 5 Entries (1 Absent) 

1st Grices Kyna Albert Tatlock  

This quality blue impressed for his classic outline and continued to impress on table examination. Found him really good for breed type, liked his reach of neck, short back and balanced head. Scored in forehand and layback, cobby well knit body, well muscled rear quarters used to advantage. Very sound and Cockery moves with purpose, excellent tail set and carriage. 


2nd Anslows Olibond Jitterbug for Shansart 

Super blue of lovely type giving a little away to 1 who was really on form. Another of lovely type who scores well for his correct proportions and breed type. Sure he will have a bright future, just not the Finnish of 1 at present. 

3rd Morris Riondel Monterey Blues 

Junior Dog - 2 Entries (1 Absent)  


1st Masters Manchela Tiger Tim  

Bl/w ticked of excellent proportions, balanced outline, melting expression with the darkest of eyes. Masculine yet refined head, he is not over done any where and is as moderate as the standard suggests. Liked his well ribbed compact body, excellent level top line and lovely Finnish and condition to the rear quarters, short below the hock. Another from this consistant kennel, that moved with freedom covering the ground fluidly with reach and drive, a joy to watch the correct carriage and action of this exciting youngster res cc. 


Yearling Dog - 3 entries  


1st Amos Jones Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom  

Was totally in awe of this steel blue who is just outstanding for breed type. He ozzes cocker and is the perfect silhouette. On the table found just what I was looking for, loved everything about him. He has made a big impact on our breed already and his best is still yet to come. Epitomises the term a lot of dog in a small package, his movement is a joy and there is nothing I would change about him only he we're mine. Congratulations to his breeders/handler on producing this excellent example of our breed CC BOB . 


2nd Cowles Shenjana Midnight Flyer JW  

Impressed by this well made blue who is very sturdy, compact and mature with excellent substance, balanced head, well made quarters, very sound mover in lovely condition. Very unlucky to be up against Vincenzo.  


3rd Donald's Sweetways Magical Charm  


Graduate Dog - 6 Entries 


1st Shaplands Deracor di Nozzo  

Super steel blue of lovely type, short and cobby with reach of neck on well placed shoulders. Good length and return of upper arm, well boned legs standing on good feet. Good width of thighs. Covered the ground keeping good topline and carriage, very sound. 


2nd Thomas's Abercrombie of la Magnificent of Claramand Imp 

Thought this smart light blue would be my winner, but he chucked it away on the move, being unsettled, as he entered the class late and just didn't get it together. He has a lovely head and eye, neck and shoulder, he scores in outline and is of balanced proportions.  


3rd Jarmans Aquiline Double Fara Flare  


Post Grad Dog - 7 Entries (2 Absent) 


1st Goodalls Kalispell Bespoke JW  

2nd Barnes Hardwater Get Lucky at Challowdown (imp) JW  

Super class for quality. 

Very difficult to separate these 2 dark blue boys for type and balance. Liked them both immensely, gorgeous heads and eyes on both, so similar in body and angles. 1 just had the edge in movement where he had the reach, style and carriage I was looking for, with good scope, holding his outline at all times earned him the class. Both boys were presented beautifully and could change places another time, sometimes it all comes down to performance. 


3rd Suttons Bencleuch Big Bang at Shirepark. 


Limit Dog - 8 Entries  


1st Hacketts Lindridge Smart Move  

Loved this upstanding, sturdy, light blue from one of our most established parti kennels. He stands fore square on excellent legs, masculine head of balanced proportions with correct eye and pleasing expression. He is so well put together with generous rib, strong back end in rock hard condition. Looked a picture stacked and moved soundly with presence.  


2nd Pretty & Davis's Kerriglow Fable with Joaldy JW. 

Stunning black of lovely type, not a big dog but all is in proportion, kind expression and the darkest of eyes, reachy neck set on well laid shoulders, ample bone and substance, compact well ribbed body, level topline with good set on of tail, moved well. 


3rd Hambley Topday Midnight Light. 


Open Dog - 4 Entries  


1st Young Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Illusion JW  

This red looked super today, is so worthy of his title, giving way to the younger boys but he wasn't far away. He has presence in spades and is so lovely to handle on the table. Textbook shoulders, spot on ratios, balanced all through. So sound and put down to the minute. 


2nd Suttons Bencleuch Big Bang at Shirepark  

Blue and tan who made up a very pleasing trio in post grad. Liked his overall make and shape, quality legs and feet. Still has time to finish in body to reach his full potential, but all is there to like. Sound mover with good tail set and carriage. 


Minor Puppy Bitch - 4 Entries  


1st Babsters Charbonnel Filip 'n' Heck at Kalispell  

What a little showgirl 

Dark blue, is totally free from exaggeration. Correct dark eye with desired shape, giving femininity to the expression of her lovely head. Short and cobby, very sturdy with moderate angulation front and rear, well developed body and rib for age very, sound and collected movement, never putting a foot down wrong. Prepared and handled to advantage.  


2nd Becquet & Darbys Dreamist Demoiselle Dargess  

Lovely outline on this bl/white ticked youngster. Very pretty but slightly finer in head, correct dark eye, nice in body but not the substance of 1. Moved out well, keeping good shape and topline. 


3rd Kengelyics Hebdene Hip Hop  


Puppy Bitch - 8 Entries (1 Absent)  


1st Grices Kyna Ellsie Tanner  

Lovely headed Blue of such quality and style. She is square and up on the legs which are well placed under her developed fore-chest, deep well sprung ribs, short back, compact body, well angulated in the rear, thighs which are also well developed for age. Very busy mover displaying typical carriage and drive with the merry disposition, one of the endearing features in cocker movement, a joy to behold. 


