• Show Date: 09/11/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Robert Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Sporting Terrier Association Of Yorkshire

9th November 2014

Rob Jones (Silverluka)

I'd like to thank the committee for my invitation to judge at this pleasant show and to the entrants for their sporting acceptance of my placings.

Bull Terrier

Open 2/2 The Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire

1st Moore's, My book of Dreams (B)

R/W with a good coat Nice feminine head with turn, Correct eye and ears placement, Good bite, Decent front,level topline, Moved well enough. BOB

2nd Moore's, Tougher than the rest (D)

F/W Litter brother to 1st so similar features but coat fawn. Larger constructed as to be expected. Good mouth and head features. He was not best behaved maybe due to his sister being in season. He was more relaxed on the move though and went well. RBOB


Jnr 4/4

1st Revis', Tiareko Nifleim's Wizard (D)

Heavy coat of nice texture. Nice size and pleasing overall profile. Masculine head with good mouth and ears. Decent quarters. Straight topline held on the move. Moved with purpose and drive. One to watch.

2nd Salibury's, Orliscwt Zebedee (D)

Irish coat that's coming along nicely. Smaller than 1st but with good overall construction. Strong masculine head with a good bite. Ears a little flighty when alert. Short coupled with a level topline. Loved hIs sweet nature.

PG 3/3

1st Glew's, Braelochyen Koi-I-Noor (B)

Irish Coated of a nice size with no exaggerations. Good mouth eye and ear placement. Decent angulations. Moved and handled well.

2nd Salisbury/Kehoe's, Killeshin Regan (B)

Irish coated but prefered coat of 1st. Very feminine and overall nicely structured. Nice clean bite. Nice dark eye and pigmentation. Little to choose between 2nd and 3rd but 2nd is slightly shorter coupled.

Open 4/6

1st Salisbury's, Orliscwt Lillee the pink (B)

Irish bitch in full coat. Correct size and structure with a deep chest and spring of rib. Good strong dentation with a clean scissor bite. Neat ears and dark eye. Short coupled with a level top line which she held on the move. Lovely shoulders and straight front. Rather mucky pasterns and feet which I'll forgive on a wet day. BOB

2nd/Revis', Garsayno Gold Gemma (B)

Eye-catching heavy coated similar to her son 1st Jnr. Lovely head and expression. Sound mouth. Good overall size and structure. Moved with ease. Beat stiff opposition for her place. RBOB