• Show Date: 02/07/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Anderson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Windsor Championship Show 

Judge: Karen Anderson 

Finnish Lapphunds 


Thank you to the committee  of  Windsor for inviting me to judge at their show and to the stewards for the excellent support in the ring.  Many thanks to the exhibitors for entering and their sportsmanship in the ring with my decisions and to their fellow exhibitors. Made for a really enjoyable day. Temperaments were excellent in all exhibits.  


Veteran D/B (3,1) 

1st Allison’s Oberitz Onnetar 

Bl/tri bitch.  This girl does not give away her maturer years in looks or movement. Something you would hope to expect in this breed.  Pleasing feminine head with that soft expression that typifies the breed, correct shape ears to complete the picture. Clean mouth and bite. Balanced in body with ample depth/breadth of chest. Coat of good texture and length. Moved well in all directions carrying tail over back. BB 


2nd Cross’  Ch Elbereth Marja 

Another lovely girl with a sweet expression.  Correct eye shape and dark brown eye.  Coat on the change but of good texture and length. Arched, oval feet with good covering and feathering to legs. Balanced in height and length with high set tail.  Not as fluent on the move as 1st on the day  but still clean in all directions. 


Junior Dog (1,0) 

1st Allison’s Aramis Des Calaban Of Oberitz (Imp)  

12 month Black tri male.  Lacking coat today but what remained was of good length and texture.  Maturing nicely. Lovely expression.  Head shape  coming on nicely for  his age with enough stop. Clean scissor bite. Good length of neck onto well placed shoulders. Balanced  proportions with enough angulation all round.  Good muscle tone. Clean lines on the move away and back and impressive in side gait. Should have a promising future. 


Post Graduate Dog (3.1a) 

1st   Clark’s Oberitz Trollnisse 

20 months B/T. Another youngster maturing nicely.  Nothing overdone about him. Head coming along, would prefer more width in muzzle but will broaden with time.  Soft expression, ears slightly large but well placed. Enough bone. Top coat a touch soft but again coming back in coat.  Furnishings coming through on legs. Good muscle tone to rear.  A little distracted on the move but handler did well to get the best out of him on the day.   

2nd  Spencer & McGinley’s Infindigo Persikka Kuura  

Top size male.   Carrying too much weight over rib and shoulders which showed on the move. Strong head and appealing expression.  Nice body proportions although would prefer a little more length of neck.  Strong bone.  Low hock, well covered legs with good feathering .  Has a tendency to swing back end round on move effecting rear drive and follow through. Well handled. 

Limit Dog (4,1a) 

1st Allison’s J Glenchess Nallukka By Oberitz 

Brown Wolf sable.  Lovely expression, eyes harmonising well with coat and clean set ears used well. Good pigmentation.  Excellent overall body proportions with ample neck. Enough depth to chest. Top coat of good course texture and plenty of furnishings to legs and well covered feet.  Fluent on the move  around the ring and clean away and back.   

2nd   ARISTIDES-PICKARD Mrs M Sambreeze Valkoisetsukat  

Black Tri. Happy boy enjoying himself.  Head of nice shape but needs more padding to cheek.  Would prefer a darker eye and smaller ear  Ample neck and nice body proportions. Good spring of rib and tuck up.  Moved well in all directions but does have a tendency to kick out excessively at the rear. Excellent temperament. 

3rd   SPENCER & MCGINLAY Infindigo Persikka Kuura 

Open Dog (2,1a) 

1st   Jackson’s Ch Fin Int Multi Elbereth Matkamies Sh.CM  

Wolf sable.  Beautiful expression. Clean bite. Head of excellent proportions and a melting expression. Ears set well, slightly large. Balanced proportions throughout. Good spring and length of rib.  Lacking undercoat today in parts but superbly presented top coat and ample furnishings to legs and tail. Tight, arched feet with good covering. Excellent muscle tone.  Moved steadily, clean in all directions carrying tail well over back. Well presented and handled. BD, BOB 


Good Citizen D/B (3,0a) 

1st   TREASURE Mr & Mrs M Tabanyaruu Karuselli Miika 

Bl/Tri. Nice head shape, eyes a touch light.  Balanced in body with good neck. Top coat a touch soft and lacking enough undercoat. Excellent muscle tone throughout and good spring of rib.  Ample bone. Not overdone. Moved cleanly on the up and down and balanced in side gait.  

2nd  ARISTIDES-PICKARD Mrs M Sambreeze Valkoisetsukat 

3rd    ARISTIDES-PICKARD Mrs M Sambreeze Tiianmaria 


Puppy Bitch (4,0a) 

1st JACKSON Mr P Tilkkuturkin Hallantuoma To Elbereth 

8 month Wolf Stable. What a little treasure this girl is.  Beautiful, balanced outline for one so young. Dark brown eye,  Correct muzzle/skull proportions and well set mobile ears. It can only improve with age. Good reach of neck onto sound shoulders. Adequate depth and width of chest for age.  Profuse coat of correct texture with ample undercoat., generous covering on legs.  A little excitable on the move at first but seems to improve each time she runs. Clean paces. Pleased to see her go even better in the Puppy group to gain a group placing. A champion of the future, I'm sure. RBB, BP, PG3 

2nd STILWELL Mrs N Millermead Tundra White Ice 

Another nice puppy, .  11 month Wolf Sable, lovely expression and kind eye. Ears used well and very attentive to her handler.  Muzzle appearing a touch long at the moment but should broaden out with time. Longer cast than first  but in proportion. Good spring of rib and enough tuck up.    Enough bone.  Clean movement from front and rear, a little bouncy in side profile.  Sensitively handled. 

3rd BOYLE Mrs M Lumikoira Tahtitaivas  


Junior Bitch (3,1a) 

1st STILWELL Mrs N Millermead Tundra White Ice 


2nd  BOYLE Mrs M Lumikoira Tahtitaivas  

8 month Bl/Tri. Brown eye. Head a little rangey at the moment and long in muzzle. Clean mouth and bite. Ears set and used well. Nice shape but would like a bit more bone throughout. Coat coming through nicely, top coat of good texture. Tidy oval feet.  A little close behind going away but strides out well in side profile. 


Post Graduate Bitch (4,2a) 

1st TREASURE, Mr & Mrs M, SIMMONS, Ms J & HENSON Mr J Lapinlumon Pilvipouta for Infindigo (Imp) 

Br/Wh. Nice body proportions standing.  Lacks width of muzzle to balance the head. Enough stop. Eyes a touch light for coat colour.  Ears used well, very attentive to handler.  Good pigmentation throughout. Coat has a lovely rich colour which I love but rarely see in the ring.  Moderate neck and good depth and width of chest.  Carrying a little too much over rib. Good muscle tone to rear and enough turn of stifle.  A little lethargic on the move, probably down to the heat but clean away and back and tidy in side. 

2nd ARISTIDES-PICKARD Mrs M Sambreeze Tiianmaria  

Bl/Tri.  Pleasing, kind expression,  would prefer shorter in muzzle and smaller ear. Clean bite. Out of coat today but top coat had nice texture.  Good length of neck. Body proportions ok. Would like more length to upper arm to balance front assembly . Depth of brisket.  Longer cast with enough spring to rib. Good muscle tone to rear. Tight feet with good arching.  Moved ok, carry tail well.