• Show Date: 08/01/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kris Kingsley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/02/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Great Dane

Boston & District Canine Society 


Championship Show 2015 


Great Danes 


Thank you to the Committee, Stewards, East of England Great Dane Club (sponsor) and the exhibitors entered and present.  I was fortunate to have some lovely quality dogs entered. 

I noticed upper arms tended to be short on a number of exhibits, something to watch for. 


PD 3 (0 Abs) 


1st Chappell & Dyson’s Selmalda Journey To The Line, just 6m Fawn with black mask. Overall lovely type, real quality and very balanced for one so young.  Head of good proportions, lovely dark eye, inquisitive expression with plenty of wrinkle.  Neck well arched but a fraction short currently, shoulder well laid back and slightly short in upper arm, well filled front.  Level topline, correct croup, good tailset, good depth to brisket, enough tuck up.  Well off for bone, good pasterns but feet a little flat at present.  Well angulated hind quarters.  Moved out very well.  Very promising youngster with an undoubtedly bright future.  Reserve Best Dog. 


2nd Price’s Leamap Whiskey Galore, another top quality puppy, pleasing outline, 11m jet Black.  Correct head planes when viewed in profile, but slightly broad in backskull currently, dark, tight eye, and good expression but a little worried today.  Good length of neck, well arched, good shoulder angulation and topline, deep brisket, good flat bone, very slightly flat feet.  Croup gently sloping, correct tailset.  Moved well.  These two are different types, but both quality and could swap places on another day, this boy was just unsettled by something today and didn’t give his best. 


3rd MacDonald’s Yandamar The Mighty Flynn At Ranaldane 


JD 1 (0 Abs) 


1st Harrison’s Leamap Strongbow, litter brother to 2nd in PD, another quality jet Black  11m puppy.  Good head planes, masculine, correct stop, good eye set and colour, good drop of lip.  Good length of neck in well laid shoulder, level topline, steep croup currently but could change as he grows.   Good depth to chest just reaching elbow, well boned, feet slightly flat.  Tail curled and carried little high.  Movement a little erratic today unfortunately. 


PGD (0 entries) 


OD 1 (0 Abs) 


1st Chappell’s Selmalda Koochie Ryder JW.  Impressive male, oozes type, 2.5 yo Fawn male with black mask.  Masculine head of good proportions, correct stop, well set, dark eye, good drop of lip.  Neck of good length, well arched, into well laid back shoulder, very slightly short in upper arm.  Level topline, correct croup, tail well set.  Good depth of rib reaching to point of elbow, correct tuck up. Good flat bone, good hind angulation with well let down hocks.  Moved with drive.  Best Dog, Best of Breed and Working Group 3. 


PB 7 (1 Abs) 


A class full of quality puppies, bodes well for the future. 


1st Chappell’s Selmalda Zizi’s Journey, beautifully balanced puppy of lovely type, 6m Fawn black mask.  Lovely wrinkle and expression which she used to advantage, good head planes, tight dark eye, good drop of lip.  Well arched neck of good length into well laid back shoulder, good flat bone, tight cat like feet with well arched toes.  Topline level, croup slightly steep currently, correct tailset.  Good brisket with rib reaching to elbow, best mover in a quality class.  An exciting prospect for the future.  Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy In Breed. 


2nd Dyson’s Selmalda Journey to Melody at Samdice, litter sister to 1, and many of the same remarks apply.  6m fawn black mask, correct head, dark tight eye, lovely expression, well arched neck, shoulder well laid back, good topline, marginally steep croup at the moment, rib drops just to elbow, not quite as well angulated behind as her sister – but a lovely quality puppy nonetheless. 


3rd Southgates Leamap Bombay Sapphire, lot to like about this puppy, unfortunately did not move to advantage today. 


JB 2 (1 Abs) 


1st Pococks Tamzdane Peanut Butter Me Up, 13m Harlequin bitch, good head in profile, eyes loose currently as her head is still growing, correct neck into well laid back shoulder but short in upper arm, well off for bone.  Good level topline, croup a littler steep, excellent hind angulation.  Feet and pasterns just need to tighten.  This youngster still has a lot of growing and maturing to do to reach her full potential, but did enough today.  Best Bitch. 


PGB 3 (0 Abs) 


1st Stemps Zefathers Against All Odds, fawn black mask, little plain in expression, but head of good proportion, well arched neck of moderate length, into well laid back shoulder but slightly short in upper arm.  Topline would benefit from strengthening, moderate hind angulation, lovely low set hocks, good catlike feet.  Good depth of brisket, and tuck up. 


2nd Burtons Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol, well marked Harlequin bitch, good head proportions but eyes very loose spoiling expression.  Arched neck of moderate length flowing into well laid back shoulder, short in upper arm, good bone, well arched catlike feet.  Level topline, a little steep in croup, moderate hind angulation. 


3rd Price’s Leamap Iron Maiden JW. 


OB 2 (1 Abs) 


1st Burtons Dornoir Wyrd At Elbarevol, 4yo Harlequin bitch, overall balanced outline, good head planes but loose eyes with haw showing, well arched neck, good layback of shoulder, good flat bone, deep brisket, well tucked up.   Could do with more hind angulation. 


Judge: Kris Kingsley