• Show Date: 11/09/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kristen Theobald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Beagle

Richmond Championship Dog Show - Beagles

Judge - Miss Kristen Theobald - Breskar Beagles


I’d like to thank Richmond Dog Show society for inviting me to award my first set of CC’s in Beagles, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. The quality in the breed today remains in the bitches, however, I had an excellent choice in dogs with some hard decisions to be made. All were presented in good condition with only one showing a less than acceptable temperament for our breed. I particularly enjoyed the minor puppy bitch class where a number of very promising youngsters went card less due to the quality, this bodes well for the breed.

VD (1,0a)

1st​Ayres-Cousins Goldbelles Snowy at Viracocha, 7yr broken tri who I have judged previously and the same comments apply, he has a well shaped head with dark eye and pigment, long neck into good shoulders and straight front, longer cast but well ribbed back, moved with drive, would have liked him to have carried a little more weight today.BVD

MPD (2.0a)

1st​Lewis Tannahill Xander, 6mth blanket tri, lovely head with mild expression and low set leathers, long neck and good shoulders, round bone and tight feet, correct bend of stifle and level topline, moved soundly, just missed out on BPD on maturity but one to watch in the future.

2nd​Tofts Jarrowley Devonport, 7mth broken tri, liked the reachy neck of this boy into clean shoulders, well off for bone, good spring of rib and short coupled, not as settled on the move, preferred the head of 1st.

PD (4,0a)

1st​Havard’s Annavah Felix, 10mth blanket tri, a lot to like about this boy, lovely masculine head with dark eye, good pigmentation and well set leathers, excellent length of neck flowing into a level topline and correct tailset, straight front with legs well under, well muscled thighs that he used to his advantage on the move, BPD.

2nd​Hunt & Norris Shercroft Apollo, 9mth tan & white who has a lovely outline when stacked, heavier in head than 1st, well placed shoulders, good bone and feet, well ribbed and short coupled, liked his rear angulation, bend of stifle and let down hocks, moved well.

3rd​May’s Janfrey Unwin

JD (6,2a)

1st​Brannan’s Rosanka Nolte JW, 14mth tan & white from a larger mould but all in proportion, excellent head with mild expression, long neck, straight front with legs well under, level topline, well muscled rear which showed on the move, pushed hard in the challenge and I’m sure he will continue to do well.

2nd​Walden & Thornton’s Nedlaw Benedict with Maplelayne, 13mth tri, excellent head shape with dark eye and pigmentation, low set leathers, correct shoulders, round bone and tight feet, short couple, not the rear movement of 1st.

3rd​Lewis Pondsanwood Baxter from Fallowfield

PGD (8,1a)

1st​Walden’s Nedlaw Basil, 19mth tan & white who looked a picture stood, loved his head, all male but with a mild expression, good neck and straight front, tight elbows, well ribbed and short coupled, he had excellent quarters which he used to his advantage, considered for top honours just didn’t show me the same in the challenge but I’m sure he will be one to watch.

2nd​Pitt’s Dreamoak Illustrious, 2yr blanket tri, another with a classic head, excellent arched neck into clean shoulders, good forechest, legs well under, sound quarters, pushed hard just didn’t have the drive of 1st, would like to see him go up a gear and should continue to do well.

3rd​Phillips & Keyte’s Lanesend Segenhoe JW

LD (5,0a)

1st​Dawson & Goodall’s Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW ShCm, 2yr tri with an excellent head, dark eye and low set leathers, good neck and correct shoulders leading in to a straight front, deep chest and short coupled, liked his bend of stifle and well let down hocks, moved well especially in profile covering the ground, another who pushed hard in the challenge and one who I’m sure will wear his crown soon.

2nd​Burrows Baldev Hells Angel (imp), 2yr tri who pushed 1st all the way, heavier in head with a good reach of neck, excellent fore chest and front angulation, round bone and stands on tight feet, well ribbed back with sound quarters that showed his driving movement, a close decision and I’m sure they will swap places regularly.

3rd​Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Drew Peacock

OD (9,2a)

1st​Walden & Thornton’s CH Nedlaw Rupert with Maplelayne JW, 3yr tan & white who was my BIS at the BC Open Show in 2013 and still impressed me here today, he has a lovely shaped head with well defined stop, dark eye and long leathers which frame his face perfectly, arched neck into correct shoulder, good depth of chest and spring of rib, short coupled, excellent topline held on the move, round bone and tight feet, well muscled thighs that powered him around the ring showing true drive from the rear, I could not deny him both the class and also the DCC today in good company, well done.

2nd​Jones & Jepson’s CH Eardley Stew Pendous JW, 19mths tri who I have admired from the ringside and did not disappoint, super smart compact outline when stacked which he holds on the move, good masculine head with low set leathers, enough neck and deep chest, well off for bone standing on tight neat feet, good spring of rib, short coupled, well muscled quarters with a good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, he put all in to show me his sound movement in the challenge and I was delighted to award him the RDCC.

