• Show Date: 07/06/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

Dundee Canine Club

Alaskan Malamute. O (2) 1. Lockhart & Semple's Cahppes As If By Magic (Imp Swe). 2 year old bitch who presented a reasonably well balanced outline with moderate angulation fore and aft but would benefit from a touch more length of leg. She is feminine, but has adequate bone. Well proportioned head and dark eye. Good topline and coupling. A little apprehensive to begin with but settled for examination. Sound, easy mover. Best of Breed. 2. Howatson's Cristakell Reducto. Almost 2 year old dog with pleasing forehand and depth and breadth of body. Good, expressive head, although dentition could be better. Strong neck and bone, but lacking the hind angulation and croup of the winner he couldn't match her outline. Took a while to settle into his stride on the move, but did so with purpose.

Dogue De Bordeaux. SY (2) 1. Curran, Stewart & Graham's Jerivindi Tartuffe Durango. Charming puppy dog of just 9 months. Quite well proportioned throughout with a balanced, unexaggerated outline. Already has good breadth of body and ample bone. With more maturity he now needs to fill out in forechest and depth of brisket. Head has strength and good shape without being overdone. Good angles fore and aft, well covered and firm topline. Easy, free moving puppy. 2. Curran, Stewart, Berwick & McMillan's Tartuffe Soft 'n' Low. Quality bitch of 12 months. Head of good size and in proportion to body. Good shoulder, strong croup and turn of stifle although not quite the feet of the winner. Very well muscled. A little high at the rear at the moment but further growth may remedy this slight imbalance in outline. Moved out well with even stride using good strong hocks. PG (3) Three quite different bitches. 1. Curran, Stewart & Graham's Chevalier Rouge Izadora with Verivindi Tartuffe (Imp Swe). This 2.5 year old bitch clinched this class with sound, true movement which demonstrated reach and drive whilst holding a good outline and tracking true coming and going. Short square muzzle with good strength of jaw, Straight, broad front standing on strong, tight feet and up on her toes. She has enough bone, but I would have liked a little more substance and body. Harmonious lines when viewed in profile with good shoulder and stifle. 2. Hunter, Williams & McGurk's Zoria Halo of Emberez. Almost 3 year old bitch who displayed a strong and pleasing outline. I preferred her head to the winner which was of good shape front on and in profile if rather heavy. Scores in front for depth and width, super feet and another with strength and depth of hindquarters. Good spring of rib and strong back. Not as tidy in underline as the winner and although sound as a bell the heat affected her movement. 3. Cara & Kidd's Ascogcara Weapon of Choice. O (3). 1. Watson's Tartuffe La Tee Dah O (3) 1. Well proportioned, stocky bitch of 2.5 years put down in excellent condition. Scored very highly in head and expression complimented by correct eye and well set ears of good size which she used to advantage. Pronounced stop, moderate flews and well defined chin. Overall outline was one of strength and balance without exaggeration with correctly angulated quarters fore and aft. Very good depth of body, spring of rib and held her topline standing and on the move. Powerful, free movement which pleased from all angles. Was very pleased to award her Best of Breed and see her take Working Group 4. 2. Cara & Kidd's Ascogcara Chariot of Fire. Big powerful sort of bitch of 2.5 years, but certainly not overdone. Not quite the head and ear of the winner but a super front leading into a good depth of body and strong topline. Excellent musculature, strong, shapely quarters, good bone and hocks all of which contributed to a very good gait. She wasn't wearing her best coat today but plenty to like. 3. Berwick & McMillan's Jerivindi Grace Kelly.

Bullmastiff: O (1) 1. Robertson's Vertish Reul An Iuchair. Handsome well grown fawn chap of 3.5 years who impressed me as soon as he came into the ring. Couldn’t fail to stand foursquare being so well balanced through his well laid shoulder to powerful, well developed hindquarters. Head is square and broad accentuated by his well set small ears and dark eye. Super straight front of excellent depth and width standing on tight feet. Short, strong back with firm topline. Very much a showman he excelled on the move with balanced action which was true and straight coming and going. Best of Breed and I was delighted to see him win Working Group 1.

