• Show Date: 02/08/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: John Goodwin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

National Gundog Association

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

I was honoured to be invited by the Committee to award tickets for the first time in a breed I first owned 36 years ago. Thank you to all the exhibitors for an excellent entry. I had some lovely Sussex to go over, particularly in the higher classes, including eight show champions. There were only a couple of dodgy mouths in the dogs and none in the bitches. A number were between coats. I was looking for a Sussex of good substance and bone, of the correct body proportions, not too high or low on the leg, with the unique golden liver sealskin coat, slightly frowny face and of course, moving with the characteristic roll. Temperaments were good. We know all about the size and shape variation but the quality is there. We do not have to breed from every bitch that is born: quality and type must come first. In making my decisions had in mind Sh Ch Hornshill Duke from the 1930s, who for me is the model to aim for. Many came very close. Those interested can find a photo of him on p98 of Peggy Grayson book on the breed. VETERAN D (2) 1. Boniface’s Sh Ch Belcam King’s Ransom for Glenbrows ShCM. Upstanding 8.5 yrs in good knick. Good mouth & decent head with good body proportions and bone, though on the larger side for size. Free moving going around. Best Veteran. 2. Alderson’s Meggamooch Legend.9 yrs. Lovely head, expression and type. Liked his coat texture, being short, straight and dense, and lighter colour. Moved sedately around the ring with some grace, head carried low as required. Two handsome specimens. Just preferred the longer body of 1. PUPPY D (0). JUNIOR D (2) 1. Bowe’s Tawnyka It’s A Puzzle for Belcam. Exciting young dog of 14m. Good, masculine head with frown. Good width of muzzle & skull with a distinct stop. Size, shape and substance correct at this age. Superior bone, good coat and colour. Moved very well with a steady topline and the desired roll. Just needs maturity in body and head. Has a great future ahead of him. 2. Luckin’s Sovaroma Strangely Brown. 15m. Nice enough head but immature and his lighter eyes not helped by a dark coat. At this age could not match the size, masculinity or substance of 1. He needs more time and some serious schooling. GRADUATE D (3) 1. Bowe’s T It’s A Puzzle for B. 2. Hughes’ Ivcar Anything Goes. Only just out of junior, wow has this youngster come on. Mature for his age, masculine head and expression. Great for size and shape, in good coat and colour, though body coat on the long side. Well bodied. Rather loose in front but he moved in profile with good reach and extension and has a great roll. Just not quite as together as 1 at the moment. 3. Graves’ Norriss Northern Wizard. POST GRADUATE D (4,2) 1. Bowe’s T. It’s A Puzzle for B. 2. N N Wizard. Built on a smaller frame all round but is maturing nicely. Nice head. Desired shorter coat, which could be lighter in colour. Moved out well, holding his topline. Well handled. LIMIT D (4) 1. Bannister’s Quarr Persuasion. This dog has some style. Cracking head, good coat and colour, though slightly on the blow. Good bone. Great front movement, maintaining his topline on the move and rolling well. 2.Hasting’s Yorkham Bad Bear Day for Bardings. Masculine d of lovely type, great frowning expression and width to foreface. Exceptional bone. He is such a lovely, free mover. I could watch him all day. These two will change places. He was just a bit heavy over the shoulders today and preferred the longer body and colour of 1. OPEN D (5) What a cracking class of five top quality dogs.  Was really splitting hairs and some favourites will do better on another day. A pleasure to go over these dogs. 1. Vowles’ Sh Ch Jubilwell Beast of Bodmin at Vorbrook. Mature 6 yr old. Strong head properties, great expression, with frown and broad skull, good neck leading into sloping shoulders. He has ideal length to height proportions, though his handler needs to take care not to over stretch him behind. He doesn’t need it. Moved out really well front and back, holding a firm, level topline.  In the hardest condition of the entry today, though slightly lacking condition due I understand to a bitch in heat at home. Not in best body coat either, as it was on the change but he had adequate furnishings and was still a good colour.  