• Show Date: 11/04/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/04/2020

North Of England Weimaraner Society

Breed: Weimaraner

North of England Weimaraner Society,
Saturday 11 April 2015

Puppy Dog [8, 2a]: 1 Rayner & Maskell’s Gunalt Academy of Raystans, lovely chunky ten-month-old puppy with good bone. Appealing head & eye, clean neck, well laid shoulders, good length of back, good turn of stifle, in excellent condition with immaculate feet, lovely to go over, moved & handled well. Real quality & has all the markings of a future Champion. BPD & Best Puppy in Show; 2 Lenaerts’ Jackpot at Greydove von Silberweiss Jager, flashy in outline, kind head, brisket down to elbow, correct length of back, well angled quarters. Superbly handled. Little loose in front movement at the moment, but hopefully this will improve with age; 3 McDowall’s Khamsynn Coast Line.

Junior Dog [4]: 1 K Coast Line, kindly male, moderate in size, lovely amber eyes, good depth of flew, nice length of ear, brisket down to elbow, correct length of back, good turn of stifle, lovely temperament, moved co-ordinately, quietly handled; 2 Whitwham’s Schonhund Showvanistic for Izzbiz, larger male than 1, curious about the world around him, so sometimes a little uncooperative, but this will come in time – he is still a baby. Brisket down to elbow, good angles; 3 Anderson’s Teufel Devil Is A Gentleman.

Yearling Dog [3, 2]: 1 Perez-Powell’s Gunalt By Ek at Soncaro (AI), longhaired male totally in love with his female handler – much to my amusement. A real softy, looking to her all the time – even on the move. Appealing head, good coat & spring of rib, lovely feet, well muscled all over, moved well.

Maiden Dog [1]: 1 Graham’s Desijem Aspyring, presents a pleasing picture when standing with good body proportions. Correct length of back, good spring of rib, well-angulated quarters, well handled. Novice Dog [3,1]: 1 K Coast Line; 2 D Aspyring.

Post Graduate Dog [6]: Quite a variance of size & type in this class. 1 Hays’ Sharnphilly Avolon JW ShCM, a very well muscled moderate male, good forechest, tight feet, brisket down to elbow, good spring of rib, good topline, sleek to touch. Moved well but has the power to move even better outside. Well handled; 2 Chapman’s Stormdancer Come Off It (AI) JW, eye-catching male who still has some maturing to do, appealing head, clean neck, good forechest, correct length of back & excellent topline, in good condition, happy disposition. Would like to see him presented with his tail up; 3 Finch’s Deifstock Dandee Red.

Limit Dog [7]: 1 Rooney’s Flitnells Kawasaki King at Zeatana JW, well balanced, lovely head, well laid shoulders, good bone & length of back, correct spring of rib, lovely outline, moved well. His coat looked slightly weathered, but altogether a dog of sound construction; 2 Hill’s Weipowa Hot To Hunt JW, larger in size than 1, but not in bone. Good body proportions, brisket down to elbow, correct length of back, well muscled & in good condition, well handled, moved co-ordinately; 3 Brown & Filby’s Desijem American Pie JW ShCM.

Open Dog [8, 1]: 1 Lenaerts’ Ch Doc N’ Camelot’s Heaven Can Wait, eye-catching male, looked good free standing & looked good on the move too – powerful hindquarters, driving from the rear. Clean neck into shoulders, good forechest, smooth in outline, brisket down to elbow, good rib, well- angulated, well-muscled quarters. A showman who knows his job – very well handled. Delighted to award him the CC, Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex in Show; 2 Maclaine & Dickson’s Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite, larger male than 1, good bone, lovely handsome type, endears in head, good pigment, excellent forechest, brisket down to elbow, well laid shoulders, good length of back, well muscled quarters, in hard muscular condition, moved well. RCC; 3 Clarke’s Sh Ch Sireva Crackerjack at Coastedge JW ShCM.

Veteran Dog [1]: Rintoul’s Silberstern Blue Blazer CDex, 8 years, very masculine male with correct body proportions, lovely pigment & amber eye, correct turn of stifle, well off for bone. Little reluctant on the move.

Special Longhaired Dog [1]: 1 G By Ek at Soncaro (AI).

Special Working Dog [1]: 1 Docherty’s Ir Ch Zilverein Leap Of Faith for Crakesdale, clean in appearance, & has a sleek quality about him. Good forechest, dark pigment, brisket down to elbow, well angled rear, in good condition, moved co-ordinately. Has a lovely happy disposition.

Minor Puppy Bitch [5]: 1 Simpson’s Sireva Ingrid Fletcher, stands out with correct body proportions, very eye-catching in stance, pleasant head, good forechest, tight feet, brisket down to elbow, well angled & muscled. Drives well from the rear. Well handled; 2 Evans’ Gunalt Acacia at Liandev, bitch of quality, correct body proportions. Nice pigment, forechest & good depth of brisket. Nice feet, moved co-ordinately. Joyous & playful baby at times; 3 Finch’s Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss.

Puppy Bitch [9]: Easy winner, 1 Rutland & Jones’ Khamsynn Coast Liaison, stands out for her balance, correct body proportions & elegance. Lovely neck into shoulders, tidy feet, good length of back, well-angulated quarters, in good condition, moved co-ordinately, well handled. Great spirit for a baby, in every class she just kept on moving with such energy & enthusiasm – such a trooper. Best Puppy Bitch; 2 Rowbury’s Walhalla De Bosque De Lugh (Imp), also a quality exhibit, just coating slightly. Very showy though especially standing & moving. Lovely forechest, dark pigment, well angled quarters. Short nails & in good muscular condition. Well handled; 3 G Acacia at L.