Bernese Mountain Dog: G (2) 1. King's Elnside's Going The Distance. 3 year old male with a pleasing mature outline and expressive headpiece. Correctly angulated fore and aft he presents a picture of reasonable balance although standing over a rather a lot of ground. Pleasing colour and scored for depth and breadth of body with a straight front and good feet. I liked going over him, he was in fine condition with good ribbing, topline and underline. Balanced stride when gaiting displaying an easy, sound action. Best of Breed. 2. Carty's Floskirk Berneray. Another 3 year old male. Not quite the head of the winner being a touch too deep in stop. However, he does have a good expression and pleasing eye. Strong muscular neck, depth to brisket and well laid shoulder. Good body shape and strong loin. Didn't display the easy stride of the winner. O (2). 1. Gall's Sanmarwell A Trick In The Tail. 4.5 year old male of pleasing, sturdy, working build. Scores in head for proportions and expression. Straight front and standing on good, compact feet. Angle at shoulder and forechest not his fortune but he holds a good topline, croup and strong rear. Steady, purposeful mover. 2. Davidson's Meadowpark Whispers Shadow. 4 year old bitch feminine but still had adequate strength through bone and overall condition. Attractive head and very good in front with depth to forechest which had good breadth. Correct ribbing and height to body ratio. Not the strength of hindquarters of the winner and could not match his front movement today.

Dobermann: SY (2). 1. Todd's Supeta's Troublemaker for Toffarbach. I was impressed with this well balanced 16 month old black and rust boy built on clean, flowing lines. Masculine, well shaped head with tight lip and alert expression. Clean length of neck into gently sloping topline which is firm and strong. Angles fore and aft compliment each other very well. He needs to develop a little more in depth of body and spring of rib as one might expect of a Junior male. Excellent length of stride on the move with clean, even, easy action. Best of Breed and gave a very good account of himself in the Group. 2. Cloutts' Caadak Dunnie Wassal. Rather immature Black and rust dog of 17 months. Pleasing head and eye, using his ear well. No denying his square outline, but he is rangy at present and lacked the angles of the winner. Firm, straight, sloping topline and and good tuck up. Vigorous mover who particularly pleased when coming toward me with good straight front. PG (3 1). 1. Todd's Supeta's Troublemaker for Toffarbach. 2. Verrall's Camperdown Carn Asoda. Elegant and clean outline on this 3.5 year old lady if rather long cast for perfect balance. Good dark eye. Sweet head and expression with well set ears, set on a clean length of neck. Textbook topline which she held standing and on the move complimented by good underline. Easy mover with good forward reach. Would just like more of her. 3. Coutts' Caadak Ca Cannie. O (3 1). 1. Verall's Camperdown Glas Tulaichean. Black and rust dog of 3.5 years and presented the closest to a square outline I could find in this class. Head in profile is very good with correct planes, strength and correct lip. Eyes were very dark, but rather small for a typical expression. Angulation at shoulder and stifle are equal lending themselves to a pleasing outline. Good forechest and brisket of adequate width and depth. Good spring of rib and short firm loin. Completely sound on the move, but not giving the best of himself in the heat which cost him in the challenge. 2. Mullholland's Tom-Dobermann Stardust Marillium. 2.5 year old black and rust bitch. Lovely head and expression front on which is mounted on a good dry neck. Correctly angulated shoulder and matched by turn of stifle. Well filled front. Longer cast than the winner, but still held hey topline well with corresponding underline. Not as together on the move as the winner. 3. Campbell's Malibray Best for Last at Jillanjon.

Newfoundland: O (2 1) 1. Tveita's Red Hot Rory. Well made black dog of 7 years presenting a balanced, strong outline with shoulder and turn of stifle angles equal. In very good condition with firm topline, spring of rib and super depth of brisket. Strong head; clean cut and square, although dentition could be better. Excellent coat. Free movement although the heat did effect his enthusiasm to give a good account of himself. Best of Breed.

Hovawart: PG (4 3). 1. McManus' Fasskoley's Ailsacraig. Honest sort of bitch of almost 4 years, black and gold, who presented a good outline when she wanted to show. Lovely temperament. Feminine with pleasing headpiece. Good height to body ratio with pleasing depth of chest, shoulder and stifle. Good ribbing and strong loin. Purposeful mover with good stride although a little close behind. Good coat and colour, handler could make more of her virtues. Best of Breed. O (4 2). 1. McManus' Fasskoley's Ailsacraig. 2. Tyerman's Fasskoley's Nathan. 7 year old black and gold male with masculine outline. Pleasing head and neck leading into a good depth of body and shoulder. Topline and ribbing was good, but was weaker across the croup than Ailsacraig and couldn't match her feet or outline. Smart, free mover.

