• Show Date: 24/07/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Cesky Terriers and SCWTs

 Leeds Championship Show

Cesky Terriers & SCWT  – Judge Colin Richardson

Cesky Terriers

It was, as always, a delight to judge this lovely breed and I would like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to evaluate their Ceskies.  The breed is now approximately 80 years old and I would congratulate the UK breeders on the progress made in establishing the breed in the UK.


Temperament was on the whole good however as I am rather tall, and as a result some were a little apprehensive. Presentation was good, all dogs presented in a clean, hard physical  and well trimmed comdition. I believe that generally the breed is in good shape and has progressed well.


Puppy Dog (2, 0 abs)

What a lovely class of 7 month old babies. All were well presented and showed beautifully. They were a credit to their owners and the breeder. I hope they all fulfil their early promise.

1st.  Taylor’s Janski Ossie Jones at Polede. A lovely young man who was bred by a well respected kennel in the breed.  Head of correct proportions with good ear set and expression. Strong jaw with good bite. Elegant neck set on very good forehand, good length of rib and correct topline. Good rear angulation and well muscled. Moved well.

2nd. Tobijanski’s  Janski Over the Moon. Litter brother to winner who did not concentrate on the showing but he is a baby and I am sure he will develop into a very smart young man. Unfortunate to meet the winner but similar remarks. Just preferred the confidence of the winner and movement. A very close call

he others.

Junior Dog (1, 0abs)

1st & Best Puppy Tobijanski Miloslav. 10 month old dog of pleasing outline and shape, just hope the brindling in his coat clears before too long. Powerful head with good muzzle length. Ear set OK. Nice length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good topline and tailset. Well angulated rear. Was unsettled on the move at first, but in the challenge he moved with drive. I’m sure he has a bright  future

Post Graduate Dog (0)

Open Dog (3, 0 abs.)

What a lovely class to judge. Some absolutely cracking males, today youth had to give way to maturity but there was no shame in that. 2 lovely specimen’s of the breed. Both had masculinity without any coarseness. Both fit the standard so well and now the breed has  CCs on offer in 2017, they both would be worthy champions. The second dog was a little unsettled on the table which meant he paid the price. He is a lovely dog.

1st, Best Dog & R.B.O.B. Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon. A young dog of 3 ½ years and of the highest quality.  He moved around the ring as if he owned it. Classic head of excellent proportion. Correct ear size & set. Powerful jaw with correct bite. Lovely expression from dark eye. Flowing neck with excellent forehand. Good length of rib and correct shaped rib cage. Good topline and tailset. Lovely rear angulation, moved with drive and purpose. Immaculately presented.

2nd & RBD England & Burrage’s . Another cracking male who fits the standard so well. Similar remarks apply to him as to the winner. It was so close, with this boy running the winner very close. I hope he settles as he is too good

3rd  Forbes’ Blackthorpe River Musk at Lastarean

Veteran Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Talyor’s Polede Lforluka. This lad is nearly 10 years old and belies his age. He is a credit to his owner breeder but had to give way to youth today in the challenge.  He moved well. Presented in immaculate condition as one expects from this exhibitor. He is a little heavy for me but is still a good representative.

Puppy Bitch (1, 0 abs)

This young lady showed well.  

1st    Tobijanski’s Janski Silver Starl. Lovely feminine head with good earset although needs to grow into her ears. Correct length of neck flowing into a good forehand. Topline OK for one so young. Once she settled, moved well.

Junior Bitch (2, 0 abs) 14 month old litter sisters.

1st  Thomson & Forbes Karensbrae Don’t Shut Me Outi. Very nice type with well proportioned head with good earset. Strong teeth and good underjaw. Nice length of neck which flowed into good shoulder placement and forehand. Could be steadier on the table. Would like to see her on another day.

Post Graduate Bitch (0,)

Open Bitch (3, 0 abs)

1st  & RBB Tobijanski’s Janski Ceskasso.  Proportionate head with parallel plans and skull shape  Strong foreface and good underjaw. Earset OK. Correct length of neck which was set on a good front assembly.  Good length of rib cage and loin. Length to height ratio good and she held her topline standing and on the move.  Moved smoothly and with drive.  

2nd Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova Sh.C.M.y. This bitch was well presented as one would expect from this kennel. Similar remarks apply as to the winner. Earset is not her fortune

3rd. Taylor’s E’french Connection Du Champ D’EoleVia Polede  Snell’s Komidion Fortissimo at Vandell.

Veteran Bitch (2, 0 ab)

1st, BB & BOB. Burrage’s Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova Sh.C.M.  I have judged this bitch before and given her RBIS and a Group; she did not disappoint today. This 9 year old bitch was presented in immaculate condition and is of excellent type and size. Lovely head of excellent proportions, with correct bite and powerful jaws. Good lay back of shoulder, good length of rib cage and depth of chest with well angulated rear. Correct tail set. Moved well with good front and rear extension. Went around the ring as if she owned it.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

I had looked forward to this appointment  with great delight as I have followed the breed since the early 80’s.  Thank you for your magnificent entry and allowing me to examine your dogs.