Could not deny him top spot for his breed type and soundness. CC & BOB. 2. Perkins’ Sh Ch Quintic The Farmer. A favourite of mine from this renowned kennel. Masculine head, great neck and shoulders, great body, tremendous bone and substance. Arguably a better coat, being short and straight. Moved out really well with panache and the desired roll ahead of two very typical challengers who will have their day. Could not be denied RCC on his excellent type. 3. Smith & Murray’s Norris Northern Torpedo. A favourite of mine, unlucky to meet these two, keep at it. GOOD CITIZEN D (1) 1. N N Wizard. VETERAN B (0).  PUPPY B (4,1) Three very raw minor puppies. All rather loose in front but showing much promise. 1.Hasting’s Yorkham Yule Love It at Bardings. Very pretty head and expression. Good bone for her age. I liked her proportions, neck and shoulders. Typically short coat and good colour. Moved well around the ring, especially behind, holding her topline well. She just needs to grow on and mature. One to watch. BEST PUPPY. 2. Boswell’s Marquell Xclaimantion Mark. More mature, in good coat and colour with good bone for her age. Should do well with maturity. 3. Smith & Murray’s Saxonbejayz Bombshell. JUNIOR B (2). 1. Bennett’s Sovaroma Story Teller, 15m typey b, best coat and colour, mature for her age, liked her  body and side movement, though loose in front today. Won on body and maturity over 2. Cadwell’s Jubilwell Bal Maiden, very promising 12m baby. Lovely head, eye and expression on one so young, good coat texture, colour yet to come. Good proportions. Still raw at this stage but I really loved her. Has lots of promise.  GRADUATE B (1) 1. Burnett & Hall’s Springcurl Claret. Smart, small bitch of 22 months. Pleasing head, good mouth, reasonable bone for her size. Coat good type and texture though much too dark, she needs to get out in the sun a bit more. Moved & showed well. POST GRADUATE B (4,1) 1. Luckin’s Tawnyka Hazlenut Whirl. My surprise find of the day! Nice type, lovely headed bitch of substantial bone and substance. Long neck leading into sloping shoulders with ideal body proportions, well coated, colour coming on.  Moved really well with a roll and holding her topline. She should make up. Had to have the RCC. 2. Davey’s Norriss Northern Charm at Eald. I love this bitch, she is a real favourite. So typical from her breeder’s kennel, lovely type, size, bone and substance but still feminine. Lovely headed. Well bodied in hard condition, coat could be lighter. Moved out well. Still young at only two and will do well.  Just preferred the expression of 1. 3.  Alderson’s Meggamooch Razzamatazz. LIMIT B (5) 1. Smith’s Pindani Myrtle JW. Recently crowned 2 year old.  Very typical for size, shape and substance. Pretty head and expression, good bone, coat and colour. Moved around really well with a great Sussex roll, holding her level topline. She was the complete package on the day, so had to have the CC. 2. Boswell &  Ashcroft’s Marquell Question Mark. Pretty head again, though preferred the width of muzzle of 1. Good mover in profile but weaved a bit in front. Coat a bit on the blow today. Lots to like about this very feminine bitch in terms of size and shape and quality, so should make up. 3. Hughes’ Jubilwell Freya at Ivcar. OPEN B (5,1) A great class of quality, mature bitches. 1. Appleby’s Sh Ch Quarr West With The Night. Best coat and colour of the day by far, so thick, dense and luxuriously soft, this is the proper sealskin texture to aim for. Good, typical head and expression, perhaps could have slightly more neck but her shoulders are well laid back. Good body and condition. She moved out very correctly front and back and could not be denied this class for her type and quality - but in her sealskin began to feel the heat and flagged a bit in the challenge. With some oomph she can win many more CCs. 2. Brown’s Rangatira Ingot. Unlucky to come up against 1 in her Sunday best today. Lovely type of bitch, just loved her head and expression. Super neck into well laid back shoulders, correct coat type, not quite the colour and texture of 1. She held her topline reasonably well in profile but her front and rear movement let her down. She’ll have her day. 3. Watts’ Stoweridge Strike It Lucky. GCB (0)Judge: JOHN GOODWIN (Serendel)