• Show Date: 22/11/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Samantha Webster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Huntingdonshire Canine Society

Thank you to the society for this opportunity and to all who entered.


Junior Dog or Bitch (5,2 abs)

1. Vickers Stormpasture Jasmine of Rosroden – Blanketed tri Bitch. Stunning baby, just 6 months old. Had my attention as soon as she came in the ring. Beautiful melting expression and correct bite. Long neck leading into a level, straight topline. Excellent forequarters with well laid back shoulders and good length of upper arm. Stifles well bent and firm, parallel hocks. All used to her advantage on the move reaching well in front and driving well from behind. So balanced and composed for one so young, couldn’t deny her Best of Breed. BOB & BP

2. Toft’s Jarrowley Dazzle – A slightly more open marked tri bitch, 1 year old. Pleasing youngster, feminine with a lovely head. Dark eye, correct bite and good length of neck. Straight front, short pasterns and nice tight feet. Parallel, well let down hocks. Drove well from behind but just found 1 to have better reach in front movement.

3. Wakeling’s Ospreagle Upsadaisy

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (3,1abs)

1. Simkin’s Simeldaka Marsaxlokk Wren – Blanketed tri Bitch, 3 years old. Appealing outline and well muscled. Correct bite and good head with soft expression. Leathers long and low set. Shoulders nicely laid back and topline straight and level. Moved well and kept good distance behind. What a happy girl she was, really enjoying her time in the ring which is always lovely to see.

2. Leader’s & Vickers Rosroden Aphrodite – A darker tri bitch, 2 years old. Different type to 1. Pretty girl with lovely dark eyes and expression. Ears well set, long neck and a level topline. Short in the couplings, stifles well bent and good tailset. Although she moved beautifully in profile she tended to pin in slightly when moving towards me.

Open Dog or Bitch (7,2 abs)

Two lovely dogs topped this class making the decision difficult.

1. Vickers Dialynne Cinnaman for Rosroden – 2 year old Tan & White Dog. Very handsome and presented a quality compact outline. Masculine but clean head and correct bite. Good pigment. Really well put together throughout with laid back shoulders, straight forelegs and well ribbed. Level topline and stifles well bent. He moved with purpose, reach and drive. Parallel coming and going. Sadly didn’t cooperate for his handler in the challenge but strongly considered for higher award.

2. Hunt’s Redcap Folktale of Bondlea – 6 year old blanketed tri bitch. Another lovely hound with a soft expression and correct bite. Clean in outline, straight front and short pasterns. Shoulders well laid back and good length of upper arm. Well ribbed and a level topline. Parallel, firm hocks and correct tailset. She was a pleasure to watch on the move, covered the ground very well with excellent reach and drive. I just felt she was a little long in the body and preferred the more compact outline of 1.

3. Toft’s Jarrowley Radley


JHA 6 – 11 years (6, 3abs)

1. Abigail Levene – Handling an Irish Setter. A polite young handler who handled her spirited Irish Setter so well. She was calm and executed all patterns correctly and neatly. She was aware of my movements, encouraged her dog and showed his teeth well. She presented her dog perfectly and used the full space of the ring. Felt a good rapport between her and her dog. I was delighted to award her Best Junior Handler, well done! BJH

2. Rosie Douse – Handling a Maltese. A well turned out handler who presented her dog well. She performed the patterns correctly and neatly and moved at the correct speed for her dog. Just needed to use the full space of the ring.

JHA 12 – 16 years (3, 1abs)

1. Connor Bartlett – Handling a Bearded Collie. A smart handler who presented his dog perfectly with no fuss. He performed the patterns correctly, in straight lines and shadowed my movements well. Had a good relationship with his dog and moved at the correct pace. Just lost out in the challenge as he went a little out of line on the reverse triangle but well done!

2. Lauren Batty – Handling a Shetland Sheepdog. Another smart handler who performed patterns correctly and moved at a good pace for her dog. She kept corners neat but just felt she could have been tidier on the up and down. Could change places on another day.

Adult Handling 17 years + (9, 5 abs)

1. Kyle Adams - Handling a Border Terrier. A talented handler who presented his dog excellently and moved at the right speed for him. He performed the patterns correctly and neatly and shadowed well. Showed his teeth well and used full space of the ring, well done! BAH

2. Juliette Steer – Handling a Whippet. A great handler who told me it was only her second time in a handling class. She did very good and presented her dog well. Performing patterns correctly and showed her dog’s teeth and shadowed my movements well. Just slightly out on the first movement of the triangle.