• Show Date: 04/04/2015
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Claire Kennedy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Scottish Dachshund Club

Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Puppy - 2 Entries

1st - Mr I Cotton’s Burnhatch Tickle; 10 month old bitch of correct length, good conical head with well set eye, correct length and ear set, correct bite, long muscular neck leading to well angulated shoulders, good length of ribbing, strong loin well muscled rear, nice underline. Nice broad feet, moved well keeping top line with good drive from rear, correct harsh coat, just needs more confidence which im sure will come. BPIB

2nd- Mrs S M & Mr K Paskins Kindace Ruby Tuesday; very raw 6 month bitch , nice head shorter squarer type than one, prominent chest bone, ok length of ribbing, needs to firm up on the move.

Junior – 2 Entries one absent

1st Mr I Cotton’s Burnhatch Tickle (see above)

Post Graduate Dog -1 Entry

1st- Mrs S M & Mr K Paskins Tendrow Replays the Red Guy at Kindace; Masculine Red dog with good harsh coat, good pigment, well muscled body, well sprung ribs moved ok, good feet, well boned good ear setting. Moved well well presented. RBOB an RBD

Post Graduate Bitch – 2 Entrys 1 absent

1st Miss A Baxter’s Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire, Lovely Elegant Bitch Good head with correct oval eye, lovely length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, well angulated rear used well on the move, presented well. Best Bitch

Limit Dog- 2 Entries

1st Miss A & Mrs R Vine & Baxter’s Cishelvine Red Admiral; Very eye catching red dog, very much my type of dog, Lovely conical Head, dark almond shaped eye, lovely expression, correct bite, ears of correct size and setting, long arched neck leading to well angulated fore chest, nice tight oval feet, lovely underline strong loin, nice round rear well angulated hindquarters which he used well on the move, correct coat, good ring presence carried his top line well, handled and presented well. BOB

2nd Mr K S & Mrs S M Paskins Kindace Blue Savanah ShCm strong male heavier and shorter type than one broad chest well muscled would prefer tighter feet, carried top line well good head with nice expression, handled well , moved well although carrying too much weight.