2nd Reids Shanaz Fickle  

This blue has lovely detail to her head, dark eyes with that melting expression that just gets you. She is correct for size with everything in proportion, classic outline, neat well padded feet, ample bone in splendid coat and condition. Moves freely holding her lovely outline presented and handled to advantage. 


3rd Pretty and Davis's Kerriglow Together with Joaldy  


Junior Bitch - 9 Entries (1 Absent) super class for depth of quality 


1st Whiteings Sh Ch Annilann Miss Sing JW  

2nd Masters Manchela Ramona  

2 quality Blues of the highest order headed this class. Both just score for their free ground covering movement, having the style and scope I was looking for, using themselves to advantage, so I was splitting hairs and found these two hard to separate. First is more refined in head but has a lighter eye than second. Both own short cobby bodies with good angulations, rounded quarters short below the hock, excellent set on of tails liked both of them so much, they will for sure change places and make for an interesting competition in the future. 


3rd Mcbrides Charbonnel Life'n'Soul at Topday  


Yearling Bitch - 4 Entries 1 Absent. 


1st Hughes Glantareth Time To Dream  

Compact blue that is strongly made and of cobby type with bags of substance. She fits the standard for size, is mature in body with huge well sprung rib cage, great bone and sturdy all through, wide well covered quarters, in good condition, very sound correct type. I would prefer a little more ring presence, but she did enough and I couldn't deny her breed type which won her the class.  


2nd Whites Crystal Sunrise  

Different type to the winner being more refined and finer in body and substance. Pretty head and eye, good topline and tail set moved out well. 


3rd Warrens Shadowside Yes Miss 


Novice Bitch - 5 Entries 1 Absent  


1st Masters Manchela Romana  


2nd Walkers Brackenjack Whoopsy Daisy  

Really impressed by this appealing blue who pushed 1 hard. She too scores for movement, very sound and stylish everything is balanced. She has a charming head, well put together body, free from exaggeration, short and cobby. Lovely to handle on the table, in excellent form and condition, her exuberance is a pleasure to see. 


Graduate Bitch - 6 Entries (2 Absent)  


1st Moutreys Sunzo Songbird  

This Golden Caught my eye immediately for her correct proportions, outline and balance. Continued to please on the table, such a lovely head and eye with great pigment, eye shape and colour. Clean neck on fine well laid shoulders, correct forehand, straight legs and neat well padded feet. Pleasing rib to short loin, quality balanced rear quarters that are well conditioned, in excellent coat and condition. Merry and sound mover, pleasing in profile, was close up for top honours. 


2nd Pitts Olibond Let Me Be The One.  

Appealing blue of good make and shape, well off body and substance, firm topline, short behind the rib, well turned stifles to short hocks. Moved well for her runner with typical gait and carriage.  


Post Graduate Bitch-  6 Entries  


1st Donald's Sweetways Forget Me Not 

Very honest type of blue who pleased for her scope and soundness on the move. Liked her head and expression, good overall conformation and outline, moderate angulation. Would like her a touch shorter in back for balance, super backend, won the class on movement.  


2nd Robertsons Kastrain Temptation  

Gorgeous black in gleaming coat and looked a picture stacked, really lovely to go over with everything to like, from her sweet head, excellent reach of neck, strong cobby body and well angulated rear quarters. Thought she would be my winner but couldn't match 1 who put all in and looked more together in profile.  


3rd Shinkfields Quettadene Pearl Drop JW  


Limit Bitch - 10 Entries 


1st Harrison's Lourisma Shabby Chic JW 

Cracking blue Showgirl, who owns the ring with her presence. She really caught my attention in profile, she is quite stylish and was lovely to handle on the table with her sweet head and excellent forehand, cobby body and well angulated rear quarters which were in first class condition. She took this good class on her excellent reach and driving rear.  


2nd Hilliers Coedcernyw Charisma JW  

This stunning black is beautifully put down and an object lesson in coat care and condition. Ultra feminine head, moderate neck, fine shoulders, ample bone and substance, very compact in body with sufficient angulation in the rear. Her thighs are broad and tail is well set on and carried perfectly on the move. Very close up, just preferred the more efficient movement of 1 which covered the ground more effectively. 


3rd Jones and Simmonds Shenmore She's A Rainbow  


Open Bitch - 10 Entries (1 Absent)  


1st Craig's Kyna Misbehavin at Nicibec JW 

Dark blue which has to be handled to be fully appreciated. She is so well constructed, has reached maturity and retained a lovely outline. Her head is balanced, correct eye and ear placement giving her a soft expression. She is so well boned and stands on those well padded cat like feet, she has depth and excellent spring to rib, is short coupled, has a great back end, good width over the croup and rear quarters with balance in angulation, short neat hocks, well coated and is of lovely type. Moved sound with reach drive and animation holding her lovely shape. Very pleased to award her 2nd cc and I am happy to note she has since gained her title, making a very worthy Champion.  


2nd Marrisbrays Helenwood Gift Wrapped JW  

Super red so correct and true to type, totally unexaggerated. Her head is gorgeous and she is so balanced with perfect pigment. She really scores for her correct ratios being completely square and balanced, lovely rounded bone and rear quarters with width of thigh evident, so merry and sound, easy stride covers the ground effortlessly res cc sure her title can't be far away.  


3rd Reids Shanaz Oath.