3rd​Spavin’s CH & It CH Dialynne Breaking News WW15

VB (4,1a)

1st​Arden’s Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW ShCm AW(B), 7yr broken tri who I judged a number of years ago and she still has the same charm now, pretty head leading to a good neck and shoulders, neat front with tight elbows and good fore chest, I liked her level topline and rear angulation which she showed in her movement, looked at picture free standing, delighted to award her BVIB.

2nd​Carmichael’s Cliffmere Nimble at Kernebridge, 7yr pale lemon & white, such a pretty head with a dark eye and lovely lacey ear, good neck and deep chest, longer cast than 1st but well ribbed back, well muscled quarters, moved well but not the precision of 1st.

3rd​Roberts & Spearings Redcap Little Gem at Linkenlees ShCm

MPB (8,0a)

1st​Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Merry Berry, 8mth blanket tri, my notes say “chocolate box, smart as paint” and that she is, pretty head with dark eye, arched neck flowing into correct front angulation, lovely round bone, cat like feet, sound quarters that moved her around the ring with reach and drive, delighted to award her BPB and BPIB in strong competition.

2nd​Cuthill’s Detrick Firefly over Divinebrae, 6mth broken tri who pushed 1st all the way and many of the same comments apply, beautiful head with correct pigmentation, long low set leathers to frame, another with and arched neck flowing into correct shoulders, tight elbows, level topline and correct tail set, just needs to settle on the move, a very promising prospect.

3rd​Havard’s Annavah Honeydew

PB (6,2a)

1st​Arden’s Madika Spot On, 6mth broken tri who was VHC in a very strong MPB class and thoroughly deserved her 1st place here, well shaped pretty head with mild appealing expression, neat front with good round bone and tight feet, deep chest with elbows tucked in, good quarters that I got to see being used to effect in this class once she had settled, one to watch.

2nd​Henningson-Dundas Julemark Wanton, 11mth broken tri, pretty head with long well set leathers, good fore chest and well off for bone, good spring of rib and short coupled, not the topline of 1st on the stack, moved ok.

3rd​Williams Littleal Casablanca

JB (14,3a)

1st​May’s Janfrey Saphire, 15mth tri who out moved the rest of this class, good head with reachy neck, good front angulation with legs well under, level topline and correct tailset, driving quarters that she used to full effect on the move to win this class, shown in good hard condition.

2nd​Kingsland’s Redcap Ambrosia, 12mth tan & white who throws a lovely outline on the stack and move alike, pretty head with long leathers to frame, excellent length of neck into straight front, good bone and tidy feet, longer cast than 1st but well ribbed back, moved well but not quite the drive of 1st.

3rd​Burrows Summerlily Maid in Oz

PGB (16,5a)

1st​Pitt’s Dreamoak Mary Rose, 2yr tri who is little sister to 2nd in PGD any many of the same comments apply, same classic head with lovely dark eye and pigment but showing a mild expression, long low set leathers, arched neck, good shoulder placement with deep chest, level topline held on the move, showed reach and drive to win this class in good company.

2nd​Spavin’s Dufosee Nabrina with Dialynne, 2yr tri, well shaped pretty head, lovely arched neck into straight front, round bone and tight feet, good spring of rib and short coupled, liked her rear angulation which she used well on the move, shown in excellent condition, close decision.

3rd​McBain & Stevens Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCm

LB (12,0a)

1st​Bradley & Burgess’ Dufosee Northern Star, 2yr tri who I note is litter sister to 2nd in PGB and shows the same qualities, lovely balanced outline when stacked, nothing exaggerated, pretty well shaped head, straight front with round bone and tight elbows and legs well under, well ribbed back, level topline and correct tailset, another who showed how to use her well muscled thighs on the move.

2nd​Brown & Ford’s Raimex Brittany JW, 2yr broken tri who pushed 1st all the way in this class, loved her well shaped head framed by her long leathers, arched neck into straight front, well off for bone, deep chest with good spring of rib, well muscled quarters and short firm hocks, moved steadily but not quite the drive of 1st, close decision.

3rd​Lewis’s Fallowfield Grace

OB (8,0a)

1st​Jackson’s CH Bayard Forgetmeknot JW, 20mths tan & white who I have admired from the ringside since seeing her win her first CC last year from MPB and she did not disappoint. She is so well balanced throughout, from her beautiful head with kind dark eye and mild expression, long low set leathers , through her arched neck into correct well laid back shoulders, straight front with deep chest and legs well under, full of substance, excellent spring of rib, short coupled and powerful loin, to her correct rear angulation with muscled thighs, well bent stifles and sort hocks. All of this put together on the move showed her reach and drive, covering the ground with minimal effort. She could not be deigned the BCC and BOB in excellent company and delighted to watch her be awarded Group 2 later in the day, congratulations.

2nd​Spavin’s CH & It CH Dialynne Electra WW15, 3yr tri bitch who looked in gleaming condition, classic shaped head and long neck in to correct laid back shoulders, deep chest, lovely round bone and tight feet, longer cast than 1st but well ribbed back, level topline and correct tailset, her well developed quarters powered her around the ring, another covering the ground with ease showing true reach and drive. RBCC

3rd​Sutton’s Rossut Elspeth


Miss Kristen Theobald