Junior Bitch [6, 2]: 1 K Coast Liaison; 2 Martin’s Teufel Devil In Disguise, chunky & smaller than 1. Good body proportions, honest in her type & moved co-ordinately. Good substance, feet & bone. I liked her, but she seemed a bit tired, which I put down to a phantom; 3 McQuillan’s Greyspirit Olympic Hope at Ballygrooby.

Yearling Bitch [12,2]: 1 Dyer’s Sharnphilly Primrose, 15 months & rocking it like an old diva pro. Not only is she everything I could hope for, but she has the attitude to go with it – which is heartening & enjoyable to see. I loved her size & substance, she was great to go over & was taut throughout & strong through the loin. Appeals in head, clean neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest, simply flows with every inch of her being & it makes for a cutting edge profile. Good spring of rib, well angulated quarters, well muscled, in clean condition. Gobbled up the ground like a steam train. Her handler is the perfect complement to her, & places her perfectly. She has left a lasting impression on me & I had great pleasure in awarding her the CC and Best in Show. Looked quite the dashing couple with her male counterpart in the challenge; 2 Sayer & Wallwork’s Astrazone Avocet to Braefell JW, similar size & substance but not the presence of 1. Honest bitch, traditional head & eye with good pigment, good spring of rib, length of back, good turn of stifle, strong hocks, moved co-ordinately & in excellent hard condition. Well handled; 3 Simpson & Dawson’s Sireva Skype JW.

Novice Bitch [5, 3]: 1 G Acacia at L; 2 Brown & Filby’s Desijem Doris Morris, good body properties, very clean neck, tidy feet, brisket down to elbow, good bone. A little unsure of herself at 10 months, but I am sure that will come in time. Graduate Bitch [9,1]: 1 K Coast Liaison; 2 Stamp’s Tynsil Twice As Nice, really nice elegant bitch, stands out & looked good standing & moving. Good length of back, brisket down to elbow, good spring of rib, excellent angles, & nice to go over; 3 Cooper’s Deifstock Ducati Demon JW.

Post Graduate Bitch [5]: 1 Dunn’s Schonhund Show Mystique under Bryanntar, really appeals in outline, looking completely balanced, clean neck into shoulders, good length of back, lovely feet, moderate angles. Little narrow through her front, which reflected in her movement at times; 2 Whitwham’s Schonhund Show Bizzy at Izzbiz, sound with good body properties, spring & length of rib. She has a quality to her, but could be overlooked. Kindly handled; 3 Watson’s Oaskwarren White Russian.

Limit Bitch [9,1]: A lovely class with quality exhibits.1 Gates’ Gunalt Fancy Dress for Linosa (AI), very elegant bitch who stands out in outline. She has a clean, elegant quality to her, & is rather inquisitive & curious about the world around her, which gives her even more presence. Lovely brisket down to elbow, & clean shoulders. Lovely head & expression, she flows with an excellent topline & has good rib. Moved & handled well. A very pretty girl. RCC; 2 Crowther’s Hundwith Vanilla Ice (AI), good bone & substance & I liked her size. Her handler gets the best from her, & she shows naturally when stood freely. Very well muscled, good angulation & excellent powerful driving action with a plucky spirit. Well handled. Preferred the topline of 1; 3 Allison’s Silberstern High Society.

Open Bitch [13, 3]: Another lovely class of quality bitches. 1 Gibbons & Gilbert’s Sh Ch Gunalt Socialite at Telleara, really elegant bitch, stands out in outline, lovely head with moderate stop, clean neck , good feet & length of back, brisket down to elbow, good angles, moved co-ordinately, well handled; 2 Morris’ Kalimor Casey JW, very endearing bitch & full of quality. Beautiful head, lovely depth of flew & ear leathers, brisket down to elbow, good rear end with extremely well muscled quarters. Moved well, but often resistant to showing off her best side when standing; 3 Pearce & Gilbert’s Sh Ch Gunalt Can Dance.

Veteran Bitch [8,1]: 1 Powell’s Madreliath’s Nina, 11 years old bitch with good body properties & still motoring with free ease and precision which is really eye catching. Kind head, lovely feet, well balanced & sound, good size, brisket down to elbow, still strong on her rear. Well handled. Delighted to award her a very deserving Best Veteran in Show; 2 Adamo’s Zakro Priscilla Presley, a relative baby in this class, she stands out for her excellent topline & balance, clean neck, well laid shoulders, good length & spring of rib, well muscled. Moved co-ordinately; 3 Maclaine & Dickson’s Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Repeat JW ShCM.

Special Longhaired Bitch [4]: 1 Perez-Powell’s Gunalt Quirky, appeals in outline being well balanced, good length of body, spring of rib, well off for bone & a nice size. Pretty head, moderately angulated, moved co-ordinately, well handled. Best Longhaired in Show; 2 Read’s Longtails Beretta by Whitecross (AI), well balanced, also appeals in outline, correct turn of stifle, good bone & feet. Preferred the transition of neck into shoulders of 1; 3 Read’s Whitecross Remembrance.

Special Working Bitch [1]: 1 Bainbridge’s Tasairgid Two To Tango at Nellarris JW ShCM, looks good in outline, good for size & substance, well ribbed. A little tired on the move but at 10 years old, I think she can be forgiven. She certainly doesn’t look her age on closer inspection. Honest type & well balanced.

Daniela Tranquada [Judge]