• Show Date: 07/05/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Grace Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Weimaraner

BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL DOG SHOW 10-05- 2015 WEIMARANER Thanks to the exhibitors for a very good entry of quality dogs, it was good to see the docked dogs allowed. Winning dogs were able to show off their movement to good effect in our large ring. MPD (1)1 Burton’s Trubon Grayfyte Treve. Plenty big enough for his age but frame all in proportion, good bite and ears with soft leathers. Good length of neck and level topline. Well arched feet and sufficient angulation. Very collected movement for just a youngster. PD (9,1) Rayner & Maskell’s Gunalt Acadamy of Raystans. Good head with correct length of muzzle and right width of skull. Fine ears with nice fold, clean cut neck into well laid shoulder. Good depth of chest and topline. Well muscled rear with correct angulation. Balanced movement with plenty of drive. BP. 2 Whitham’s Schonhund Showvanastic for Izzbiz. Lovely head and expression. Straight front and good overall size. Excellent rear angulation and level topline. Not so balanced on the move as my winner. 3 McDowall’s Khamsynn Coast Line. JD (4,1)1 Powell’s Parhelis Dante. Good strong movement won this class. Lovely masculine head. Strong chest and straight front. Well ribbed and with good spring of rib. Good rear angulation and well-turned stifle. Tight feet. 2 Khamsynn Coast Line very typical head and good colour. Correct front and shoulder. Deep chest to elbow and good rear angulation. All the essentials in place to mature into a top dog. 3 Toseland’s Satchville Specialist. YD (2,1)1 Copeland’s Gunalt Capa Chino for Menstonia JW. Strong head with broad skull, correct muzzle length to skull. Good deep chest and straight front. Topline OK with correct slope of croup, good rear angulation. Movement could be more settled. ND (4)1 Harding’s Dreistone Bond Jamesbond. Lovely mover, true and correct with level topline. Strong bone and up to size for a male. Good definition to head and correct stop, deep flews. Good clean neck into correct shoulders, well -muscled rear. 2 Khamsynn Coast Line 3 Snaith’s Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda GD (1)1 Thomas’s Rhydawel Mountedwin. Strides out well on move. Well muscled, rangy dog. Good head and muzzle, well-turned stifle and correct rear end. Needs more time to fill out his frame. PGD (8,3) 1 Damms & Jones’s Weltguist Dambuster. Good balanced dog with correct head, good stop. Well muscled neck into well laid shoulder and deep chest. Good strong rear end and well muscled. Kept a good topline on the move. 2 Burgess’s Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg ShCm Very appealing head. Lovely true silver grey colour, fine leathers and nice fold of ear. Ribs well back into firm lion and correct rear angulation. Moved straight and true. 3 Finch’s Deifstock Dandee Red. LD (14) 1 Rooney’s Flitnels Kawasaki King at Zeatana JW Lovely pale coloured dog with head full of breed type, good length of ear and nice fold. Kind eye. Good depth of chest, ribbed well back into firm loin and correct rear angulation. Moved well with drive. RCC 2 Hill’s Weipowa Hot to Hunt Rangier built dog but lots to like. Good strong muzzle and foreface with adequate stop and correct skull, defined occipit. Good length of neck into shoulder, deep chest and well let down brisket, moderate sloped croup and well angled rear. Long striding movement. 3 Mutlow’s Risinglark Hawk Wing OD (9,2) 1 Clarke’s Sh Ch Sireva Crackerjack at Coastedge J W ShCm Balanced young dog with all correct and nothing overdone, pale true silver grey. Won this class on his flowing ground covering movement. Correct clean neck into well laid shoulder. Chest well developed to elbow and good ratio of back length into loin. Good rear with well-muscled second thigh. Very well handled, a credit to his owner and his breeder. See he has already passed on his quality as the sire of some of my younger class winners. CC & BOB. 2 Palmer & Palmer’s Sh Ch Kalimor Cody at Parmelly JW ShCm Close up to my winner and similar type. Good masculine head and good fold of ear. Clean neck and strong topline. Correct rear. Moved with drive. 3 Carson & Dunne’s Khamsynn Carry on Cruising to Moorpoint JW ShCM VD (2) 1 Burgess’s Curios George of Hantzburg. Veteran dog of 8 years, worthy of his place. Moved out and back with drive. Good muzzle to skull ratio, nice stop and correct occipit prominence. Good reach of neck and straight front with good topline. Not in his best coat today. 