You are to be congratulated on your endeavours with temperament there was not a cross word. There are a couple of points I would like to raise. Type seemed variable, mouths need watching as I had a level bite, teeth that were crowded and some with gaps between them. Mostly tailsets were OK however these need watching as does toplines and coat colour which ranged from ripe wheat to barley.

My overall impression was a breed that is in good and caring hands and I commend you all for your efforts. I thought the majority of dogs were well presented, clean and a credit to their owners care and attention.


Puppy (2, 0 abs) A nice class of youngsters who could do with some ring training: but they were enjoying themselves.

1st & Best Puppy Dog, Robert’s  Loofahsa Andiama  A little raw at the moment but should mature nuicely. Correct head shape with correct length of foreface to skull, Good length of neck and lay back of shoulder. Excellent rear angulation with low set hocks.  Tailset OK. Moved out well with good front and rear extension.

2nd Pascoe’s Calvenace my Sweet for Middlebury. Another nice puppy who was unfortunate to meet the winner who had settled to the task better. I am sure on another day they will change places. Lovely expression and head shape, correct forequarters and length of loin. Held topline on the move, preferred rear angulation of winner.

Junior Dog (1, 0 abs)

1st  & RBD. Catlow’s Flaxela Too Fast for Love at Justjingote, Good head shape with parallel planes, flat skull and very good earset. Strong neck going into good forehand with lay back of shoulder. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Moved positively and with purpose.  This young man will eventually be a very good example of the breed and shows a lot of promise.

Post Graduate Dog. (4, 1 abs)

1st Revis’ Tiareko Niflheims Wizard. Dog with head of good proportions. Good eye shape and alert expression. Parallel planes with flat skull. Strong neck going into good forequarters. Good depth of brisket  and body outline with correct tail set. Moved well, with good front extension. Coat colour doesn’t need to lighten anymore.

2nd Mann’s Starcadia Olympic Goldnson Good headpiece and earset. This dog who wouldn’t behave. When he settled  he had a good topline, slight fall away of tailset.  Needs ring training

3rd Salisbury’s Orliscwt  Zebedee (A.I.)

Open Dog (6, 2abs)

1st & BD Pascoe’s Middlebury Shooting Star. Masculine dog  Head of correct proportion with parallel planes. Correct eye colour and shape which enhanced his expression. Good strength of jaw and correct bite. Clean neck flowing into good forehand. Had depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Correct body shape with good rear angulation and tail set. Moved well.

2nd Satherley’s Int.Ch. Modny Style Loverboy at Seamrog (Imp)  Smaller dog of quality. Good head shape with parallel planes. Let down by dirty teeth. Strong neck going into good forehand with lay back of shoulder. Deep chest with correct  spring of rib.

3rd Gent’s Lyntonleproz Darbello Lad Sh.C.M.

Veteran Dog. (1, 1abs)


Puppy Bitch (3, 1abs) Two very promising young ladies. Thought the winner had a better coat at this point in time.

!st, BPB & Best Puppy. Potts’ Daisymaes Fabulous. Head of correct proportions with parallel planes. Scissor bite  with strong underjaw. Correct length of neck, strong and clean. Forequarters well angulated, good depth of chest. Rear angulation good, with low set hocks. Moved well.

2nd Donaldson’s Daisymaes Fizzbomb. Litter sister to winner and similar remarks apply. I am sure they will change paces many times

Junior Bitch (4, 1abs)

1st. Satherley’s Silkcroft Sky Full of Stars Sh,C.M.Feminine bitch with good head shape and  parallel planes. Good bite and underjaw. Strong neck going into good forehand with lay back of shoulder. Deep chest with correct spring of rib. Moved positively and with purpose.

2nd Gent & Lees’ Flaxella My Secret Love. Pleasing head with parallel planes, flat skull and correct  length of foreface. Strong jaw and and scissor bite. Reasonable length of neck going into good  forequarters. Excellent rear angulation, tailset not as good as winner.

3rd Brown’s Corkbark Brown Eyed Girl

Post Graduate Bitch (4, 1Abs)

1st Johnson’s Garsaynogold Julia. Pleasing head shape, parallel planes and flat skull. Clean neck and good forequarters with depth of chest. Rear angulation good with correct bend of stifle.  Good texture to coat

2nd Satherley’s Silkcroft One step Closer. Correct head shape, good bite and strong underjaw.  Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Pleasing body outline, angulation front and rear good, a little unsettled on the move.  

3rd Salisbury’s Orliscwt Worth the Wait

Open (8, 1 abs) My 2  principal winners were beautiful representatives of the breed; although my second could have carried slightly less weight, but had recently whelped a litter.

1st BB & BOB Revis’ Garsaynogold Gemma  Feminine head shape with correct proportions.  Parallel planes, flat skull  and good ear set. Alert expression with good eye shape. Clean powerful neck flowing into well laid back & correctly placed shoulders. Good depth of brisket with plenty of heartroom. Correct outline and tailset. Muscular hindquarters with length of second thigh and low set hocks. Covered the ground with ease.

2nd Clarke’s  Ch.Calvenace Fat Bottomed Girl JW Sh.C.M. Similar remarks apply to this cracking bitch even though she was carrying too much weight. Would like to see her again when she is at her right weight. Aptly named!!

3rd Busby’s Calvenace Minnie Ha-ha at Zakby Sh.C.M.

Colin Richardson