Boxer: P (5 1). All at very different stages of development 1. Still's Kiranjon Wishes From Heaven. Almost 8 month brindle and white bitch who won through on overall balance, condition, and depth and strength of quarters which lent themselves to a fullsome outline. Typical headpiece, pleasing eye and expression. Clean through wither, firm topline and nice curve to underline. Croup could be a little stronger, but powerful hindquarters and good hocks. Held her outline on the move with reach and drive. 2. Bee's Beeann Spells Trouble. 10 month old red and white puppy dog of good size and bone. He presents a very smart outline but has almost outgrown himself at this stage and was rather rangy. That said he stood foursquare and had a most appealing head. He needs to develop in body and depth of chest and drop into his angles. Super straight front and firm, slightly sloping topline. Very showy with great expression. Powerful purposeful mover with great carriage. 3. Walker's Berwynfa Pillow Talk at Tweedbox. SY (8 3). Close decision between 1,2 and 3. Still's Marbelton Dance With Me with Kiranjon. Liked the square outline on this red and white male of 21 months. Free from exaggeration and in super solid condition. Head was well proportioned, not overdone in throat. Angles back and forth are equal and set off by a good topline and underline. Good rib and loin and on the move he has purpose, drive and reach. Just needs maturity to complete the picture. 2. Walker's Berwynfa Rocker Fella at Tweedbox. Masculine boy of 16 months. Stronger in head than winner and not as clean in throat. Powerful outline with correctly angulated shoulders and stifles Put down in excellent condition was good to go over his firm topline and short loin. Well filled front and standing on good feet. Another free moving youngster with good drive from behind. 3. Gibson's Starryeyed Kisses. PG (5 2). 1. Still's Kiranjon Silent Sigh. Red and white boy of almost 3 years who struck me as being very honest with good head shape and unexaggerated outline. Lovely depth of front and good width throughout. Well laid shoulder. Scores in topline and ribbing he is nicely short coupled. Feet could be a little tighter. Moved out well, with good carriage and outline. 2. Burt & Flynn's Delta Blues at Blairwood. 4 year old brindle and white bitch who appealed despite being rather untidy in undercarriage which did detract from an otherwise good outline. Scores in head and eye with a lovely temperament. Straight front with good tight feet, well developed and angulated in quarters both fore and aft. Moved out well. 3. Gibson's Big Mamas Precious. OD (5 1). 1. Thomson's Latchkey Celebrity Icon. Well muscled, compact brindle and white boy of 4.5 years who is quite eye catching . Presents a powerful and square outline with excellent depth and strength through his well angulated quarters. Head is strong but in proportion to body with good dark eye and typical expression. He is quite full of himself with typical Boxer temperament. Very well muscled but without being overdone and his lines are fairly clean. Free, ground covering stride making the most of himself. Mature and in his prime. Quality lad. Best Dog and Best of Breed. 2. Dunlevie's Surfstone Storm Trooper. Another strongly made mature male of 4 years who wasn't far behind the winner. Fairly well balanced, standing on good feet. Liked his head and expression, good eye. Not as clean through wither as the winner. Well laid shoulder and good turn of stifle. Excellent condition and musculature which was evident on the move. Good profile action,but not quite as true as the winner when coming at me. 3. Thomson's Latchkey Propaganda. OB (5). 5 bitches of virtue. Handling made all the difference here. 1. Still's Kiranjon Wish Upon A Star. A substantial and strong girl of 4 years, but I could not ignore her good honest, square outline and excellent condition. Short coupled each part flowing into the next and good breadth and depth if busy throughout without being coarse. Quite strong head, but well proportioned and in balance with body, used her ears to advantage to set off a typical expression. Good topline, turn of stifle and strong hock. Displayed reach and drive on the move with an even side gait. Pressed hard for Best of Breed. Best Bitch. 2. Dunlevie's Surfstone Midnight Storm. Appealing dark brindle and white bitch of 4 years who was close up to the winner. A more elegant outline than the winner and held this when moving freely and positively around the ring on a loose lead. Quarters are balanced and she was in smashing condition. Pleasing head and expression; she looked at me right. Not quite the depth of chest or croup of the winner, but very good girl with much to like about her. 3. Scott's Wilflo Miss Elusive at Rudino.

Ric Beall