2 Mutlow’s Morspirit Apollo Well-muscled dog with appealing head. Good coat and colour, just not the topline on the move of my winner. MPB (7) Batty & Smiths Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor Pale silver colour. Up to size for her age but very well balanced and moved with style. Muzzle to skull ratio good and correct occipit. Correct shoulders and well let down brisket. Well off for bone. Correct rear angulation. Should have a bright future ahead. 2 Hollings’s Gunalt Perception. Another very balanced puppy with plenty of type. Femine head and good clean neck into correct shoulder. Straight front and good rear angulation, well let down pasterns. Just needs time to mature out. 3 Finch’s Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss PB (12) 1 Rutland & Jones’s Khamsynn Coast Liaison. True pale grey. Correct medium size puppy for her age, well balanced throughout. Feminine head and good straight front, nice back to height length, good rear angulation. Moved very well to take this strong class.BPB 2 Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor. 3 Evans’s Gunalt Acacia at Liandev JB (7) 1 Khamsynn Coast Liaison 2. Dyer & Dyer’s Sharnphilly Primrose JW an upstanding bitch with good balance. Good head proportions and length of ear. Firm neck into well covered shoulders and straight front. Good length of body and strong loin. Well-muscled rear quarters and good tight feet. Moved well. 3 Toseland’s Satchville Speciality YB (7) 1 Simpson & Dawson’s Sireva Skype another bitch which really ticked all the boxes for type, very balanced and straight movement fore and aft. Excellent head proportions, good depth of chest to elbow. Strong topline and correct slope to croup. Well off for bone throughout. A good pale coat and colour. 2 Hollngs’s Gunalt Hotly Feminine head, correct front assembly with good balance, chest well let down, good rear and feet. Moved with drive, correct colour but a little out of coat. 3 Sayer & Wallwork’s Astrazone Avocet to Braefell. NB (6,1) 1 Harding-Brown’s Dreistone Missmoney Penny Moved well with good extended stride. Correct head and length of ear. Clean neck into correct shoulder. Well held topline and good rear. Balanced outline when standing. 2. Evans’s Gunalt Acacia at Liandev good head and ears. True topline and moved well. Correct depth of chest and good rear angulation. Just needs time to mature. GB (4,1) 1 Cooper’s Deifstock Ducati Demon true type bitch. Liked her head and depth of muzzle. Good neck and shoulder with chest well let down to elbow. Correct topline with good feet and legs. 2. Brown & Burns’s Enryb Midsummer Party at Pothouse. Well-muscled throughout, good head and chest with level topline. Good rear quarters, not quite the tuck up of my winner. 3 Stamp’s Tynsil Twice as Nice PGB (11,3) 1 Read’s Whitecross Rememberance, won this class on her good stride and movement. One of the best coat and colour I have seen in a longhair with silky feathering and correct true silver grey. Well covered ears and liked the expression. Balanced body and correct angulation, Good feet and legs. 2 Filby & Brown’s Desjiem Blueberry Pie Good head and nice length of ear. Correct reach of neck into good deep chest, well ribbed back into firm loin with well angulated rear. Moved well.3 Adamo’s Zakra Carla Veloso. LB (15,2) 1 Greenwood’s Ansona Blue Bell at Nizrick good pale silver grey, feminine head and well balanced proportions. Clean neck into well let down chest. Good strong topline and true angulation front and rear. Well arched feet. Excellent movement. 2 Grewcock’s Ryanstock Magic JW lots of type in this likable bitch. A femine head and kind expression. Good deep chest and firm topline. Correct well-muscled rear. Moved well going away and coming back. OB (13,2) 1 Morris’s Kalimor Casey JW gave her the YB class when I last judged and has followed through all her early promise. Of excellent type, well defined head and correct length and depth of muzzle, nice median line to width of skull, excellent set of ear and fold. Well-muscled front into firm back and loin with well let down hocks. Balanced flowing movement. Delighted to hear that the CC today completed her title. CC. 2 Maddox’s Enryb Loves to Party JW ShCM good bitch with well-developed muzzle and good skull width. Clean neck into good shoulder. Held her level topline on the move. Well off for bone and good rear angulation. 3. Rayner’s Gunalt The Look at Ryanstans JW ShCm VB (6) 1 Bryne & Egan’s Enryb Party at the Palace well off for bone and correctly balanced all through, good head and strong muzzle. Straight front and well-muscled shoulders sloping into good deep chest and good back line. Correct rear angulation and strode out well on the move belying her age. RCC & BV 2. Allison & Threadgold’s Kuatan Konnection good coat and colour, liked head and neck into good depth of chest. Well ribbed back into firm loin. Good rear angulation and moved with drive. 3 MacLaine & Dickson’s Sh Ch Ir Ch Greyspirit Liberty Sh CM. Mrs Grace Brown - Judge