• Show Date: 16/08/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Scunthorpe Canine Association

Scunthorpe Canine Association

16th August 2014

Golden Retrievers

Puppy 1

1st Vernon’s Graceleigh Playboy

Super young dog of 9 months full of quality.  Most beautiful of masculine heads with super dark pigment and kind expressive eyes which gives him that all important true and typical golden expression. Strong and clean reachy neck of good length leading to a lovely level topline and tailset. Super front angulation with correct forehand and layback. Chest of good depth allowing for plenty of heart room with a lovely spring of rib and short through the couplings. Well boned forelegs placed neatly under body, elbows tucked in and standing on neat and tight feet. Super body proportions finished off with a lovely rear angulation with short straight hocks. Good muscle tone for his age which allowed him to move out well with a strong and true rear drive once settled. Although he is a very young dog and has plenty of maturing to do I really liked him for his overall balance and I had no hesitation in awarding him BOB, BP & later went onto win Gundog Puppy Group 4 

Junior 2 (1abs)

1st Shaw & Robertshaw’s Akenscales Eiri Na Greine

Well presented dog of 14 months with lovely golden coat in beautiful condition. Handsome masculine head showing good balance with no sign of coarseness. Kind eyes with lovely dark pigment. Good length of neck flowing onto a lovely level topline with correct tailset. Shoulders well angulated with good return of upper arm. Forechest of good width and depth with a good spring of rib and short in loin. Straight well boned forelegs placed well under body with closely fitting elbows on neat feet. Stifles well bent with lovely straight hocks when view from the rear. Very happy and attentive on the move showing his effortless gait. RBOB

Post Graduate 4 (1abs)

1st Shaw & Robertshaw’s Akenscales Eiri Na Greine

2nd Archer’s Monchique Sent From Heaven To Shancade

Nicely made mid gold bitch with lots to like. Nicely balanced feminine head with kind eye and good dentation. Nice reach of neck with good front angulation. Chest of good depth with good spring of rib and short coupled body carrying just the right amount of weight. Good turn of stifle with nice width to quarters. Moved well but just preferred rear movement of winner.

3rd England’s Dantassie Dolce Vita

Open 2

1st Shaw & Robertshaw’s Akenscales Spring Star JW

Well up to size dog who now just needs time to mature and fill his frame. Another from this kennel who has a lovely balanced kind masculine head with dark eye and pigment, good dentation, ears well set giving a lovely expression. Clean and reachy neck of good length leading to shoulders of moderate angulation. Dead straight forelegs with good tight feet. Chest of good depth and ribs well sprung. Nicely angulated rear with a good second thigh and hocks well let down. Sound on the move both fore and aft.

2nd Anderson & Curry’s Ramchaine Bubbalicious At Linchael (Imp NL) JW

Nicely presented bitch in full pale gold coat. Sweet feminine head with soft expression. Very elegant in outline with a lovely reachy neck, level topline and tailset. Good front angulation with corresponding rear. Nice depth to chest and short coupled body. Moved out well but would prefer more strength in her hocks.


A lovely entry of Labradors with some very nice dogs to go over. It was just a pity that neither BOB or BP could stay for the group.

Puppy 4 (2abs)

1st Tooth’s Ludalor Lucrezia

Very much a baby who has hit the leggy stage of development but nonetheless still presents a pleasing picture. 9mth yellow bitch with sweet disposition. Very feminine head with dark eye, good depth of muzzle and correct dentation, ears well set giving a lovely expression. Good reach of neck and correct forehand construction. Good depth of chest, nicely barrelled spring of rib and short coupled body. Well boned forelegs on tight feet and strong pasterns. Nicely angulated rear quarters with a good width of second thigh. Moved out steady and true. Shown in lovely coat and nicely conditioned for age. BP

2nd Williams Millerdan Hunky Dory

Very happy 6 mth dog. Masculine head of good shape with dark eye and alert expression. Clean lengthy neck with good front assembly however the handler tends to push his neck back into his shoulders which makes him appear upright in construction which he isn’t. This just need to be watched. Good depth to chest and short coupled body with a nice turn of stifle. Unfortunately he was lame on the move today but nevertheless a very nice dog.

Junior 3 (1abs)

1st Schopen’s Barnagrow Altisidora

Soundly made and balanced throughout 13 month black bitch. Loveliest of heads showing correct proportions, kind eye and expression. Strong neck with good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Straight front with well boned forelegs of good height placed well under body. Deep in chest with a nicely barrelled ribcage with a short and strong loin. Nice turn of stifle with hocks straight and well let down. Moved positively both fore and aft maintaining a strong level topline using her true otter tail to advantage. RBOB

2nd Tooth’s Ludalor Lucrezia

Post Graduate 4 (3abs)

1st Schopen’s Barnagrow Nuala

Black bitch of good size who stood foresquare showing a lovely outline. Lovely kind head with gentle expression and dark eye. Muscular neck of good length set on well laid back shoulders with a level topline and tailset. Good front angulation, forelegs straight with ample bone. Well-proportioned short coupled and well ribbed body with deep chest. Rear angulation matching front with nicely muscled thighs and short hocks. Nice mover with good driving action from the rear.

Open 5

1st Schopen’s Lejie Song of Summer

Quality yellow bitch who presents a lovely classic outline and a balanced picture throughout. Attractive feminine head with dark eye and alert expression complimented by dark pigment. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and good front angulation. Nicely boned straight forelegs with elbows tucked in on tight feet and pasterns. Mature, compact body with good depth of chest with a lovely spring of rib. Good turn of stifle with hocks straight and well let down. Keeping a good footfall she moved out well both fore and aft and showed a good reach when in profile with good tail action. Won BOB on maturity over her kennel mate.

2nd Albutt’s Centenalee Yellow Orchid

A Yellow bitch with many of the same attributes as winner. Pretty feminine well balanced head of good type with a good length of muzzle, ears well set and kind eye. Nice clean neck of good length with good shoulder placement and front assembly. Good forechest with well barrelled ribs and short in couplings. Nice turn of stifle with good strong rear quarters which she put into good use on the move. In lovely coat and condition.

3rd Williams’ Lembas Name Of The Game At Millerdan ShCM

English Springer Spaniel

Post Graduate 1

1st Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Chara

Liver and white bitch who from her expression is very eager to please. Lovely head, good eye shape and colour giving a lovely expression. Neck of good length leading to well placed shoulders and good forehand construction with straight forelegs, elbows tucked in on tight feet. Mature well ribbed body with good depth of brisket. Muscular loin with stifles well bent. A smart mover who covers the ground well keeping a strong and level topline. BOB

Open 1

1st Richardson & Terry-Richardson’s Cherishym Celaneo

Litter sister to previous winner and many of her siblings attribute apply here.  Nicely balanced feminine head with kind eye and well set ears. Good reach of neck with a lovely layback of shoulder, good forechest and spring of rib. Strong loin and short coupled. Lovely rear angulation and with well let down hocks. Move out soundly with good reach. In lovely coat and condition. 

Judge Lesley Layland